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Increasing Brain Performance

People’s brain is the most secret and strange part of people’s bodies. Scientists have been researched it for many years, but the secret of the human brain is not solved for now. It is proved that people use only the smallest part of the brain’s potential and that it is impossible for us to use all brain potential for now. It is obvious that scientists work hard in order to solve the puzzle of the brain and to open its secret. A lot of inventions in the field of brain science have been made for many years, scientists work now under the problem of how to increase people’s brain performance and how it can be used in the learning activities, moreover, the increase of people’s brain performance may positively influence the learning process in general and to support the successful learning in all subjects.

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People’s brain is a very complicated system with a huge number of processes that function at one at the same time. Different parts of people’s brains respond to different processes and as a result, people are better in this or that type of activity. The left side of people’s brains, for example, responds to logical processes, and the right side responds to manipulation and relationship orientation. These parts of the brain function simultaneously, but one side of the brain of one person is usually more developed than the other (Castelli & Hillman, 2007).

The ability of the human brain to change structurally and functionally as a result of learning and experience could be very profitable as people could be able to activate this or that part of their brain in this or that learning situation. The main advantage of such ability could be the increase of the learning process in such a way that people could gain more experience n this or that subject. Such transformation of the brain could help in deciding different problems better and with higher profit. It is obvious that the ability of the human brain to change structurally and functionally as a result of learning and experience could be a great opportunity to improve people’s lives and to reach and understand things that are behind people’s understanding now.

Eric Jensen (1998) in his book “Teaching with the Brain in Mind”, it is stated that writing and reading positively influence brain performance. There are some factors which may be used in the classroom to improve the brain work through reading and writing: (1) the change of the time of learning of some kinds of activities (reading/learning) should be changed, (2) the change of activities (reading/writing, active/passive), (3) reading loudly in class, (4) group activities, (5) to allow students to take up the position in the chair they are really comfortable in, (6) repetition, (7) other students’ error correction, (8) memory train by rhymes or other activities, (9) group what students have read, (10) to summarize (Jensen, 2005).

Learning reading, the teacher should possess different strategies and styles. The model of learning reading may be: (1) read the text loudly, (2) look through the text one more time, (3) what is it about, try to summarize it, (4) compare it with the other story, (5) draw what was read, (6) make up a rhyme about the text, (7) analyze the text from this or that point of view. The named methods above may help students to improve their brain ability, imagination, develop creativity, critical thinking, contrasting things, logical thinking, memory.

In conclusion, it may be said that learning processes, especially reading and learning increase student’s abilities and influence their brain work. Different activities in class help to develop this or that part of the human brain in order to make a person comprehensively developed.

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