69 Cybercrime Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Cybercrime

  1. Computer Forensics Investigation Plan
    The US Constitution prohibits employers from conducting searches on employees. However, the protection does not apply to private organizations.
  2. Black Hat vs White Hat Hacking
    This paper explores hacking from the perspective of ethics. In this paper, white hat and black hat hackers are the ethical players and their actions will be tested for ethicality.
  3. St. Louis County’s Cybercrime Task Force Plan
    The current paper presents a plan for the development of a cybercrime task force for St. Louis County to assign priorities for the task force.
  4. Computer Forensics Laboratory’ Legal Requirements
    Computer forensics scientists assess digital media to identify, preserve, recover, analyze, and present facts about the information under investigation.
  5. Gathering, Analyzing, and Presenting Digital Evidence: Computer Forensic Investigators
    This paper aims at accomplishing four tasks, which are to providing HCC Partners in Life with computer forensic services that would support a case in a court of law.
  6. Computer Forensics and Investigations
    A computer forensics examiner may be called to provide evidence and advice in a court of law. Before logs disappear, digital forensics investigators are required to capture them.
  7. The Phone Hacking Scandal
    Among the major news event in the recent few days was the phone hacking scandal that was linked to the News of the World; a tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom (UK).
  8. Cybercrime and the Culture of Fear
    Sexual exploitation and other offenses against children remain tragic—in spite of their frequency—and those numbers have been diminishing since the advent of the internet.
  9. Cybercrime and Its Impact on Society
    This paper will critically assess one subject related to modern society that is cybersecurity and the growing dangers coming from cyberspace.
  10. Sexting and Related Cybercrime Legislation
    Sexting represents a relatively law phenomenon on the law, with specific legislation dealing with sexting and minors not being present in a majority of US states.
  11. Cybercrime: Categories and Challenges
    This essay introduces the concept of cybercrime, informs the reader of its categories, and mentions several challenges that cybercrime presents.
  12. The Development of New Technologies: Wireless Hacking Techniques
    With the rapid development of new technologies, the safety of personal data is expected to increase. The purpose of this paper is to discuss some wireless hacking techniques.
  13. Cybercrime Legislation in the UAE, US and India
    The paper will narrow down to present similarities and differences between the cybercrime laws in UAE and the United States, and between the cybercrime laws in the UAE and India.
  14. Cybercrime Legislation in the UAE, the US and the EU
    Cyber and computer crime definitions were developed after the enhancement of technology, and they improved after years of making proposals.
  15. Cyber Crime : Issues and Threats
    Cyber crime involves the stealing or manipulation of information effectively distorting its values across global networks.
  16. The Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime of 2001
    The Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime was created to deal with what is well-thought-out to be a unique attribute of cybercrime.
  17. Computer Forensics in the FCC vs. Jack Brown Case
    In the case of the FCC vs. Jack Brown, this will involve accessing the information that has been stored in different file formats.
  18. Significance of Computer Forensics to Law Enforcement
    Computer forensics has made a way for electronic evidence and information gathering in most conflicts and crime scenes today.
  19. Trends in Cybercrime and Society
    The internet has played a pivotal role in boosting science, business, and education. Nevertheless, the internet is an additional tool for committing many crimes.
  20. Computer Forensics and Investigations: Basic Procedures
    In this paper, the author is going to show the basic procedures that ought to be undertaken while performing a digital forensic examination.
  21. Computer Forensics for Solving Cyber Crimes
    This paper presents research about the deployment of computer forensics in solving cybercrime. The paper brings out a number of cases concerning crimes in the cyberspace.
  22. Digital Forensics and Deoxyribonucleic Acid
    The practice of digital forensics involves analysis of data collected computing devices from a particular crime scene.
  23. Digital Forensic Examination of Counterfeit Documents
    A citizen has contacted the police regarding the selling of counterfeit public documents. The investigator contacted the computer forensic laboratory to examine the evidence.
  24. Cyber Law and Digital Forensic Science
    The advantage and disadvantage of external media at the same time is that information is easy to hide, steal, or destroy since it is located on a small object.
  25. Network Security and Cyber Crime, Super-Highway Metaphor
    Some of the major practices that can be done in ensuring maximum data security and integrity is through making all the servers only accessible by the administrators of networks.

🎓 Most Interesting Cybercrime Research Titles

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  1. The Greater Threat of Cybercrime Versus Cyberattack
  2. Cyber Bullying: Old Problem in New-Age Packaging – Cybercrime
  3. Capital Punishment for Cybercrime: The Case in Nigeria
  4. Bargaining Interpersonal Organization Accounts as a Form of Cybercrime
  5. Canada and China: Cybercrime and Cryptocurrency
  6. Corruption, Fraud, and Cybercrime as Dehumanizing Phenomena
  7. Cybercrime and Its Impact on International Business
  8. Explaining Cybercrime Using Criminological Theories
  9. Cybercrime: Fraud and Powerful Invisible Attacker
  10. Growth, Development, and Policing of Cybercrime in the 21st Century
  11. Cybercrime Has Become One of the Most Threatening Issues
  12. How Social Media Has Contributed to the Spread of Cybercrime
  13. Cybercrime: Identity Theft and New Criminal Opportunities
  14. The Crime Scene Characteristics for Cybercrime and the Process of Investigating It
  15. Cybercrime: Preventing the Horrific Crimes on the Internet
  16. The Protection From Cyberattacks and Cybercrime in Bangladesh
  17. Does the Pandemic Explain Recent Spikes in Cyber Crime?
  18. Cybercrime Prevention Measures: How to Avoid Hacking
  19. The Role of Digital Forensics in Solving Cybercrimes
  20. Cybercrime: The Latest Ways of Stealing Identity and Money
  21. Potential Impact of Cyber Crime on the Economy
  22. Cybercrime and Cyberpiracy Impact on Domestic and Foreign Business

💡 Simple Cybercrime Essay Ideas

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  1. Cybercrime in the Banking Sector and Its Impact on the Banking Industry
  2. Development of the Prevention of Cyber Crime in Malaysia
  3. Good Cybercrime: Trends and Future
  4. The Solutions for Cybercrimes in Information Technology
  5. Cybercrimes, Their Types, and Measures That We Take to Keep Us Safe From the Happenings
  6. Peculiarities of Cybercrime and Security
  7. How Technology Has Influenced the Evolution of Cybercrime
  8. The Impact of Cybercrime on the Global Criminal Justice System
  9. Cybercrime and Society: Identity Theft
  10. Closing the Space Between Cybercrime and Cybersecurity
  11. A Fast-Growing Area of Cybercrime
  12. Cybercrimes: An Unprecedented Threat to Society
  13. Key Steps to Managing a Cybercrime Scene
  14. Rights to Anonymity in Cybercrime
  15. What Is the Role of America in Protecting Corporations From Cybercrime?
  16. Cybercrime and Its Effects on the World’s Major Countries
  17. Exploring Cybercrime: Realities and Challenges
  18. Cybercrime Trends: How to Protect Your Business
  19. The Rise of Cybercrime in the United States
  20. How the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Is Impacting Cybercrime
  21. Cybercrime: A Complete Guide to All Things Criminal on the Web
  22. Top 5 Cybercrimes and Prevention Tips
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