87 Communism Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Communism

  1. Communism: Theory and Reality
    Communism presupposes the economic equality of all members of classless society. The paper aims to find and explain the differences in theory and practice of Communism.
  2. The Status of Capitalism in Communist China
    In the current paper, the author reviews some of the important factors needed for a capitalist economy to produce wealth. The discussion will be made in relation to DeSoto’s arguments.
  3. Anti-Communist Campaign and Film Industry
    The American society has for a long time been enchanted by reconstructing history on film. Filmmakers in the country have always tried to convey their translations of history through films.
  4. History: The Communist Revolution in East Asia and the Cold War
    The collapse of communism and the end of the Cold War de-legitimized the system and removed the rationale that initially had underpinned the global economy fragmentation.
  5. History: Communist Revolutions in East Asia
    The Communist revolutions in East Asia were different in various states, but they had a number of common causes. The lack of social equality made communist policies more attractive to citizens.
  6. Communism: Theory v. Practice
    The ideas of Communism appeared in the middle of the nineteenth century and were expressed in works of Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
  7. Communism as the U. S. National Paranoia
    Because of the desire to keep the integrity of the American society, the fear for the Red Plague, as known as the communists, has been cultivated in the United States for decades.
  8. Communism and Liberalism’ Diplomacy
    Diplomacy can be considered a way of finding a solution that would provide benefits for both parties through minimal expenses.
  9. The Communist Revolution in East Asia
    This paper looks into the historical significance of the Communist Revolution in East Asia. It also discusses the context and outcomes of the Cold War in East Asia.
  10. The Rise and Fall of Classical Communism
    This paper discusses the progression of industrialization using the speeches of Stalin, and the changes in Europe that brought the power of communism to its end.
  11. The Communist Manifesto: Values and Goals
    The Communist Manifesto was written by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels in late 1847 and published in February 1848. It contains a summary of the Communist values and aims.
  12. Revolutionary Communism vs. Democratic Socialism
    Revolutionary communism and democratic socialism are examples of political ideologies that were byproducts of Marxism.
  13. Totalitarian Autocracies Theory: Fascism and Communism
    Depending on the different criteria there may be distinguished several kinds of the political regimes. These kinds are presented by the wide range of the political methods of power.
  14. Communist Revolutions and Cold War in East Asia
    This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the historical significance of communist revolutions in East Asia, especially in China and North Korea.
  15. McCarthyism and Anti-Communist Campaigns
    Within his speech in the State Department, Joseph McCarthy defined communist nations as a significant threat to the United States.
  16. Fear of Communism and Islam
    Joseph McCarthy was famous for his anti-communist rhetoric that resulted in the emergence of a trend called McCarthyism.
  17. Truman’s Speech on Fear of Communism and Islam
    The speech was a direct attack on President Truman’s foreign policy, which McCarthy claimed was treasonous because it allowed communist sympathizers to run the State Department.
  18. Anti-Communist and Anti-Islam Rhetoric
    One of the bright examples of such manipulation is the cultivation of the irrational fear of communism during the Cold War by Senator Joseph McCarthy.
  19. “The Communist Manifesto” Book by Marx and Engels
    The relationships between freemen and slaves are frequently discussed in modern society to find out the roots of social inequality.
  20. Fascism and Communism Ideologies Comparison
    Fascism and communism are ideologies that are often viewed as essentially the same because of how their supporters were drawn to authoritarian leaders.
  21. Communist Manifesto Relation to Other Writers
    Manifesto of the Communist Party by K. Marx and F. Engels is within the concepts of communism, the decline of capitalism, the class struggle, and the ability of the working class.
  22. Karl Marx: Manifesto of the Communist Party
    Marx visualizes and blames the traditional feudal relationship for creating only two classes, among which the bourgeois class is the enhancement of capital over wage labor.
  23. The Influence of Communism in European Labour Unions in the 20th century
    Socialism and communism were the political thoughts that tried to replace the socioeconomic problems of capitalism in the 20th century.
  24. Marxism: The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels
    The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels can still be regarded as relevant to the nowadays political social and economic situation; however, there is no more class struggle.
  25. How Did the Collapse of Communism Transform Eastern Europe?
    This paper discusses the collapse of communism in 1989, historical perspective of the collapse, process of political and economic transformation after 1989.
  26. Proletariat and Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
    This paper will describe the situation of the proletariat and the solution proposed by Marx to the problems of this class.
  27. Karl Marx’s Communism Manifesto
    Karl Marx who was a political theorist alongside another German called Friedrich Engels wrote The Communist Manifesto with the aim of improving the relationship among people.

