Identification and Control of a Unmanned Ground Vehicle


Modern technology is now introducing to the broad audience various innovations, which can rather simplify or completely replace human activity. The concepts, currently developing in the scientific sphere, concern almost every aspect of people’s everyday life.

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One of the most important modern scientific branches is robotics, which deals with the creation and enhancement of various robot engineering processes. Unmanned ground vehicles, or UGVs, are the robotic types, which are supposed to move along certain terrains without the human presence (Simone & Guida, 2018). The main purpose of this paper is to dwell upon the problematics of the UGV development as well as to propose the own way of the issue solution.

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The unmanned ground or autonomous vehicles introduction to the public has caused a lot of excitement and scientific engagement in recent years. UGVs are robots that can move along various surfaces without any human interaction in the way. While some companies, such as RoMeLa, develop them more for a commercial purpose, others, like NASA, need UGVs to complete the goals, impossible for ordinary human beings.

The main issue behind the idea of autonomous vehicles is the fact that scientific researchers need these robots to fit some universal requirements and, thus, to be versatile in terms of any goal or project. With such an attitude, robots tend to fail frequently, as they cannot manage all the functions properly. One of the reasons for this may be the fact that researchers are eager to fit into one mechanism as many tasks as possible, without considering the idea of mastering a particular one. Although the concept of universal UGV is quite appealing to the researchers, the one solution here would be to sharpen a certain robot’s ability perfectly. In such a way, even if the machine undergoes technical issues with other characteristics, the major one would be more reliable.


To sum everything up, robotics has become part and parcel of human activity in the last decades. Unmanned ground vehicles or UGVs are the machines that are focused on autonomous motion on the terrains where human interaction is not possible or necessary. Although the value of these robots is hard to underestimate, their efficiency could be significantly increased if the researchers paid much attention to the quality levels to which a particular function is developed.


De Simone, M. C., & Guida, D. (2018). Identification and control of a unmanned ground vehicle by using Arduino. UPB Scientific Bulletin, 80(1), 141-154.

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