Why Business Firms Need to Have a Web Page?

Businesses use few funds advertising over the internet through websites as compared to other forms of advertisements thereby making website adverts economical for corporations. The content of the advert is also accessible for a longer period and can be viewed by a bigger audience can be reached within the shortest time possible. Through the internet, geographical distances are broken since the world has literally become a global village. Websites act as a place where firms can display their products with consumers being able to view the products on the company sites before they undertake any purchases. With the convenient found in online shopping, firms are able to meet customers at an individual level and ensure efficient satisfaction as the goods can be customized to each customer’s specifications (Smith & Spiers 2009, p. 164).

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Firms can use websites to search and lure potential investors by stating the worthiness of the company, its activities and plans. Websites also make it easier for customers to give their feedback on goods and services provided by the firm and the ability of the company to improve on them. Visitor polls, online surveys and website statistics make market research much easier and cheaper and enable firms to be able to find out the needs of their customers.

Internet advertising allows firms to target a specific audience with the advert being made to suit this category. This is because clients who visit the specific website have a particular need. Advertising, which is a form of marketing communication used to persuade customers to purchase a given product or use a given service, is currently being conducted online through websites. Firms always seek to increase consumption of their goods and services through informative advertisements that increase the awareness of the firm and its goods to potential customers.

Issues related to Promotions and Advertising

Promotions are a form of advertisement aimed at gathering information on potential customers and making persuading people to start consuming particular goods or services. They can be in the form of games, sweepstakes, sample coupons, product give away among others. Promotion activities are majorly used to maintain customers within a firm. Customer support section offers services to customers after a product is sold. It involves a variety of services offered to customers to assist in making efficient and proper use of the product. They include help in setting up, installation, guidance on the usage, trouble shooting, maintenance, upgrading and disposal of the products.

Product details are particular aspects about a specific product such as the color, size and dimensions, test, durability, and texture among others. They help especially when setting up a catalogue to aid in product differentiation and identification. Internet ordering is a computer service that allows customers to order goods online without having to physically visit the firm or store where the goods and services are stocked (Smith & Spiers 2009, p. 171). This has been made possible through advances in technology where firms utilize websites. The customer must also have a valid form of payment such as credit cards to allow a transaction to take place. Internet payment also known as e-commerce payment includes credit cards that have specific numbers that allow customers to purchase goods.

Extra features for the websites

Websites should not only have advertisement features for the company’s goods. They should offer additional features such as payment options. For instance, having portals in which customers can key in their credit card or bank account numbers can enhance e-commerce and the firm would gain more through online transactions outside its market segment. In addition, the website can have a section in which it publishes its financial report, which are of importance to investors and other financiers of the firm.

List of References

Smith, T & Spiers, R 2009, ‘Perceptions of E-commerce Web Sites across Two Generations’, Informing Science: the International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline, vol. 12, pp. 159-179.

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