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Innovate Church: Non-Negotiable Commitments

Which of the non-negotiable commitments to you find most difficult to keep? How do you plan to strengthen your commitment in that area?

There are four non-negotiable commitments. Each of them plays an important role in understanding God, human beliefs, and the power of faith. First three commitments are clear, and it is hard for me to believe that one day I could not or do not want to keep to them. What I am not confident in is the possibility to “not quit when I feel defeated”.1 I realize that it is possible to work hard as a pastor and be exhausted physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.

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I truly believe that God has impressive power. Still, I cannot be ready for all challenges that may appear in my future, and how strong I could be to resist all of them. Therefore, at this moment, I cannot say for sure that I will never quit my faith just not to give an empty promise. I realize that it is a real weakness of mine, and I want to deal with it. I am going to strengthen my commitment by observing the examples of my family, my friends, and the leaders, who are around. I know that quitting is “never an option”,2 but I am not ready to reject it. I will try harder.

How do you define biblical servant-leadership? Which of the principles mentioned is most important to you and why?

After reading religious literature, many students are ready to give a clear definition of “biblical servant-leadership”. I believe that giving a definition is not enough. It is also necessary to comprehend its essence through the lines and become a devoted follower of the chosen style. Leadership is an influence,3 and leaders have to know how to impact other people. Biblical servant-leadership is when an initiative to promote a holy growth and the role of God in the world is supported.

There are nine principles of servant-leadership. Practicing and studying these principles regularly, I believe in the power of the last principle that people should never stop growing and know how to be a mentor and have a mentor.4Many people cannot comprehend how their own pride could change their lives. Besides, many people cannot even realize that pride has already captured their mind and souls. Pastors should know how to get rid of pride and be ready to educate and be educated at the same time. Even if a person has spent a number of years in the church, it is possible that some new aspects of faith could be discovered with time or remain to be undiscovered for ages.

Which one of the three functions of a pastor do you believe is most difficult to fulfill? Do you consider one function more important than another?

It is not an easy task to be a pastor and to be a leader. People are not always ready for the responsibilities and functions that they have to fulfill choosing a position of a pastor in the church. Still, regardless their personal and professional readiness, there is the Action Statement that identifies three functions of pastors, known as directives. They are to win, to grow, and to send.5 First, leaders have to win people to Christ and make them open their own door for church.

Then, it is necessary to grow and think about development in order to cultivate church and develop healthy believers and pastors. Finally, the importance of sending is a kind of culmination for pastors. Leaders should explain to people all church’s peculiarities and outcomes of their faith. It is wrong to identify one crucial function only because only the successful combination of all three functions helps to create a good leader and a successful pastor. There is no necessity to consider one function as more important than another function. Win, grow, and send are three functions that cannot be divided or neglected. They are effective only in case they are properly understood and completed together.


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