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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Prison

  1. Drugs and Prison Overcrowding
    There are a number of significant sign of the impact that the “war on drugs” has had on the communities in the United States.
  2. Contracting Out Private Prisons
    The issue of contracting the private prisons for accommodating the inmates has been challenged by various law suits over the quality of service that this companies offer to the inmates.
  3. Prisoners’ Rights and Prison System Reform
    Criminal justice laws are antiquated and no longer serve their purposes. Instead, they cause harms to society, Americans and cost taxpayers billions of dollars.
  4. Prison Population and Healthcare Models in the USA
    This paper focuses on the prison population with a view to apply the Vulnerable Population Conceptual Model, and summarizes US healthcare models.
  5. The Stanford Prison Experiment
    The Stanford prison experiment is an example of how outside social situations influence changes in thought and behavior among humans.
  6. School-to-Prison Pipeline in American Justice
    This paper studies the problem by reviewing two articles regarding the school-to-prison pipeline and its aspects related to justice systems.
  7. School-to-Prison Pipeline in Political Aspect
    This paper investigates the school-to-prison pipeline from the political point of view using the two articles concerning the topic.
  8. Prison Crowding in the US
    Most prisons in the United States and other parts of the world are overcrowded. They hold more prisoners that the initial capacity they were designed to accommodate.
  9. American Prison Systems and Areas of Improvement
    The current operation of the prison system in America can no longer be deemed effective, in the correctional sense of this word.
  10. Prison Life in Nineteenth-Century Massachusetts
    In the article Larry Goldsmith has attempted to provide a detailed history of prison life and prison system during the 19th century.
  11. Women in Prison in the United States: Article and Book Summary
    A personal account of a woman prisoner known as Julie demonstrates that sexual predation/abuse is a common occurrence in most U.S. prisons.
  12. Evaluation of the Stanford Prison Experiment’ Role
    The Stanford Prison Experiment is a study that was conducted on August 20, 1971 by a group of researchers headed by the psychology professor Philip Zimbardo.
  13. Keeping Minors and Adult Inmates Separate to Address the Problem of Violence in Prisons
    Managing aggressive behaviors in prison and preventing the instances of violence is a critical issue that warrants a serious discussion.
  14. The Grizzly Conditions Prisoners Endure in Private Prisons
    The present paper will explore the issue of these ‘grizzly’ conditions in public prisons, arguing that private prisons need to be strictly regulated in order to prevent harm to inmates.
  15. Recidivism in American Prisons
    At present, recidivism is a severe problem for the United States. Many prisoners are released from jails but do not change their criminal behavior due to a few reasons.
  16. Prison Reform in the US Criminal Justice System
    Prison reform should be implemented by ensuring public safety and improving the circumstances of incarceration to create a constructive culture.
  17. Prison Reform: Rethinking and Improving
    The topic of prison reform has been highly debated as the American Criminal Justice System has failed to address the practical and social challenges.
  18. Rehabilitation Programs Offered in Prisons
    The paper, am going to try and analyze some of the rehabilitation programs which will try to deter the majority of the inmates from been convicted of many crimes they are involved in.
  19. Death Penalty from a Prison Officer’s Perspective
    The death penalty can be considered as an ancient form of punishment in relation to the type of crime that had been committed.
  20. Privatization of Prisons in the US, Australia and UK
    The phenomenon of modern prison privatization emerged in the United States in the mid-1980s and spread to Australia and the United Kingdom from there.

