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Influence of Stakeholders on Nursing Programs

Stakeholders in the nursing program evaluation have several impacts or roles which they can play in not only assessing but also evaluating all programs related to nursing. To begin, stakeholders will make an impact by first of all establishing the right mechanisms. This can be achieved through outsourcing the support staff that may be part of project promoters. Additionally, a clerical team, as well as a group of individuals who may not be on the payroll, are necessary (DeYoung, 2009). Stakeholders can make a positive impact on this area by making sure that the nursing program has a sound financial base. This is because an evaluation program cannot be successful without proper monetary support. A thorough plan on expenses and expenditure on all finances is necessary. Stakeholders can get additional funding from grants and donations from other collaborators.

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The next impact area is the development of machinery that can be used to evaluate the nursing program. Assessments should be carried out before the evaluation of the nursing program begins. After the evaluation, stakeholders can further impact the nursing program by making follow-up procedures. The nursing program evaluation can only be a breakthrough if step to step tracking down procedures are carried out. All these records should be maintained. Clear procedures especially on establishing program deadlines cannot be ignored. Time is an important factor if stakeholders are to leave a positive impact on the evaluation process.

The definition of the goals of the evaluation program is part and parcel of how stakeholders can impact the nursing program evaluation. First of all, the purpose of the evaluation should be stated. Moreover, the target groups, as well as any likely effect of the evaluation in the short or long term, are important. Stakeholders should not only evaluate the nursing program but also establish its relevance to the wider society. Such kind of analysis can be communicated to the clientele base that may act as a watchdog to the evaluation process and assess its level of success. Stakeholders can make use of clients such as supervisors and other groups who may offer relevant advice from time to time(Gaberson, Gaberson & Oermann, 2010).

Finally, stakeholders can impact a nursing program evaluation by establishing measurable goals through which the process of learning will be graded. an evaluation program cannot be complete and exhaustive if it does not give indicators of quality in terms of performance. Condensed data in form of information that can interpret how the ranking of the program has been carried out is one impact area that stakeholders can optimize on. At this point, both the pre-learning and post-learning procedures can be helpful to establish a general judgment of the evaluation program before and after it was initiated.


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