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  1. Terrorism: Irish Republican Army History and Ideologies
    The aim of the current essay is to assess the IRA as a notorious terrorist organization in Ireland. The essay majorly focuses on the history and the ideologies of the IRA from 1969.
  2. Virtue Ethics as an Army Officer’s Moral Code
    The paper discusses and compares utilitarianism, deontological ethics, virtue ethics in application to the moral decisions of army officers and soldiers.
  3. Army Professional’s Traits and Characteristics
    Being an army professional requires displaying a number of traits and characteristics that are of vital importance.
  4. Operational Issues Facing the United States Army
    The US Army is undoubtedly one of the most respected segments of the US Armed Forces. Currently, it is the largest recruiting group among the three branches of the Armed Forces.
  5. Wheeled Mechanic Department of the US Army’s Code of Conduct
    The Wheeled Mechanic Department of the United States Army’s code of conduct provides a framework for business culture among employees, stakeholders, and senior management.
  6. Why the Terracotta Army Foretold the Rise of the Chinese Empires
    The given complex depicts both the philosophy of that time and the level of economic and industrial development of the Chinese civilization.
  7. The Army Publishing Directorate: Online Resource
    The Army Publishing Directorate is at the center of the U.S. military knowledge ecosystem. It publishes works that are of immense benefit to the diverse military personnel.
  8. Optimally Stationing Army Forces
    Optimum utilization of a nation’s armed forces is governed by many complex factors. This optimization includes force structuring, and force relocation in an efficient and cost effective manner
  9. U.S. Army Is Not Unprepared at Outbreak of Hostilities
    It has been said for some time that the US military department is not yet ready in case there is a disastrous assault on the country.
  10. Duty in the Army: How Does It Works?
    The study of duty as it pertains to the army is important because it looks at the role of the dignity of each individual even in the most adverse conditions.
  11. An Army Officer’s Role: Ethical & Social Prospects
    The paper is dedicated to working out the role of an officer in the army through the viewpoint of ethical, moral, and social prospects.
  12. Life in the Army of the United States
    One of the most attractive features of life in the army is the special bond that develops as a result of working together on tough missions and the heroism involved in the work.
  13. Quality Management in UAE Army
    Global political and economical forces provide a direct impact on the development of military sphere, leading to continuous changes in its quality management.
  14. War in Iraq: Should Be Withdrawn Army?
    This paper considers 2 points of view: Joseph D’Agostin argues that US troops should continue to be deployed and Brian Bender, who believes that the troops should be withdrawn.
  15. Women in Army Infantry: Controversial Issues
    There is a fear of the possibility of lowering training standards in the military if gender norming is neglected. The debate on this contentious issue has been dragging for a while.
  16. Disrespect and Failed to Follow Orders in the Army
    The various facets of discipline in the army and the implications of disobedience on the part of personnel as provided for the disciplinary code of conduct.
  17. UH-72A Lakota Utility Helicopter in U.S. Army History
    The US military sanctioned the acquisition of the utility helicopter UH-72A Lakota in the year 2005. The light utility aircraft has been manufactured by the EADS of North America.
  18. Organizational Culture in the Army
    The army is characterized by well-defined structures and the roles of the different structures. It is also characterized by immense training before hiring.
  19. Importance of Respect in the Army: Code of Ethics
    Soldiers are required to follow established codes of ethics, core values, and philosophies that can make it easier for them to achieve their aims.
  20. The Foundation of Army Leadership
    Leadership is one of those qualities that is a condition for society’s normal functioning for it some courses and approaches allow developing such property.
  21. Influencing and Leadership in the Army
    An army leader is an individual who, by their given position or designated duty, motivates and guides others by providing direction and confidence to others.
  22. Respect in the Army: Values and Standards
    The present paper will discuss the concept of respect and will aim to demonstrate why it is so important for those serving in the military.
  23. A Leader of Character in the Army
    To be a leader of character in the army is to have moral and ethical attributes that consider the values of soldiers and affect the behavior of others.
  24. Foundation of Army Leadership: Definition of Individual Leadership
    To provide successful army performance, a leader must be able to analyze a situation objectively in order to form an adequate line of subordinates’ behavior.
  25. “Artificial Intelligence: A Competitive Advantage for the US Army” Review
    The document offers a substantial review of how the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) may become a crucial competitive advantage for the US military.

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  1. Strategic Estimates and Future Army Leader
    Variables humanize the operating environment. As ground forces operate among populations, understanding human variables is crucial.
  2. The Operations Process and Types of Training Management in the Army
    Training is a significant aspect of improving the skills of soldiers and preparing them for upcoming or potential operations.
  3. Measurable Self-Development Programs for Leader Development in the Army
    A paper uses concepts learned from the force management module to research and analyze the problem of measurable self-development programs for leader development among army officers.
