The Effects of Modern Technology on Children


The rapid development of the technology industry has various consequences, including both positive implications and negative manifestations of progress. For instance, the advent of mobile innovations has simplified life significantly, but at the same time, it has become the cause of psychologists’ concerns in relation to users’ addiction to their gadgets. With regard to children, the issue of the effect of technology is particularly acute since, at an early age, a person does not have established views and priorities and cannot make decisions on one’s own.

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This, in turn, increases the degree of impact and may be fraught with psychological disorders. However, in the case of proper use, innovative developments can be valuable both for cognitive and social development. Based on some real examples, the effect of modern technology on children will be examined.

Value of Technology from an Aesthetic Perspective

For children, free access to modern technology is an aspect that may be interpreted differently. On the one hand, as Crawford et al. remark, distraction is the main negative factor since excessive enthusiasm for digital devices does not allow a child to concentrate on more useful activities (974). On the other hand, the authors emphasize that when using appropriate technologies, parents and teachers coordinate the educational process and help children learn how to use specific gadgets with benefits (Crawford et al. 959). As an example, the researchers mention observing nature as an interesting activity (Crawford et al. 959).

This aesthetic background is a valuable aspect of cognitive development. At the stage of growing up, a child may not have a chance to understand all the peculiarities of the world. Therefore, Crawford et al. offer to pay attention to specific applications that give children the opportunity to study nature and not waste time (959). Thus, creating conditions for development is possible with the help of technologies that can help in upbringing and education and, at the same time, arouse interest among the target audience.

Health Benefits

Despite the potential distraction of children from natural cognitive and social development, modern technology can be beneficial in the context of healthcare. The use of appropriate achievements in medicine opens up significant prospects for the treatment and prevention of various problems. Gülay Ogelman et al. describe existing mobile applications as valuable tools for children with hearing impairments and note that these technologies are convenient communication tools (169).

In addition, the authors argue that such digital programs may help a child restore damaged body functions and provide mechanisms for controlling physical and cognitive development (Gülay Ogelman et al. 177). For the medical sector, these developments are an important achievement, and the dissemination of necessary innovations in healthcare is an urgent task. Therefore, technology cannot be considered solely in the context of negative impacts and as factors that impede children’s normal development.


When assessing the effect of modern technologies on children’s development, one can emphasize that in addition to negative manifestations, for instance, distraction or addiction, some positive aspects exist. An opportunity to give a child a chance to study the environment through appropriate and convenient programs allows parents and teachers to improve the quality of education. In the field of healthcare, valuable developments also play a significant role. The introduction of digital achievements to restore lost body functions and maintain normal communication of children with disabilities is a weighty argument in favor of the competent use of technology.

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