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  1. The Truman Doctrine and America’s Control of Communism
  2. Difference Between Socialism and Communism
  3. Link Between Income Inequality in the US and Communism and Oligarchy in Turkey
  4. The Better Things That Happened After the Fall of Communism in Europe and the US
  5. Costs Outweighing Benefits From Communism in the 20th Century Leading To a Negative Society
  6. Conflict, Communism, and Fascism in the Weimar Government
  7. Gorbachev and the Fall of Soviet Communism
  8. Communism and Its Role in Changing the Political Culture of Its Time
  9. Relationship Between Communism and Fascism
  10. 19th Century America and the Effects of Communism
  11. Peaceful Transition From Communism in East-Central Europe
  12. America: Clash With Communism
  13. Communism and Capitalism Led to Cold War
  14. Marxism Philosophy and Modern Communism
  15. Chinese Peasants and Communism
  16. Communism and Its Impact on the Postwar World
  17. Contrast Between Capitalism and Communism
  18. Communism and Marxist Ideologies and the Soviet Union
  19. Chinese Communism and Women
  20. The Truth About Communism and Totalitarianism in George Orwell’s Novel 1984
  21. The Factors That Contributed to the Fall of Communism in Russia
  22. Pope John Paul II’s Influence on the Fall of Communism
  23. Differences Between Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism
  24. China’s Historic Transformation From a Dynasty to Communism
  25. Communism, National, Liberalism and the Outcome of World War I
  26. Democracy and Communism During World War II
  27. Cold War Ended Due to the Failure of Communism
  28. The Hunt for Communism During the McCarthyism in America
  29. Communism, Capitalism, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War
  30. Chinese Philosophy and Communism

💡 Simple Communism Essay Ideas

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  1. Government, Militarily, and Communism in Greek Sparta
  2. The Late 1940s and Early 1950s on the Communism
  3. Individual and State Roles in Communism According to Marx and Engels
  4. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Communism in America
  5. Vietnam War: The Product of Capitalism and Communism
  6. The Difference Between Socialism and Communism
  7. Corruption and Bad Economy in Cee Countries as a Result of Communism
  8. Cuban Doctors, Communism Versus Socialism, and North Korea Versus India
  9. Communism and Its Effect on Society
  10. Karl Marx and the Rise of Communism
  11. Communism and the Anti Communist Rhetoric
  12. War Communism and the New Economic Policy
  13. Soviet Communism and the Soviet Union
  14. Between Communism and Capitalism: Long-Term Inequality in Poland, 1892-2015
  15. Applied Communism Gave the Power to Vote to Citizens Over Eighteen
  16. Communism and Cold War Tension Assignment
  17. History, the Bourgeoisie, the Proletariat, and Communism
  18. The U.S. Contained Communism in Vietnam
  19. Communism and Starvation During 20th Century China
  20. The Russian Revolution Overthrows the Stronghold of Communism
  21. New Regimes Taken Siege After the Demise of Communism
  22. Communism, Mind Control, and Acts of Rebellion for Freedom
  23. Anti-communism and American Foreign Policy: 1945-1970
  24. Ethical and Social Aspects of Communism Compared to Capitalism and Democracy
  25. Life Before and After the Fall of Communism in the Czech Republic
  26. Political Changes Gave Birth to Communism in Russia
  27. America’s Communism Scare and the Hollywood Blacklist
  28. The Clash Between Confucianism and Communism
  29. The Propaganda About the Communism in the United States
  30. Communism and Its Effects on the United States
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