  4. Possible Future Perspectives of US Army NCO 2020 Strategy
    The purpose of this reflective essay is to analyze the main points of The US Army NCO 2020 Strategy and suggest potential future perspectives.
  5. Talent Management and How Does the Army Use It
    Qualities of Talent Management include not only the acquisition of the people suitable to be in the Army but also their professional development and retention strategies.
  6. Foundation of Army Leadership: Training & Planning
    This paper aims to describe the foundation of army leadership in terms of criteria like education, training, and strategic planning.
  7. The Foundation of Army Leadership and Military Training
    One of the aims of military leadership is to prepare soldiers for the defensive mission. Army leaders provide direction and set goals for the subordinates to achieve successfully.
  8. Lifelong Learning in the Context of the Army and SHARP Program
    Lifelong learning offers an array of benefits for the army. The purpose of this paper is to examine such advantages in relation to the army and the SHARP program.
  9. Sexual Harassment in the Army: Causes and Solutions
    Due to the rigid structure and the established hierarchy in the US Army, the instances of sexual harassment and assault are silenced to secure the public image of the military.
  10. Military Diversity: US Army
    The article focuses on the need and benefits of ensuring cultural and racial diversity, as well as gender balance in the US military.
  11. Army Leadership Foundation and Competencies
    Effective leadership is an element ensuring the proper functioning of society. This concept gains particular importance in the context of the army due to the nature of the duties.
  12. Sexual Assault Response and Prevention in the US Army
    This article discusses the Sexual Harassment / Assault Response and Prevention Program (SHARP) in the US Army.
  13. Army Surgeon General William Crawford Gorgas: Memories of War
    In this journal, Army Surgeon General W. C. Gorgas has outlined events during this period and how he played a major role in defining policies that were applied in managing the pandemic.
  14. Foundations of Leadership in the Army
    The leadership in the Army is a core value that allows the units to complete dangerous operations for the nation’s benefit.
  15. Organizational Culture and Diversity: United States Army Veteran Rank
    For me, the most significant cultural identifiers are the United States Army Veteran rank, Texas as the home residence, and marital status.
  16. Unconventional Warfare: U.S. Army Leaders’ Attitudes
    This paper discusses the role of Special Forces and the Joint Publication 3-05 in the implementation of unconventional warfare as a reaction to the September 11 attacks.
  17. Women as the Reserve Army of Labour
    Reserve army of labor is a part of the labor force that is kept in reserve to be entitled to work when they are needed or when they can work.
  18. Mass Rapes Committed by the Soviet Army in the Axis Countries
    This paper provides an annotated bibliography about mass rapes committed by the Soviet Army in the axis countries, both analytical articles and the ones based on personal experience.
  19. The Racial Diversity in the US Army
    The US Armed Forces managed to achieve equality at the ideological level, and high rates of incoming African Americans and Hispanics demonstrate the institution’s viability.
  20. Army vs. Civilian Leadership Similarities
    In both army and civilian leadership, effective communication is very important. It is essential that every stakeholder understands the mission of the organization.
  21. Followership and Servant Leadership in Army Officers
    Servant leadership corresponds to followership one at some level, but at the same time, they communicate different concepts.
  22. History of the Army National Guard
    The National Guard is a branch of the armed forces and is an organized reserve. It is subordinate to the state in which it is located and the federation.
  23. Sexual Assaults Number Increases Throughout Army
    This paper explores why, despite SHARP training and actions, the number of incidents of sexual assaults continues to grow.
  24. Fundamentals of Army Leadership
    It is appropriate to conclude that army leadership is a broad and complex concept involving various categories of morality. This informative essay seeks to present the above thought
  25. Foundations of Army Leadership
    Leaders influence people not just through the instructions they give, but also through their words and actions.

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  1. The Mistakes and Successes of the British Army During the World War II
  2. United States Army Recruitment Training and Compensation
  3. The Most Important Role of the Pakistan Army in the Development of the Country
  4. The Factors That Makes the Roman Army Invincible
  5. Work Arrangements and Learning in the Army
  6. The U.S. Army Contracting Policy
  7. Auxiliary Women’s Army Corps in World War II
  8. The Early Roman Army Battle Tactics
  9. The First Catastrophic Defeat to Befall the Wermacht Army
  10. American Army and the 1918 Spanish Influenza Outbreak
  11. The New Model Army and the Civil War
  12. Terrorism and Irish Republican Army
  13. The Irish Republican Army: Before and After 1968
  14. The Irish Republican Army and British Rule
  15. Organizational Structure and Culture of the U.S. Army
  16. The Role and Significance of the Union Army Soldiers During the American Civil War
  17. The Army and Environmental Compliance
  18. Policies for African Americans in the Army
  19. The Religion, Education, and the American of the German Army
  20. The Indian National Army in WWII
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