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Evaluation of a Program in Nursing

The progress of health care system is evident, and nursing is considered to be one of the most fast-developing spheres in the chosen sphere. Doctors get access to a number of improved material and tools with the help of which appropriate and in time care is provided, and patients set many requirements to be met by the hospitals. Due to the fact that “consumers are much more sophisticated and savvy about their options for health care services and are demanding better communication with health care professionals” (Cohen & Cesta, 2004, p. 5), nursing has to be improved considerably to provide too fastidious patients with all required services and information.

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The implementation of a program that aims at improving nurses’ communication and treatment with patients is required, and in this paper, the basics and ideas of the program “Learn to Nurse” will be explained to prove its importance, urgency, and effectiveness in the chosen community under the conditions provided.

One of the most important steps in the work of nurses is to make decisions and be sure of their effectiveness (Marquis & Huston, 2008), this is why the program “Learn to Nurse” should consider this point as one of the most integral. Now, let us evaluate the program under analysis and make the board believe in its necessity.


  1. To provide nurses with clear and strong theoretical knowledge that evaluates current demands of patients and conditions of nurses;
  2. To help nurses understand the essentials of new technological innovations and tools which are frequently used in the hospital;
  3. To make constant communication between nurses possible so that they can exchange important facts and provide patients with appropriate and fast care;
  4. To provide nurses with access to patients with various religious backgrounds because the researches show that religion is one of the aspects that influence the way of patient’s thinking and accepting care (Hoeman, 2007).

Audience of the Program

The peculiar feature of the program is its importance for different people. Ordinary nurses could benefit from the program and get a clear idea about what has to be done to develop proper relations with patients, leaders, and other nurses and follow the requirements set. And leaders are able to define the ways which help them win and achieve the most successful results in their activities (Scott, 2007). And even patients will gain a number of benefits because nurses get a clear idea on how to treat them and chose the most effective ways in nursing.

Benefits of the Program

At it has been mentioned above, this program has a number of benefits for a wide range of people. To explain how beneficial the chosen program can be, it possible to admit the following list of benefits:

  1. Even nurses without appropriate practice are able to apply for the program and get a clear idea on how to build the relations with patients;
  2. Leaders themselves are able to define the rules and requirements which have to be followed by nurses in a particular community;
  3. Nurses get an access to various aspects of treatment like communication, treatment, religious preferences, or even family discontents;
  4. Nurses may develop various skills and get involved into different departments of the hospital that supports their professional promotion;
  5. Nurses can take special examinations and get a chance to become registered nurses.

Budget Justifications

It is necessary to admit that the chosen program does not require too much money to be spent. An approximate list of costs is as follows. Money got: courses (theory that has to be understood by nurses) – $30 (each nurse has to pay for the courses to provide appropriate financial ground); lectures (attention to the requirements set in one particular community) – $20 (each leader may define the nature of the lecture to be provided for nurses). Money spent: examination (paper, computer software, etc) – $300; room rent (if it is not supported by the hospitals) – $50; professional services – $100; technical equipment and necessary tools – $200. The budget can be changed after a number of course-takers is defined.

Basis for Evaluation

To understand better how the program works, it is necessary to create a basis with the help of which participants of the program as well as its developers could evaluate their achievements, losses, and benefits. In general, there are three main questions which have to be answered by all those who are involved into the program:

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  1. How much time is spent to comprehend the essentials of a program?
  2. Why is it necessary to be a participant of the program?
  3. What propositions are possible to suggest?

After the answers to the questions are given, it is clear whether the chosen program is effective or not and what improvements are required. Taking into consideration the variety of changes inherent to the current health care system, innovations and improving programs will be also in demand to promote appropriate treatment and effective services.

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