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  1. The Comfort and Luxury of Prison Life
    The main aims of the penal system are the rehabilitation of criminals and the reform of their behavior to make them model citizens as well as the deterrence of crime in society.
  2. Prison Culture: Term Definition
    There has been contention in the area of literature whether prison culture results from the environment within the prison or is as a result of the culture that inmates bring into prison.
  3. Use of Contingent Employees at the Federal Bureau of Prisons
    Contingent employment is a staffing strategy that the Federal Bureau of Prisons can use to address its staffing needs as well as achieve its budgetary target.
  4. Impact of the Stanford Prison Experiment Have on Psychology
    This essay will begin with a brief description of Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment then it will move to explore two main issues that arose from the said experiment.
  5. How ”Prison Life” Affects Inmates Lifes
    As statistics indicate, 98% of those released from American prisons, after having served their sentences, do not consider themselves being “corrected”.
  6. Meditation in American Prisons from 1981 to 2004
    Staggering statistics reveal that the United States has the highest rate of imprisonment of any country in the world, with the cost of imprisonment of this many people is now at twenty-seven billion dollars.
  7. Administrative Segregation in California Prisons
    In California prisons, administrative segregation is applied to control safety as well as prisoners who are disruptive within the jurisdiction.
  8. Discrimination in Prison Problem
    The problem of discrimination requires a great work of social workers, especially in such establishments like prisons.
  9. US Prisons Review and Recidivism Prevention
    This research paper will focus on prison life in American prisons and the strategies to decrease recidivism once the inmates are released from prison.
  10. School-to-Prison Pipeline: Roots of the Problem
    The term “school-to-prison pipeline” refers to the tendency of children and young adults to be put in prison because of harsh disciplinary policies within schools.
  11. Psychological and Sociological Aspects of the School-to-Prison Pipeline
    The tendency of sending children to prisons is examined from the psychological and sociological point of view with the use of two articles regarding the topic.
  12. The Role of Culture in the School-to-Prison Pipeline
    The school-to-prison pipeline is based on many social factors and cannot be recognized as only an outcome of harsh disciplinary policies.
  13. Whether Socrates Should Have Disobeyed the Terms of His Conviction and Escaped Prison?
    Socrates wanted to change manners and customs, he denounced the evil, deception, undeserved privileges, and thereby he aroused hatred among contemporaries and must pay for it.
  14. The Stanford Prison Experiment Review
    The video presents an experiment held in 1971. In general, a viewer can observe that people are subjected to behavior and opinion change when affected by others.
  15. Prison Reform in the US
    Up until this day, the detention facilities remain the restricting measure common for each State. The U.S. remains one of the most imprisoning countries.
  16. Prison Makes Criminals Worse
    This paper discusses if prisons are effective in making criminals better for society or do they make them worse.
  17. Unethical and Ethical Issues in the Prison System of Honduras
    Honduras has some of the highest homicide rates in the world and prisons in Honduras are associated with high levels of violence.
  18. Overcrowding in Jails and Prisons
    In a case of a crime, the offender is either incarcerated, placed on probation or required to make restitution to the victim, usually in the form of monetary compensation.
  19. Prison System in the United States
    Depending on what laws are violated – federal or state – the individuals are usually placed in either a federal or state prison.
  20. What Makes Family Learning in Prisons Effective?
    This paper aims to discuss the family learning issue and explain the benefits and challenges of family learning in prisons.
  21. Women’s Issues and Trends in the Prison System
    The government has to consider the specific needs of the female population in the prison system and work on preventing incarceration.

🎓 Most Interesting Prison Research Titles

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  1. Prison Staffing and Correctional Officers’ Duties
    The rehabilitative philosophy in corrective facilities continually prompts new reinforced efforts to transform inmates.
  2. Healthcare Among the Elderly Prison Population
    The purpose of this article is to address the ever-increasing cost of older prisoners in correctional facilities.
  3. Prison System for a Democratic Society
    This report is designed to transform the corrections department to form a system favorable for democracy, seek to address the needs of different groups of offenders.
  4. Criminal Punishment, Inmates on Death Row, and Prison Educational Programs
    This paper will review the characteristics of inmates, including those facing death penalties and the benefits of educational programs for prisoners.
  5. Security Threat Groups: The Important Elements in Prison Riots
    Security Threat Groups appear to be an a priori element of prison culture, inspired and cultivated by its fundamental principles of power.
  6. Sex Offenders and Their Prison Sentences
    Both authors do not fully support this sanction due to many reasons, including medical, social, ethical, and even legal biases, where the latter is fully ignored.
  7. Prisons in the United States Analysis
    The whole aspect of medical facilities in prisons is a very complex issue that needs to be evaluated and looked at critically for sustainability.
  8. State Prison System v. Federal Prison System
    The essay sums that the main distinction between these two prison systems is based on the type of criminals it handles, which means a difference in the level of security employed.
  9. Early Prison Release to Reduce a Prison’s Budget
    The primary goal of releasing nonviolent offenders before their sentences are finished is cutting down on expenses.
  10. Arkansas Prison Scandals Regarding Contaminated Blood
    A number of scandals occurred around the infamous Cummins State Prison Farm in Arkansas in 1967-1969 and 1982-1983.
  11. Prison System Issues: Mistreatment and Abuse
    This research paper suggests solutions to the issue of prisoner abuse by exploring the causes of violence and discussing various types of assault in the prison system.
  12. Crimes and the Federal Prison Comparison
    Boesky and Milken admitted to the charges and sought guilty plea favour while Martha was defensive of not having committed any crime.
  13. Women Serving Time With Their Children: The Challenge of Prison Mothers
    The law in America requires that mothers stay with their children as a priority. Prisons have therefore opened nurseries for children of mothers who are serving short terms.
  14. Private Prisons: Review
    In the following paper, the issues that are rife in connection with contracting out private prisons will be examined along with the pros and cons of private prisons’ functioning.
  15. American Criminal Justice System: Prison Reform
    Public safety and prison reform go hand-in-hand. Rethinking the way in which security is established within society is the first step toward the reform.
  16. Understanding the U.S. Prison System
    This study will look at the various issues surrounding the punishment and rehabilitative aspects of U.S. prisons and determine what must be done to improve the system.
  17. Prisons in the United States
    In the present day, prisons may be regarded as the critical components of the federal criminal justice system.
  18. Prisons and the Different Security Levels
    Prisons are differentiated with regard to the extent of security, including supermax, maximum, medium, and minimum levels. This paper discusses prison security levels.
  19. Contribution of Prisons to US Racial Disparities
    The USA showcases persistent racial disparities, especially in the healthcare system. The discriminatory regime has lasted from systemic inequality within essential systems.
  20. Mass Incarceration in American Prisons
    This research paper describes the definition of incarceration and focuses on the reasons for imprisonment in the United States of America.
  21. Prison’s Impact on People’s Health
    The paper explains experts believe that the prison situation contributes to the negative effects on the health of the convicted person.

