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Marketing Research: Japan Market Environment


This study refers to the market environment in foreign countries to promote teambuilding activities in order to implement a white water center in Montreat. Under this study, the market environment of a foreign country (Japan) is considered to analyze the potential market opportunities and threats. The following is detailed information about the environmental analysis of Japan.

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Market environment of a foreign country (Japan)

This study represents the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal configuration of Japan. The research analysis of Japan is carried out by investigating each PESTLE factors on four constraints. They are; current potency, current confronts, future prospects, and future threats. The PESTLE segments are enhanced with significant data to infer trends that carry appropriate decisions. This report gives an inclusive data that signifies the historical, current, and future perspectives of Japan.


The study includes the following:

  • It provides significant information by evaluating Japan’s performance through the four parameters.
  • The political structures and policies adopted by Japan include the study of political environment, and it gives an idea regarding the political environment of Japan.
  • Economic analysis indicates the growth of economy along with detailed analysis of major economic problems.
  • Social structure includes the investigation of customer demographics through the distribution of national income, rural-urban segmentation etc…It also represents the healthcare and educational aspect of Japan.
  • The policies regarding technology, patents and other technical outcomes are representing in the technical analysis of Japan.
  • The legal analysis in the sense, various corporate laws, the structures according to law, and other terms and conditions before the commencement of a new business.
  • Legal structures, corporate laws and instructions to start a new business are included in the legal analysis of a firm’s marketing environment.
  • Environmental factors include the policies, laws, and overall performance of Japan in an economic period. (Datamonitor, 2009).

Market trends and opportunities of Japan

Large population and lack of space for clearance of waste have driven major changes in the environment sector in Japan in recent years. “Under a plan to promote recycling, the Environment Ministry called for halving of the country’s waste disposal volume in 10 years to boost the current 10 percent recycling rate to 40 percent.” (Environment to Japan, 2008, the market, para.2).

It is helpful to reprocess the wastage of industries, plastic goods and other wastes. Japan has decided to reduce its emission levels by 6 percent due to the impact of Greenhouse emissions. These led to the execution of technologies for achieving the present target and also achieve new targets in future. The accurate system of law helps to design Japan’s organizational objectives.

The following is the list of some environmental laws implemented in Japan.

  • The basic law of environment
  • The laws on the promotional dealings cope with global warming.
  • The basic law regarding recycling-based economy
  • The pollution control law.

As a result of these changes in the environmental conditions of Japan, the employment rate increased progressively in the industry. The following are major sectors occupied by the Japanese environmental business.

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  • Waste processing and recycling service sector.
  • Manufacturing of photocatalysts, and exhaust gas process tools.
  • Environmental service sectors.

SWOT Analysis of Japan market environment

The organization’s SWOT analysis provides suggestions on their performance and development perspective. It is an important tool for evaluating both qualitative and quantitative aspects of an investment decision. SWOT analysis has been able to provide benefits of niche markets and concentrated on product improvement which allows them to capture better opportunities. It recognizes strengths and weaknesses and relays them with forward-looking opportunities and losses. (Japan tobacco Inc.: Swot analysis, 2004).

White Water Program In Japan

The White Water program is organized in Japan under the name Water Wizard.

This program is open in Japan. Water Wizard is a learning program for children are a five-day program. This program is a classroom type of education and can gain hands-on experience in the Japan Alps. Water Wizard takes campers from sky to sea and teaches in detail various adventure trips.

Market Entry

Market entry is the process of a firm penetrating an international market. A company executes different modes while entering an international market.

Methods of Market Entry

There are different ways through which a firm can enter international market. Some of them are:

  • Indirect exporting: Indirect exporting is the process of trading with the export management organizations of international traders, distributors and agents.
  • Direct exporting: Direct exporting is the process of creating an export division in the organization.
  • Licensing: Licensing is the process of offering the international firm right to trademarks, brands, patents for a certain amount of money.

Joint Venture

I strongly recommend Joint Venture as the most reliable method of entering an international market. In the Joint Venture process, the investing organization is the owner of about 25 to 75 percent of the international firm which enables the international firm to influence management decisions. Here the international firm invites an external partner to share stock ownership in the new entity. The participation of the partners might differ. In most cases, foreign organizations favor fully owned subsidiaries for control reasons. When the joint venture partner gets the operation part, the foreign firm can no longer function on its own. If the foreign firm has strictly defined working procedure, it becomes difficult in making the joint venture firm accept the same work procedure. Joint Venture might prove to be fruitful if both the partners share the same goals with any one of the partners shouldering the responsibility for matters of operation. (Akkaya, n.d.).

Pros and Cons of Joint Venture

Advantages of Joint Venture: Following are the benefits of Joint Venture

  • Joint Venture generates durable relationships in business
  • Joint Venture enhances the reliability of the firm.
  • Through Joint Venture products are obtained without any payment.
  • Joint Venture helps in creating new customers.
  • Joint Venture helps in acquiring products at discounted prices.
  • Joint Venture helps in reducing working costs.
  • Joint Venture helps in fighting competition.
  • Joint Venture helps to create business referrals.
  • Joint Venture helps in solving business-related problems.
  • Joint Venture helps in time reduction.
  • Joint Venture helps in reducing costs on advertising.
  • Joint Venture helps in creating new products.
  • Joint Venture helps in penetrating into potential markets.
  • Joint Venture helps in enlargement of business.
  • Joint Venture helps in the creation of precious information.
  • Joint Venture helps in enhancing cash flow.
  • Joint Venture helps in finding out the areas which are reaping profits
  • Joint Venture helps to lessen costs on the start-up of any business.
  • Joint Venture roots out extra inventory.
  • Joint Venture helps to get rid of debts.
  • Joint Venture helps in selling products at lesser prices.
  • Joint Venture helps in creating web hosting without any payment.
  • Joint Venture helps to replace worthless products with profitable ones.
  • Joint Venture helps in the formation of new distribution channels.
  • Joint Venture helps in profit enhancement.
  • Joint Venture lessens tax.
  • Joint Venture helps to test the efficiency and tolerability of products.
  • Joint Venture helps to offer products at lesser prices than what the competitors offer.

Cons of Joint Venture

Joint Venture results in slower decision making

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Joint Venture results in disastrous consequences. (Joint venture pros and cons by Robin J Elliott, n.d.)

From the above information we have evaluated various market environmental factors such as political, economic, social, technical, legal and environmental which are related to the market conditions of Japan. The given market entry methods are helpful for adopting an appropriate entry strategy to implement a new product or service in the market.


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