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Importance of Children Education

Children’s education is one of the most important social institutions that guarantee existence and the further development of our society. For this reason, the level of interest devoted to the issue has always remained high. Thus, today we can observe numerous attempts to improve the outcomes of the academic activity and guarantee that children will be able to function in diverse communities and become successful.

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However, the complexity of the conditions under which they will exist in their independent lives and health problems they might face introduces the necessity of the comprehensive investigation of the sphere with the primary aim to determine the most beneficial conditions and factors that might impact students and their healthy habits.

For instance, in the article by Baker (n.d.) Single-Gender Education: Reinforcing and Challenging Gender, the author revolves around a theme of gender difference and the impact single-gender education might have on students. Delving into the issue, Baker (n.d.) states that traditionally one-gender schools have been considered privileged institutions. The fact is that they are focused on the provision of the specific education regarding gender differences and stereotypical roles women or men should play in society.

However, drastic changes in perspectives on stereotypes resulted in the necessity to reconsider the approach to single-sex education. These schools responded by introducing new plans and methods to teach girls in a way that could help them to become successful and cultivate their femininity. However, their approaches still revolve around gender stereotypes, which could be dangerous for the modern, tolerant society.

The issue of gender stereotypes and education aimed at the cultivation of femininity and masculinity is also discussed by Kehler in his article Behind Lock Room Doors: Knowing Why Some Boys “Stay Away From Each Other.” The author assumes that despite the fact that physical exercises are traditionally associated with men, numerous boys in schools are reluctant to engage in these activities (Kehler, n.d.). For this reason, the author assesses the ways boys experience a sense of their bodies and how this aspect could be impacted by particular external factors (Kehler, n.d.). He comes to the conclusion that these changes reflect the shift in attitudes to the domination of males and their power.

In such a way, both these articles touch upon an essential issue, which is the cultivation of appropriate gender behaviors in boys and girls under the impact of radical changes in perspectives on their roles that are now observed in society. The authors are sure that disregarding these processes, we can undermine the future of children who will not be able to live in the community. Speaking about single-gendered schools, Baker (n.d.) admits their limited opportunities to engage girls in specific activities needed to cultivate particular qualities in them. Kehler (n.d.) also emphasizes the pernicious impact problems with boys unwillingness to do physical exercises traditionally attractive to them have on their health and development of obesity.

Altogether, these papers could be analyzed regarding the current processes and tendencies that emerge in a coherent society. The modern educational sphere should reconsider some approaches that now turn out to be less or even not effective. The shift of priorities in people’s mentalities resulted in the appearance of new perspectives on gender roles and stereotypes. For this reason, it is dangerous to disregard these alterations. Boys and girls should be provided with fresh information related to their future life.

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