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Personal Introspective Journal on Leadership

In this era of globalization and tight competition the role of a good leader is inevitable for the development of any nation. This is a journal project which integrates the ideas of the journal projects of all the weeks. That is the journal project from week 1 to week 7. This journal report is considered the biggest single element of the module. Some unique qualities of good leaders are the factors that make them different fro others. Leadership is a vast area that involves scope for discussion of numerous matters concerning the subject. The paper is a brief review of the module on leadership. Almost every aspect that is required of an entrepreneur is covered in this module and also stated in the paper. Different areas of leadership domain like leader qualities, effectiveness of leadership, importance of follower and follower ship…etc are discussed in the last seven weeks are explained here in brief. This final journal report is developed in such a way that, there will be a brief description of each week’s leanings followed by the key points of each week and their description.

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The past seven weeks of the module on leadership have been a very useful session. It has been doubly advantageous for me because I am the managing director of the Thai Lay Fashion Company. The post of a managing director requires a very good leadership quality. The module covered different aspects of leadership. In a nut shell it can be said that the module is comprised of everything hat is required for a person to become a successful leader. The information and knowledge gained from this module will help to improve my business and help me in improving many aspects and processes in business life as well as in my personal life. This paper is an effort to present all that has been learnt in the module in a short and snappy and logical form.

Week 1 in general

Leadership is an inevitable part in the development of the world where the ability to lead well is the factor which determines the success of any individual organisation. Leaders are expected to have a vision that inspires and motivates the followers. Different real examples show that a good leader id one who has a proper and positive vision. The leadership quality is not only found in human beings but also found in animals. For example if any one is observing the group of elephants walking in the forest, the observer can see that there will be a leader for that group of elephants leading other elephants.

The role of vision in the success of leadership

The vision is considered as the inevitable part of the effective leadership.

“A vision is simply a picture of an ideal state of what the leader wants her organization to be sometime in the future”


In everything where survival and development are required, a proper vision is an unavoidable part. A vision is evolved from the necessity of achieving something. Vision should always be positive. A leader with positive vision would be able to guide his followers in a better way. “For leaders, a vision is not a dream; it is a reality that has yet to come into existence”.

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(Leadership and vision – Importance of goals and objectives in leadership, Business Publications)

If there is not a proper vision the achievement of the organizational goal would be difficult.

Personal experience

Personal experiences are great assets in the personal as well as the professional development of a person. My experience in a one day trip with my friends gave me a good understanding of the importance of vision. During the trip our car got blocked in the road due to heavy rain.. We escaped from the situation with the timely action with proper vision, of my friend.

Role model for thinking differently

A person who I admire for thinking differently is Bill Gates of Microsoft Corporation. He not only thought differently but also thought big. He is the man who popularized the use of computers. Earlier it was used by those who are having technical knowledge and skills. But Bill Gates created a revolution to make available the computers in every home.

Getting my point across

In my case, I would use several methods to get my points to my team of which I am the leader. The first is that I should believe in the cause which helps me to persuade others to follow me. I would use inspirational quotes as well as facts from real life. Empathy in place of sympathy is used when solving problems for others.

Lesson for life

The module helped me to be serious with different aspects of the leadership. The module also helped me to find out my weaknesses and taking necessary steps for solving or eliminating these weaknesses. I will try to have a vision for each and every task I perform that I think would be useful in my professional as well as personal life.

Week 2 in general

One of the essential factors that are needed in the world of human beings is that of leadership and its quality. In the human world which is based on a social form of living, there too exists the concept of leadership and the need by ordinary members of the society to be led.

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Influence of my belief in potential leadership

I have strong belief about ethics and against discrimination. In case a question of ethics does come up during my role as managing director of the Thai Lay Fashion Company, I am positive that ethics will take precedence in all areas. If my company employs people from different nationalities, I will see that none of them are discriminated on this or any other issue. “Discrimination at work can occur in several ways but it basically means that one or more employees are/are being treated differently or less fairly than others” (Dealing With Discrimination at Work, Workplace Safety Advice).

The success of a leader lies in ensuring a leadership where there is no drop of discrimination.

Modes of leadership learning

The modes of leadership learning have so far not hindered my learning in any way. But I was forced to change my erroneous perceptions and beliefs along the way. This was in fact good for me.

Goals for leadership development

Developing as much as interpersonal skills and communication skills is very important to me. I would also like to become a good public speaker and hence develop my skills in this area. The personal experiences and readings are the better methods or ways for improving or developing such skills.

Week 3 in general

The week 3 lessons and discussions focused on the term leader. A good leader is a person who gives due considerations human values. The personality, behaviour…etc of the leader has a significant role in the effectiveness of the leadership. The leader has the power to do something.

