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In the Heat of the Night: A Movie Experience

The educational aspect of working in a group of 5 members on the movie in the heat of the night was the ideal goal for the realization of team achievements. There were various challenges, but the most obvious one included; reduced engagement and withholding information from some of our team members. Lack of clarity and personality conflicts thrived during our working time. To overcome these challenges, I created a specific channel of communication in which members can harmoniously get clarifications on basic issues. The movie leader specifically held all information about the movie and the steps to be followed.

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I led a group of 5 members, specifically guiding my team on various aspects of accomplishing group responsibilities within a speculated time frame. To effectively create trust and goodwill among group members, I focused on mediating all discussions and issues in the group effectively and managing tasks and goals about the set standards and objectives. My leadership affairs were based on the ultimate goal of a final quality product. The other aspect was to ensure all team members were satisfied with the working environment by providing all necessary inputs to facilitate high-quality services. Considering each team member’s ideas as valuable and being clear when communicating were the key factors in encouraging trust and cooperation among team members.

The creation of discussion amongst team members was based on open communication such that every member’s idea was considered valuable. I encouraged each team member to share any information which might be of sound importance to the ultimate goal of our group. Delegation of the problem-solving task to the team member was the basic approach to creating discussion amongst themselves. Consultation and establishment of team values based on consensus provided better decisions and greater productivity amongst the team members.

Discussion requires listening and brainstorming, and I encouraged group members to consistently consult each other, which encouraged them to debate and inspired creativity, which helped spur my team on to better results. Establishing parameters of consensus-building sessions helped establish time limits and work to achieve within those set parameters. Consideration of each team member’s emotional intelligence helps motivate members to open up and share relevant information.

Before dividing work, we made a list of all the work that needed to be accomplished and then assigned tasks to the team member according to their specific functions, strengths, and positions. Professional qualification was considered the major factor before work allocations. To evaluate members’ abilities, interviews were conducted. This was done before crafting project plans and goals. Assigning roles was done based on the member’s ability and setting small goals, then communicating effectively.

Setting group activities led to the division of labor and specialization. Members come together to identify group objectives, then move away to independent issues based on their specialization, then return to evaluation techniques to determine the achieved goals. Everyone participated in group affairs due to the effective communication channels from the group leader. The participation rate was high such that group objectives were effectively realized.

Given the opportunity to work on future projects, I would rather work with the same team member instead of selecting a new team. This is due to the positive behavioral characteristics and perfect communication attitudes, which led to achieving group goals within the speculated time frame. The group achieved all set objectives and achieved higher performance than speculated results.

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