98 Biomedicine Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Biomedicine

  1. Animal Testing: Use of Animal in Biomedical Research
    The research paper shall attempt to explore the reasons for and against the use of animal testing in biomedical research.
  2. Bioethics: the Use of Marijuana for Medical Purposes
    Bioethicists should use the best ideas in order to deal with the controversies associated with medical marijuana. Some health practitioners support the use of marijuana for medical purposes.
  3. Animal Use in Biomedical Research
    Much attention of the whole society is paid to the problem of animal testing in the modern world. It is impossible to imagine modern biochemical research without using animals.
  4. Biomedical Ethics Study in the Christian Narrative
    The case study at hand contains several controversial issues that can be called pressing if regarded in the context of the Christian narrative and Christian vision.
  5. Animal Use in Biomedical Research: Arguments For and Against
    It is important to check pros and cons of using animal testing in biomedical research before drawing conclusions either about supporting this technique or about its prohibiting.
  6. Biomedical Ethics in Christian Narrative
    The case study demonstrates how religious beliefs, in this case, Christian beliefs have a negative influence on the treatment of a patient.
  7. Reasons for and Against the Use of Animals in Biomedical Research
    Animal testing for purposes of facilitating medical and scientific research has elicited heated debates among proponents and opponents.
  8. Translational Biomedical Informatics and Public Health
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the way various technologies offered through translational biomedical informatics will influence population health.
  9. Biomedical Data in Probabilistic Decision-Making
    Probabilistic medical reasoning involves a complex process of determining a pre-test probability of outcomes of a certain decision, gathering more data through a test.
  10. Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Narrative
    Christians believe that God controls everything including people’s health. He creates diseases and makes people ill in order to reach some purpose and show His power.
  11. Bioethics: Medical Help or Christian Beliefs?
    The patient’s parents are facing an ethical quandary that requires them to allow the medical practitioner to intervene or follow their Christian teachings.
  12. Biomedical Ethics: Saving Life vs. Christian Narrative
    The report analyzes a case that revolves around biomedical ethics in the Christian narrative and examines the principles that apply to the case of Mike based on pre-prepared questions.
  13. Research Ethics Specifics: Biomedical Research
    The ethical focus of medical practice and research is completely dependent on the professional competence and morality of the medical staff.
  14. Christian Teachings vs. Biomedical Ethics: Illogical Decisions and Treatment Issues
    This paper shows the situation of James who has exposed his parents to an ethical dilemma as they are torn between following the physician’s directives or exercising their faith.
  15. Adolescents Annual Examination: Physical, Psychosocial, and Biomedical Screenings
    The pivotal goal of physical, psychosocial, and biomedical screenings is to detect potential health problems based on adolescents’ current health indicators.
  16. Biomedical Legislation and Euthanasia
    Mercy killing can be regarded as an option in various settings as people often have no strength or patience to endure pain. Supporters of the legitimization of euthanasia emphasized this matter.
  17. Issues of Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Narrative and Christian Vision
    The given case study describes rather a controversial situation, in which Christian vision comes into conflict with common sense, ethics, and medical science.
  18. Biomedical Technology and Innovation Issues
    Biomedical engineers at WPI have found a way to use spinach leaves to grow functioning human heart muscle, potentially solving a long-standing problem of repairing damaged organs.
  19. Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Context
    Biomedical ethics is a field that many practitioners should take seriously. Healthcare providers should liaise with the targeted patients in order to provide competent care.
  20. Biomedical Ethics and Christian Health Beliefs
    The provision of patient-centered care implies respecting patients’ cultural beliefs and ensuring the best health outcomes for this individual.

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  1. Moral Character in “Principles of Biomedical Ethics“ by Beauchamp and Childress
    This paper aims to present a summary of “Moral Character” from “Principles of Biomedical Ethics” and provide a comprehensive outline and overview of the ideas described in it.
  2. Dynamics of Biomedical Ethics and Autonomy
    The gradual but stable growth of individual autonomy in the field of biomedical ethics has changed how people react to rule when it comes to matters about the public.
  3. Biomedical Ethics and Christianity: Balancing Patient’s Wellbeing and Trust in God
    This paper examines a case of a family with a diseased child that tries to balance their interest in his well-being and trust in God.
  4. The Use of Animals in Biomedical Research
    Biomedical research is a wide range of discipline that looks for ways to stop and cure diseases that produces sickness and death in individuals and animals.
  5. Allocation of the Scarce Biomedical Resources
    This paper aims to analyze the available approaches to solving the problem of the allocation of medical supplies and choose the most morally acceptable one.
  6. Case Study of Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Narrative
    The principles of beneficence and nonmaleficence are the core of medical practice. God mentors his followers to put the well-being of others first and love one’s neighbor.
  7. Biomedical and Biopsychosocial Models of Health and Illness
    According to the biopsychosocial model, psychological factors that contribute to a person’s disease include behavior, beliefs, pain, illness perceptions, stress, and coping.
  8. Biomedical Ethics: Pfizer’s Legal Trouble in Nigeria
    The discussion focuses more on the basic principles to apply when making ethically sound medical decisions namely; respect for autonomy, justice, non-maleficence, and beneficence.
  9. Application of Bioelectromagnetics in Medicine
    Nursing professionals have to be well-informed on the health implications of electromagnetic overexposure. It needs to develop guidelines for medics dealing with BT.
  10. Ethical Issues in Biomedical Research
    The essay argues that Institutional Review Board should regulate ethical issues associated with research in developing countries.
  11. Recovery Model at a Psychological and Biomedical Level
    The recovery model is a fundamental principle within the nursing realm since it guides decisions focusing on case administration.
  12. Biomedical View of Health
    The biomedical view categorized diseases and illnesses in an objective manner and in the process ends up objectifying the health of an individual.

