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Importance of Maintaining Multiculturalism in the Current World


Multiculturalism leads to different and sometimes conflicting values and interests among people living in the same country. Nowadays, the boundaries between cultures and countries are becoming increasingly blurred due to the phenomena of globalization and mass immigration. There is a tendency to argue that immigration and multiculturalism have caused the decline of certain ethnic groups.

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The development of modern society is a process of the dynamic interaction of many different cultures, each of which has its own traditions. The values ​​of one culture are often incompatible with the values ​​of others, and sometimes they are so unique that their understanding and recognition are not available to everyone. Lack of understanding and unwillingness to respect and recognize the values ​​of a foreign culture can lead to intolerance, discrimination, and even direct aggression toward it. The issue of creating a multicultural society is current and relevant since, in the context of globalization, open borders, and free movement of people around the world, there is a need, on the one hand, to preserve the diversity of cultures and, on the other hand, to minimize interethnic conflicts and misunderstandings.

The issue of multiculturalism has its roots in ancient times and remains relevant to the present. Nowadays, most countries and cities are culturally diverse. In a multicultural society, one ethnic group may show lower mortality and higher birth rates and begin to dominate in numbers in the long run (Schneider, 2020). At the same time, the mobility of skilled workers and migration result in a large number of people of other cultures living in most states. A multicultural society is vulnerable, difficult to manage, and unpredictable. To build it, it is necessary to educate each member of society a responsible and tolerant behavior.

I am a representative of the Irish nationality and Catholic religion, but at the same time, from adolescence, I gained the understanding that culture determines the view of the world and influences decisions and actions in any area of human activity. Cultural values are a reflection of human relations, beliefs, and life experiences. For a multicultural society, both universal values that go beyond group characteristics are important, as well as all those diverse values that define group membership and create unique cultures and views of the world. In order to interact effectively, it is important for society to learn to accept new members and to treat their characteristics with understanding. In this regard, it is easy for me to accept and understand other cultural groups.

Discrimination includes a restriction or any other action towards human rights on various deviant subjective grounds. Any significant difference in a person can serve as such a sign, for example, religious beliefs, age, nationality, race, gender, citizenship, sexual orientation, and disability. Discrimination may include humiliation, violence, bullying, and other actions aimed at demonstrating a negative attitude. At the same time, prejudice implies not an action but an attitude. Prejudice can include biased thoughts or assumptions about the inclinations of people with certain characteristics and mental judgment.


In conclusion, in today’s world, there are many cultures in every country, so maintaining a tolerant attitude is important. Additionally, in such a society, inclusiveness is needed, which implies that each individual representative of certain characteristics will be accepted in society without prejudice, discrimination, or outright aggression. Equality makes it possible to create a society that can function and interact effectively in a multicultural environment.


Schneider, M. (2020). Census shows white decline, non-white majority among youngest americans. AP News. Web.

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