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Industrial Ecology: Areas for Future Research

The topic of interest

My major research interests are related to industrial ecology. Several important aspects can be distinguished. For example, I would like to gain a better understanding of such a phenomenon as industrial metabolism or a set of processes that transform energy and raw materials into products as well as wastes. Additionally, I am willing to examine how companies share resources to minimize detrimental effects on environment. This process is called industrial symbiosis, and I want to study its peculiarities. Furthermore, my research may be related to the functioning of eco-industrial parks. These are the main areas that can be singled out. Overall, I am applying to the Master of Science Program because it can offer me opportunities for studying these questions.

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The importance of the topic

The research areas that have been identified have significant implications for the protection of environment and the development of economy. For example, the notion of industrial metabolism is important for understanding the factors that contribute to the pollution of air, soil, or water. Furthermore, by examining this question, researchers can better understand how industrial infrastructure is incorporated into environment. It should be kept in mind that the existing patterns of manufacturing, utilization, and dumping are linear. This means that raw materials are obtained from the natural resources and converted into consumable products, after which the wastes and by-products are often thrown away without any use. This example illustrates one of the questions related to industrial metabolism, and it is of great significance to scientists, policy-makers, and manufacturers who must reduce the threats to environmental sustainability of modern communities.

Similarly, it is important to study the interactions between various manufacturing organizations, because one should find ways of improving their operational performance and reducing the adverse impacts of their activities on the environment. These examples show that various aspects of industrial ecology can be critical for the entire community. This is the main argument that can be put forward.

The need for undertaking research

There are several aspects of industrial ecology that require additional examination. In particular, one can focus on the transformation of linear production systems into cyclic ones. It should be noted that the cyclic systems can use wastes as production inputs. Therefore, this approach can decrease the cost of materials. In addition to that, the environmental pollution, which results from industrial wastes and by-products, is reduced. I would like to study how cyclic systems can be implemented, because this question has not been fully examined by scholars or manufacturers.

Furthermore, more attention should be paid the industrial symbiosis because this activity is important for creating cyclic systems. For example, one can focus on how two manufacturing systems can be integrated. One should focus on the successful examples of such integration because they can be used as roadmaps by manufacturing organizations. These are the main details that should be considered.

The understanding of these questions is necessary for making modern communities more sustainable. To a great extent, this task is important for improving the welfare of the future generations. In this case, one can speak about environment as well as economy. These are the main details can be distinguished.

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