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  1. Prison Dog Training Program by Breakthrough Buddies
  2. Prison Abuse and Its Effect On Society
  3. The Truth About the Cruelty of Privatized Prison Health Care
  4. Prison Incarceration and Its Effects On The United States
  5. The United States Crime Problem and Our Prison System
  6. Prison Overcrowding and Its Effects On Living Conditions
  7. General Information about Prison and Capital Punishment Impact
  8. Problems With The American Prison System
  9. Prison and County Correctional Faculties Overcrowding
  10. People Who Commit Murder Should Be A Prison For An Extended
  11. African American Men and The United States Prison System
  12. Prison Gangs and the Community Responsibility System
  13. Prison Overcrowding and Its Effects On The United States
  14. Prison Should Not Receive Free College Education
  15. Pregnant Behind Bars and The United States Prison System
  16. Prison Life and Strategies to Decrease Recidivism
  17. Penitentiary Ideal and Models Of American Prison
  18. The Various Rehabilitation and Treatment Programs in Prison
  19. Prison and Mandatory Minimum Sentences
  20. Prisoner Visit and Rape Issue In Thai Prison
  21. Private Prisons Are Far Worse Than Any Maximum Security State Prison
  22. Prison Gangs and Their Effect on Prison Populations
  23. Overview of Prison Overcrowding and Staff Violence
  24. Classification and Prison Security Levels
  25. Prison and Positive Effects Rehabilitation Assignment

❓ Prison Research Questions

  1. Can Prison Deter Crime?
  2. What Are the Two Theories Regarding How Inmate Culture Becomes a Part of Prison Life?
  3. What Prison Is Mentioned in the Movie “Red Notice”?
  4. What’s the Worst Prison in Tennessee?
  5. What Causes Students to Enter the School of Prison Pipeline?
  6. How Can the Prison System Rehabilitate Prisoners So That They Will Enter the Society as Equals?
  7. Should Prison and Jail Be the Primary Service Provider?
  8. How Can Illegal Drugs Be Prevented From Entering Prison?
  9. How Does the Prison System Treat Trans Inmates?
  10. What Is the Deadliest Prison in America?
  11. Should Prison and Death Be an Easy Decision for a Court?
  12. Why Is It Called Black Dolphin Prison?
  13. Does Prison Strain Lead to Prison Misbehavior?
  14. Why Is the American Prison System Failing?
  15. What Country Has the Best Prison System?
  16. Does Prison Work for Offenders?
  17. Should Prison for Juveniles Be a Crime?
  18. What Is the Most Infamous Prison in America?
  19. What Is the World’s Most Secure Prison?
  20. What Do Russian Prison Tattoos Mean?
  21. What Causes Convicted Felons to Commit Another Crime After Release From Prison?
  22. What Are the Implications of Prison Overcrowding and Are More Prisons the Answer?
  23. Can Private Prisons Save Tax Dollars?
  24. Is Incarceration the Answer to Crime in Prison?
  25. What Are Prison Conditions Like in the US?
  26. Who Escaped From Brushy Mountain Prison?
  27. Why Does the Public Love Television Show, Prison Break?
  28. What Is the Scariest Prison in the World?
  29. When Did Brushy Mountain Prison Close?
  30. Which State Has the Most Overcrowded Prison?
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