Karl Marx Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Karl Marx

  1. Karl Marx and International Relations Theories
    The major contributions of Karl Marx to the field of IR relates to two significant theories: dependency theory and world-systems theory.
  2. Karl Marx Views on History
    Marxism perspective is concerned with the ways in which the production of space and place is implicated in the reproduction of specific social reforms that happen in history.
  3. Marx vs. Weber: Capitalism – Compare and Contrast Essay
    Have to compare and contrast Karl Marx and Max Weber’s approaches towards the understanding of capitalism? ⭐ We have an example! ➤ See this Marx vs Weber essay.
  4. The Vision of Capitalism: Adam Smith vs Karl Marx
    Comparing Smith’s vision of the impact of the capitalist economy to that of Marx, it can be claimed that the former offers a more positive evaluation of the relevant outcomes.
  5. Karl Marx’s Sociology and Its Principles
    In this paper, the general description of Marx’s sociology is given. A review of literature that focuses on different aspects of Marx’s theory about society is provided.
  6. Marx’s vs. Lenin’s Imperialism Theories
    The term ‘imperialism’ is often used by different scholars and theorists in varying perspectives to refer to a number of ideologies.
  7. Karl Marx and Adam Smith’ Views on Working Class
    Karl Marx and Adam Smith are two prominent figures. This paper examines their works to determine which argument about perceive working class is more reasonable.
  8. Religion in Marx’s and Nietzsche’s Philosophies
    This paper explores the similarities and differences between Marx and Nietzsche’s views on religion and politics.
  9. Marx’s Labor Theory in Garnham’s and Fuchs’s Views
    There are different viewpoints regarding Marx’s labor theory. This paper addresses that of Nicholas Garnham and the one offered by Christian Fuchs.
  10. Karl Marx’ Philosophical Ideas
    Karl Marx’s capital is one of the most controversial theories of economic development. This theory is as a result of revelation of the Marxist philosophy.
  11. Karl Marx and His Social Theory
    In his work, Marx focuses on the issues of labor and class struggle noting that the political economy has divided the society into two main classes.
  12. Karl Marx and Marx Weber: Suffering in the Society
    This paper discusses how Karl Max and Marx Weber have explained the nature and cause of suffering in society. It also discusses Marx Weber regarding the connection between religion and capitalism.
  13. Karl Marx’s Critique of Capitalism
    This paper will examine the key ideas of Marx regarding class division, labor, ideology, and fetishism of commodities in the context of capitalism.
  14. “The Communist Manifesto” Book by Marx and Engels
    The relationships between freemen and slaves are frequently discussed in modern society to find out the roots of social inequality.
  15. Marx’s and Weber’s Opposing Views of Capitalism
    Weber is among the profound critics of Marxist ideologies. They have opposing views on the issue of capitalism even though they share some similarities on the same topic.
  16. Karl Marx’s Life, Times, and Ideas in Economics
    Karl Marx was truly one of the most influential philosophers, economists, revolutionary and socialist thinkers of the 19th century and his work is often explored today.
  17. The Philosophy of Karl Marx and John Stuart Mill
    The philosophy of Karl Marx is entirely different as compared to that of John Stuart Mill. The key ideas of Marxism relate to being alienated from a hostile capitalistic world.
  18. Hegel, Marx and Nietzsche: Comparative Analysis
    Marx’s view of human nature formed the basis for his philosophy. Hegel created German idealism. Nietzsche utilized topics like social criticism, psychology, religion and morality.
  19. Karl Marx: Manifesto of the Communist Party
    Marx visualizes and blames the traditional feudal relationship for creating only two classes, among which the bourgeois class is the enhancement of capital over wage labor.
  20. The German Ideology by Karl Marx
    Karl Marx is one of the greatest contributors in the field of political ideology. His perspective of ideology was brought out clearly in the book The German Ideology.
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