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The Concept of Cultural Diversity

For each work, a necessary aspect is the application of a particular literary theory. With its help, authors can have a clear idea of the problem that will be raised in the text and in which direction it is better to develop thoughts. A critical race theory (CRT) was chosen for this work. This is due to the fact that race and the attitude of society to representatives of different nationalities is the basis of such a phenomenon as cultural diversity in education.

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Before talking about the application of the theory chosen for the work, it is crucial to understand what it puts as its basis. Flores defines that “critical race theory engages in the sustained analysis of race, conceived as both a social construct and a lived material reality” (1). This literary theory was implemented because it also pays special attention to the importance of finding self-expression and a way to share the experience with various representatives of society. This can be applied in all areas of human activity, especially in education. After all, to build a tolerant and respectful society, it is essential to bring as much awareness as possible to the masses and educate these aspects from an early age.

This theory is close to me because I believe that the problem of racism in public education institutions is quite acute to this day. Dixson and Anderson emphasize that “CRT in education argues that racial inequity in education is the logical outcome of a system of achievement presided on competition” (121). Many young people face various degrees of prejudice, which can seriously impact their psychological state of well-being. Such pressure often comes from students, but both children and educational institution representatives can become victims.

I think that a good part of the draft of my work is the first part, which provides the definition, essence, and goals of cultural diversity in the field of education. This is because a clearer literary analysis was carried out for this part in order to form my personal opinion about the problem. Moreover, I can say that I am quite satisfied with my work since this topic is of great interest to me. Faced with examples of difficulties in applying multiculturalism in education, I wanted to get more information about this topic.

I would revise the second part of the essay since due to the abundance of thoughts, something could not be specified. When writing this paper, I tried to write down at once all the thoughts that came to mind in relation to this problem. Perhaps, when rereading it, some statements may seem incorrect or inaccurately formed. In addition, due to my great interest in the topic of cultural diversity and the literary race theory, I might have missed some valuable ideas.

I would like my peers to give me feedback on my writing style firstly. This is due to the fact that I believe that writing is one of the essential skills of any scholar. Secondly, I would like them to evaluate how easy or difficult it was to understand the essay or follow the thoughts presented. Taking into account the opinions of other people and an objective assessment from the outside can help improve a writer’s work. I believe that evaluating the essay by other people will help identify all the disadvantages and advantages of the work that I might not have noticed while writing it.

I cannot say that any parts of the task confuse me or that I’m not sure about. The only thing is that I would add more information about ways to effectively spread knowledge about other cultures in schools in the future. Mampane underlines that” the concept of multicultural is adopted to create awareness of cultural inclusivity, where unitary cultural domination is discouraged” (43). In the end, the cultural identity of people is not crucial since their qualities, abilities, and skills are of particular importance.

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Moreover, I would specify ways to solve the problems of stereotyping and burnout among teachers due to the high degree of cultural diversity in the classroom. The need to train a teacher who is ready to implement the ideas of multiculturalism in his professional activity is an essential task of society to avoid negative consequences. Thus, such a teacher should be able to solve such tasks as understanding the multicultural identities of the younger generation, creating an atmosphere of tolerance and respect for cultural differences in the classroom, and have the skills to resolve conflicts related to racial discrimination.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the introduction of the concept of cultural diversity is critically important for modern society. It will help to educate people to respect and accept differences in the views, opinions, traditions, and faith of representatives of different cultures. When analyzing and writing work on this topic, the literary theory of races is of particular importance, which can help to consciously and critically evaluate the information provided by various sources and effectively apply it.

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