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The Problem of Global Warming and Its Effects

The Problem of Global Warming

General Purpose

To persuade.

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Specific Purpose

By the end of my speech, the audience will believe that it is necessary for everyone to contribute to preventing global warming and to take action in the form of a series of easy steps to address the problem.

Thesis Statement

Global warming is a problem that concerns everyone, and it is necessary to take action personally in order to prevent the development of the problem because the solution to global warming is in changing the people’s everyday activities and habits.


Attention Getter

It is a sad fact, but the majority of Americans chooses to reject the idea that “global warming is happening” and that the cause of it is the activity of every single person (Myers, Maibach, Roser-Renouf, Akerlof, & Leiserowitz, 2013, p. 343). Only 66% of Americans discuss global warming as a problem that is real, and only one-third of the population understand that their life can be negatively affected by the global warming (Myers et al., 2013, p. 343).

Introduction of Topic

This data demonstrate that global warming is still perceived as a problem that is distant from the Americans, and they need to change their vision because everyone will be harmed, and everyone can take action to prevent this course of action.

Credibility and Relevance

Many of us do not pay attention to the news stating that the territories of the world and national deserts spread out, and heat waves of incredible intensity damage harvest all over the world. I paid attention to these changes in the climate only in 2011, when my friends from the Southern states of the country explained their seasonal problems with the harvest by only one phrase – global warming. I could not believe that increases in the level of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as it was stated in the news, had caused a series of hurricanes in the state and intense droughts. I started to read more about global warming and its causes.

Preview Statement

Today, I want to share my knowledge on the question of global warming with you, discuss the causes of the phenomenon, and propose a convincing solution to the problem that involves everyone in preventing the climate tragedy.

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Transition Sentence

First, it is important to define global warming and discuss why it is a problem for the people.


  1. Global warming as a problem became actively discussed in the 1960s when scientists found that the increased concentration of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere led to observable increases in the temperature globally.
    1. Since the 1960s, the global temperature for each season increased in 5-6°C, causing undesirable climatic changes (Deryugina, 2013, p. 397).
    2. Today, people all over the globe, as well as in the United States, can observe the negative impact of global warming on the climate, weather, and nature in terms of increased rates of hurricanes, floods, forest fires, and droughts (Myers et al., 2013, p. 343).
    3. However, in spite of the enormous negative consequences of global warming, its causes can be discussed as rather close and familiar to everyone.
  2. The main cause of the global warming problem is the increased level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
    1. Carbon dioxide is among other greenhouse gases which emissions cause changes in the air. In the United States, the main sources of carbon dioxide emissions are usually electricity, transportation, and industry (Deryugina, 2013, p. 399).
    2. The development of industries in the world is not balanced with the natural capacity to absorb carbon dioxide in order to prevent its store in the atmosphere. Today, plants and microorganisms cannot protect nature from global warming because the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increases daily. Thus, the risks associated with the greenhouse gases increased “due to human emissions”, and they “are mostly long-lived, with an estimated atmospheric residence time of more than a century for carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrous oxide (N2O), and about 10 years for methane (CH4)” (Treut, 2012, p. 723).
    3. From this point, using cars and electricity, people can cause increases in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but they can take some steps to decrease the percentage of harmful emissions.
  3. The solution to the problem of global warming is rather easy, and every person can contribute to the collective action against climate change.
    1. The first step that is necessary to take is limiting the time of using electric devices and electricity in the household. In spite of the impossibility of reducing the use of electricity in the industry, it is possible to make a personal contribution. The second step is the easiest one. It is necessary to plant a tree because it will naturally fight the carbon dioxide in the air (Myers et al., 2013, p. 344).
    2. The next step is the choice of recycling, effective waste management, hybrid or electric cars, and alternative sources of energy in order to prevent the environment from gas emissions and the globe from global warming. For instance, it is possible almost for everyone to heat summer houses with the help of solar energy as an alternative method in comparison with the use of electricity and fireplaces.
    3. These steps are rather simple, but their effect on your life and climate can be unbelievable because these activities can protect the planet from global warming during every day of our life.


Transition to Conclusion and Summary of Importance

From this point, global warming should be discussed as a problem that concerns everyone, and each individual need to respond to this problem personally in order to contribute to avoiding the spread of the problem with the focus on the fact that the causes of global warming are in the human actions and practices that can be modified in several steps.

Review of Main Points

In this context, now we know that the problem exists, and it is not distant; the causes of the problem area in the people’s everyday activities, and the solution of the problem is in the actions that can be taken by everyone.

Closing Statement

So, in order to avoid the pain when a hurricane and a flood become not distant but personal problems, it is important to take action now, while making simple steps toward overcoming the global warming problem.


Consequences of global warming.
Consequences of global warming to support the first point.
Human causes of global warming.
Human causes of global warming to support the second point.


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