63 Marketing Research Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Marketing Research

  1. Marketing Research Importance for New Product
    The objective of this paper is to provide an overview of the steps that should be taken to ensure the success of the marketing study and the new product.
  2. Rockstar Energy Drink Marketing Research
    The paper provides a marketing research for Rockstar energy drink, reveals factors influencing the purchase of the product and studies global marketing presence.
  3. Marketing and Research & Development in India
    The paper reviews the article tilted Dow Chem to Turn Pune Unit into R&D Hub provided by the India Supply Chain Council.
  4. SmithKline Beecham: Marketing Research
    SmithKline Beecham is a healthcare organization which manufactures prescribed drugs as well as a range of non-medical products.
  5. Marketing Research for Hobbs in Birmingham
    This paper analyzes the market for women’s fashion in Birmingham for Hobbs store and provides recommendations on increasing the effectiveness of promotional activities.
  6. Waitrose Supermarket: Marketing Brief on Research and Information
    Waitrose supermarket is amongst the largest retailers in the UK, categorized as one of the leading upscale supermarkets in the UK.
  7. Non-Profit Marketing Research Proposal
    The research analyzes skills deficiencies in occupational training, provides effective on-the-job experience, and basic educational services, and leadership development to disadvantageous youth.
  8. Marketing Research: Japan Market Environment
    Under this study, the market environment of a foreign country (Japan) is considered to analyze the potential market opportunities and threats.
  9. Marketing Research: Kudler’s Grocery
    With Kudler’s example, the article describes at the importance of market research, wherein the case market research is needed the most and the importance of competitive analysis.
  10. Veterans Affairs Healthcare System: Marketing Research and Segmentation
    The main aim of the paper is to provide an analysis of the market with the Potential patients of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System.
  11. Why You Need to Conduct Marketing Research?
    First and foremost, it is critical to understand marketing so as to be able to appreciate why market research is crucial for viability of any business.
  12. Marketing Research in Pricing Strategy
    While developing a pricing strategy for a product, a few steps to be followed are to develop a marketing strategy, determine the marketing mix decisions other than price.
  13. Marketing Research of Children as a Buyer Group
    Marketing is an important tool in product branding, packaging, distribution and primarily production of the actual product.
  14. A Research Planner’s Role in a Marketing Agency Team
    The role of research planners in marketing is to integrate marketing research with brand positioning, to help improve the overall marketing strategy.
  15. Marketing Variables and Research for Auto Dealership
    The dealership should learn the product differentiation and make products that suitably fit the various groups to enable it to have a market share that is defined
  16. Marketing Research Process for a Business Venture
    After conducting a future outlook and legal concerns for the Urban-ware and clothing line business venture, the next step is to conduct marketing research for the venture.
  17. Marketing Research of Competitors on the Market
    This work is aimed at academic research on the problem of marketing analysis of competitive enterprises for the development of the business company.
  18. Marketing Research Brief: Research Design, Sample, Questionnaire
    The key objectives are to understand consumers’ intentions towards the category of food provided by the company and estimate market penetration in the given category of products.
  19. Big Data and New Marketing Research Techniques
    This paper examines the impact of Big Data and new research techniques on conducting market and consumer research.
  20. The Process of Marketing Research
    This paper discusses the process of marketing research and that it implies following the specific steps for a precise outcome.
  21. Marketing Research: The Air Humidifier from Prodserve
    This paper proposes detailed marketing research of the Air Humidifier from Prodserve Company, indicating three main steps to do it.
  22. Research of the Marketing Mix
    A marketing mix is defined as a totality of factors that a brand can control to influence consumers’ perception and desire to purchase products and services
  23. Marketing Research for Wine Industry
    The wine market is an extremely promising industry in the United States. The industry has faced some challenges lately as it transitions from personal to online sales.

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  1. Marketing Research & Business Performance: A Critical Review
  2. The Market Strategy for a Marketing Research and Program
  3. The Best Practices in B2B Marketing Campaigns
  4. The Importance of Product Packaging in Competitive Marketing Strategy
  5. Does Marketing Research Suffer From Methods Myopia
  6. Marketing Research for Personal Computers in North America
  7. Difference Between Sensory and Marketing Research
  8. Marketing Research, Strategies, and Tactics
  9. The Major Components of Well-established Customer Relationship
  10. Marketing Research Advantages and Disadvantages of Open-Ended and Close-Ended Questions
  11. The Most Effective Content Promotion Strategies
  12. Marketing Research Markets and Developing a Strategy for Target Market
  13. International Marketing Research Methodological Choices
  14. Marketing Research for the Launch of Tata Nano Car in Mauritius
  15. How Marketing Research Determines the Mamanement Decision Problem
  16. The Best Digital Marketing Strategy Mix for New Product Launch
  17. Marketing Research Sample Size Calculator
  18. New Paradigm for Marketing Research in the Information Age
  19. Designing Experimental Auctions for Marketing Research
  20. Developing Countries and Marketing Research Data Collection

💡 Simple Marketing Research Essay Ideas

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  1. Marketing Research Approach, Strategy, and Tactics
  2. The Role and Importance of Marketing Research in the Marketing System
  3. Marketing Research and Promotional Messages
  4. Marketing Research for Contemporary Business
  5. Ins and Outs of Targeted Marketing With Paid Search Engine Ads
  6. Sports-Related Products and Marketing Research
  7. Marketing Research and Competitiveness of Transport Enterprises
  8. The Role and Importance of Marketing Research in the Marketing System
  9. How Can Location Analysis Be Used in a Marketing Research
  10. Marketing Research and Marketing Information System
  11. Components of Brand Credibility That Drive Consumer Loyalty
  12. Difference Between Market Research and Marketing Research
  13. Why Marketing Research Is a Must for the Healthcare Industry?
  14. Relationship Between Marketing Research and Marketing Management
  15. Ethics and Marketing Research: Is There a Connection?
  16. Environmental Factors Affecting Marketing Research
  17. Problem Identification and Definition of Marketing Research Plan
  18. What a Marketing Research Questionnaire Design Looks Like
  19. Marketing Research Into Innovative Marketing
  20. Purchase Decisions of Generation Z and Y: Comparative Analysis
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