Immigrant Issues in a New Country

An immigrant who moves into a new country will typically encounter a variety of issues that will complicate the process of them satisfying their needs and reaching happiness. The language barrier is one such problem, as it makes communication with many of the other people in the community difficult. Even if the immigrant has tried to learn the language before coming to the new country, issues of accents and vocabularies remain. Overall, inadequate knowledge of the new country’s language can complicate one’s integration into society at their new location, which leads directly to the next issue.

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People who leave their home community behind and struggle to integrate into a new one can experience substantial loneliness. They are limited to solitary recreation and may not have anyone to whom they can explain their issues. The situation has become somewhat easier nowadays, with the advent of the Internet and the instantaneous worldwide communication that it enables. However, some people have not embraced it, and online communication does not replace physical proximity. As such, loneliness remains a substantial concern for immigrants, who should learn how they can address it.

Employment is the final concern that will be discussed in this paper. As Cihon and Castagnera (2017) note, many countries around the world, including the United States, require immigrants to obtain a special permit to become able to work. The process can be challenging and costly, with the latter aspect being complicated by the person’s inability to earn money in the meantime. Moreover, unethical employers can offer immigrants illegal employment at low rates and exploit their labor. Overall, immigrants have to consider these three factors when planning to move to another country and settle there.


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Successful Marriage Components

Divorce is becoming a prominent social concern nowadays, particularly in developed nations. As such, people are looking for the issues that typically lead to the dissolution of the marriage as well as ways to reinforce it. One such consideration is mutual respect, which is missing from many such unions. In a relationship where one party does not respect the other, they will also be less willing to consider their problems and address them. As a result, the marriage would erode and collapse over time, leading to a divorce. As such, respect is critical to the functioning of a marriage, but it is not sufficient on its own.

Honest communication is another essential aspect of problem resolution between couples in a marriage. As Gottman and Silver (2018) note, couples that respect each other can get sidetracked during discussions or disagreements and fail to resolve their issues. Honesty is critical, but couples should also know how to communicate effectively and achieve goals such as the settlement of disagreements. In particular, they have to be able to make compromises, for which purpose they should disclose their needs and listen to those of their partner. With this approach, families should be able to resolve any issues that they become aware of before they damage the marriage.

With that said, there are issues of which the affected partner may be unaware but which can still manifest themselves. Family outings in which the partners spend quality together can help alleviate such problems. They help the family members become closer and reinforce their bonds so that the marriage is harder to damage. Partners also learn more about each other through interactions and may spot hidden issues if they know their significant other well enough. There are other ways of improving relationships, but these three methods should achieve the best results and warrant further discussion.

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Gottman, J. M., & Silver, N. (2018). The seven principles for making marriage work. New York, NY: Hachette.

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