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Integration Paper on Leadership Requirements for MCDonald’s New CEO

This integration paper is a brief analysis of the activities done during the past week. Through this paper, I intend to provide an overview of the topics discussed in the past week in order to assess the usefulness of the study in personal and professional life. In the past week, three topics relating to the subject of leadership were discussed. Its importance and usefulness in my personal life are discussed in this paper.

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In the past week, the topics discussed include statement preparation on subjects of perfect leadership development experience and leadership qualities and a case study on leadership requirements for Mc Donald’s new CEO.

The first topic in the week deals with statement preparation on the topic design the perfect leadership development experience for self. In this part, the leadership traits and their development were discussed in detail. From the discussion, I understood that leadership is more a state of mind and commitment to goal achievement. Leaders are constantly evolving themselves to suit the changing environment. A leader is required to motivate subordinates. “Flexible leadership however involves being able to adapt your leadership style according to the situation, and the state of the team.” (Leadership Qualities: Leadership Styles. 1995). The second topic which deals with perfect leadership development experience is highly helpful for me in my corporate professional life. From this study, I learned that understanding the corporate strategy and its alignment to company goals is critical for achieving success in corporate leadership. The critical learning process is a part of the corporate leadership that is required to put the corporate strategy into clear perspective. “Leadership effectiveness is impossible without consistency. Every leader has an approach that is unique to them.” (Leadership Qualities: Consistency. 2009). From the discussion, I understood that the policies are to be applicable to all irrespective of the hierarchical position. Leadership is a team effort and to get success, members need to be disciplined and work-oriented. “Externally the leader in the face of the organization and must project a positive image for the organization. He could act as the spokesman on important issues for the organization.” (Cheung 2004, p.2). The topic on measurement of leadership skills is highly helpful for me to assess the effectiveness of analysis tools in providing accurate results. The two types of analysis tools discussed in this study are qualitative analysis as well as quantitative analysis. In the first category, leadership traits like courage, decision-making abilities, compassion, and excellent organizational and motivational faculties are included. I understood that quantitative analysis is more acceptable since it is based on accurate quantifiable data. “Vision refers to an image of the future that can be discussed and perfected by those who have invested in it.” (Snyder and Graves 1994, p.1). The topic of leadership vision is totally new to me and thus it is highly interesting for me, as I wish to develop my career as a leader in a business firm. It helped me personally and professionally to get awareness about the required qualities of a leader. From this, I understood that leadership is an essential component in a situation where growth, sustenance, and survival are necessary. Leaders have a vision that will inspire commitment from followers. “A leader motivates and inspires individuals to work together optimally as a team for a common cause or vision. A real leader pulls others along rather than pushes others around. Leadership is about communicating.” (Dipple, Statesville, and Ferguson 2008). Personal experience has brought about the belief that leaders with vision are necessary in times of crisis or when there is a need for growth. In the first part of leadership, the general concepts of leadership were discussed. It involves the leadership among animals following social life such as pact on the basis of age or strength. Both the concepts with regard to personal experiences and also through the observations of the real world one lives in are discussed. In the personal experience part, my personal experiences are discussed. In the experience, an adventurous journey conducted with a team is stated. From this personal experience I understood that in a crisis situation there is a need for a leader, and if none is present, one with certain qualities will emerge. In the sub-topic, vision, negative vision, and leadership, the importance of vision on leadership quality is discussed. Vision is a crucial factor, ineffective leaders. For survival and growth, vision is essential. Vision is generated from personal ideas developed from a person’s mind. “The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision. It’s got to be a vision you articulate, clearly and forcefully on every occasion: Theodore Hesburgh.” (Healthfield 2009).

In the topic on ‘my assumption of leadership and leaders and my role as leaders’, I stated that leadership in isolation is not possible and it is dangerous. It will result in losing the faith in both vision and leader. I selected Bill Gates as the ideal leader in real-world situations. His differentiated view is the success factor in his business. In the topic of McDonald’s case study, the core competency in leadership skills required for the new CEO of McDonald’s is discussed. Leadership is essential for growth and success. But the style adopted should suit the situation. On a personal level, it is felt that I have the potential to become a leader, but this needs to be developed through learning and observation. I feel that I am charismatic enough to be a leader, but find that transformational leadership is beyond me at this point in time. In this situation, all of the activities on the leadership qualities are highly helpful for my personal as well as future professional life.

I have attended the class 6 days a week. My presence in the classroom helped me a lot in preparing and presenting the projects on time by discussing them with my colleagues and tutors.


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