🎓 Most Interesting Biomedicine Research Titles

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  1. Bioethical Governance and Basic Stem Cell Science: China and the Global Biomedicine Economy
  2. Credibility, Replicability, and Reproducibility in Simulation for Biomedicine and Clinical Applications in Neuroscience
  3. Arguments for and Against Using Stem Cells in Biomedical Research and Medicine
  4. Biomedicine Globalized and Localized: Western Medical Practices in an Outpatient Clinic of a Mexican Hospital
  5. Threats Towards Radical Innovation in the Biomedical Industry: From a Pharmaceutical Perspective
  6. Exploring the Boundaries Between Alternative Medicine and Biomedicine
  7. Biomedicine: Scientific Medicine Prominent in Western Societies
  8. Functional Craniology and Brain Evolution: From Paleontology to Biomedicine
  9. Male Health and Understanding Through Biomedical, Psychological, and Sociological Disciplines
  10. Connections Matter: How Personal Network Structure Influences Biomedical Scientists’ Engagement in Medical Innovation
  11. Frankenstein: Playing God Advancements in Biomedical Technology
  12. The Era of Biomedicine: Science, Medicine, and Public Health in Britain and France After the Second World War
  13. Medical Evolution: From the Biomedical to the Biopsychosocial Approach
  14. Biomedical Models and How Social Trends Can Affect It as a Dominant Model of Healthcare
  15. Small Advances Amount to Big Changes in Biomedical Sciences
  16. Injections and the Fear of Death: The Limits of Biomedicine Among the Dagomba of Northern Ghana
  17. Where Excludability Matters: Material Versus Intellectual Property in Academic Biomedical Research
  18. Discovering Discoveries: Identifying Biomedical Discoveries Using Citation Contexts
  19. Toward New Models for Innovative Governance of Biomedicine and Health Technologies
  20. Biomedicine and Prevention: A Public Health Perspective
  21. Efficient Equipment Management for Biomedical Engineering Department in the Hospital

💡 Simple Biomedicine Essay Ideas

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  1. Cardiac Biomedicine: Cardiac Hypertrophy and Failure Draft
  2. Does Alternative Medicine Present a Challenge to Biomedicine?
  3. Biomedical and Traditional Chinese Medicine Views on Lower Back Pain
  4. Chinese Traditional Medicine System vs Western Biomedicine
  5. Biomedical Ethics: Cloning and Sales of Organs
  6. How Sociological and Lay Ideas About Illness Differ From Those of Biomedicine
  7. The Sociable and Biomedical Mistreatment of Disabled Women
  8. Biomedical and Biopsychosocial Models of Care in Mental Health Nursing
  9. Better Patient Outcomes Through Mining of Biomedical Big Data
  10. Sleep, Health, and the Dynamics of Biomedicine
  11. Biomedical and Psychotherapy: Approaches to Treating Psychological Disorders
  12. Examining Western Biomedicine and Shamanism
  13. Biomedical and Biopsychosocial Models of Care
  14. Difference Between Biopsychosocial and Biomedical Models for Dealing With Diseases
  15. Understanding Eating Disorders Through a Biomedical Model
  16. Biomedical Nanotechnology Related Grand Challenges and Perspectives
  17. Exploring the Emerging Biomedical Technology of Cardiac Tissue
  18. Implications of Breast Cancer Activism for Biomedical Policies and Practices
  19. Biopsychosocial vs. Biomedical Model in Clinical Practice
  20. The Ethical Debate Surrounding Biomedical Technologies

❓ Biomedical Research Questions

  1. Why Is Biomedicine So Important in Our Society?
  2. How Does the Biomedical Model View Mental Health?
  3. What Is the Goal of Biomedicine?
  4. Can Collaborative Programs Between Biomedical and African Indigenous Health Practitioners Succeed?
  5. What Is Biomedical Instrumentation Technology?
  6. Is Biomedicine Related to Medicine?
  7. What Is the Difference Between Biomedicine and Medicine as Fields of Study?
  8. Is Biomedicine a Good Option to Study Referring to Job Opportunities?
  9. What Is the Meaning of Biomedicine in Science?
  10. Does Biomedicine Have a Future?
  11. What Are the Benefits of Biomedicine?
  12. How Does Biomedicine View the Body?
  13. What Is the Use of Biomedicine?
  14. Why Is Biomedicine Important for the Healthcare Industry?
  15. How Has HIV and AIDS Research and Intervention Influenced the Biomedical Paradigm of Research and Ethics?
  16. What Skills Are Needed for Biomedicine?
  17. Which Is the Best Method for the Management of Biomedical Waste?
  18. What Are Some Ethical Issues in Biomedical Research?
  19. Is There a High Demand for Biomedical Engineers?
  20. What Is Biomedical Ethics in Healthcare?
  21. How Many Principles of Biomedical Ethics Are There?
  22. What Is the Application of Biomedical Engineering?
  23. Why Is Biomedical Technology Important?
  24. How Is the Biomedical Model Used in Healthcare?
  25. What Is the Difference Between Biomedical Model and Biopsychosocial Model?
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