Leadership and values

A good leader is supposed to give due consideration for human values. In the process of achieving the objectives of the organisation or his own goals, he cannot against the values.

Personality of the leader

In order to make the leadership effective a leader should have a good personality. He should be such a person who is accepted by all the followers. If he cannot able to impress the followers, it will affect the effectiveness of the leadership function.

“Sociability, self confidence, assertiveness and boldness…etc are the some important traits required for making the personality of the leader good”. (Leadership – 5 Personality Traits That Define A Natural Born Leader).

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Effective and efficient use of power

The leader has got the power to do something. The success of the leaser lies in the fact that whether he is able to effectively and efficiently use the power. He should use his power to effectively implementing the plan of action and thereby achieving the organizational or team objectives.

“Leaders regularly acquire and use power to accomplish specific work goals and to strengthen their own positions vis-à-vis the reading of general or organizational goals”.

(Leadership and Power, Leadership and Power Base Development: Using Power Effectively to Manage Diversity and Job-Related Interdependence in Complex Organizations)

Week 4 in general

A good leader is supped to have some chief traits or skills for the effective performance of the ole of the leader. He should be a good communicator and a good listener. A leader who has the essential qualities of a leader can do wonders with the help of his followers.

Leader should be a good listener

It is the essential quality of the leader to be a good listener. If a leader does not hear the words of followers or others he cannot shine in his role as a leader. He should have the patience what other have to say.

Leader should be a good communicator

Communication plays a very important role in the success of a leader as well as the in the effectiveness of the leadership function. Without proper communication there is no meaning for leadership. “Effective communication occurs only if the receiver understands the exact information or idea that the sender intended to transmit” (Communication & Leadership).


The leader has to face many obstacles in his path to development. He has to overcome all these obstacles. Some of the obstacles are lack of support from followers, colleagues, superiors…etc.

Week 5 in general

Motivation, group work and presentation are connected with each other. The presentation of a follower is influenced by the quantity of motivation he receives from his leader. The main duty of the leader is to evaluate the performance and making any suggestions if required.

Role of motivation

Motivation plays a vital role in the success of leadership. The improvement of the presentation and effectiveness of the follower depends on the motivation of the follower by the leader. This motivation helps to make the followers do work with confidence and change the manner of the followers. It is explained with the help of expectancy theory. In this theory says that work motivation depends on the effort and reward. It also says that an individual follower will assess the cost and benefit associated with every course of action and he will choose the one which will give high reward. The leader provides detailed ideas about the advantages the followers can accomplish the organizational objectives.

Significance of follower in leadership

In the accomplishment of objectives, the leader plays a very important role. The leader should be high qualified person. Otherwise the followers are not following the orders of the leader properly. It causes the ineffective leadership. Leadership is the joint process between those who select to lead and those who select to follow.

Even though, without follower ship there is no chance for leadership. Both these are very important in the organization. Follower ship is defined as “followers of character and commitment acting to support the needs and goals of the team” The followers should have lot of qualities. They are self- management or discipline, commitment, competence and focus, humbleness etc. The important qualities are:-

Honesty: – The followers should have the feature of honesty. The follower should not worry about the personal problems and responsibilities with organizational problems and responsibilities.

Objectivity: – The duties of follower should be planned one.

That is the achievement should be backed by a plan of events and there should be some purpose for doing the particular action.

Persuasion: – The followers should have the skill to persuade other people.The followers can manipulate the leaders and the leaders can manipulate the followers.

Presentation and satisfaction

The followers are satisfied with their work then it considered as the leadership was successful. If the workers are satisfied with their job they are expected to continue in the organization for a longer period. The job satisfaction is closely connected with the performance of the leader. The employers are satisfied if they find the right candidate who responds well to the training given by the organization. The employee will be satisfied if he finds the compensation and the job itself attractive.

Other factors related to job satisfaction are the organizational environment, the formal and informal structure and groups within the organization. As to the job itself, it should be clearly indicated as to what the responsibilities, tasks and level of authority the position carries. Provide effective motivation also increase the performance level of the followers and accomplish the organizational objectives. “Customer and employee satisfaction were adopted in this study as performance outcomes because they are more responsive to leaders’ behavior within the short time frame of the study than financial measures, and were not difficult to obtain from small businesses”.

Group work

Group work is also plays an important role in the effectiveness of leadership. Group work means working each employee together with mutual aid and faith for the accomplishment of the organizational objectives and thereby attaining the personal goals. For a leader it will be easy to lead a team which is having helping mentality. If the team members are combating with each others, it will be difficult for the leader to lead such a team. The team members should be given an opportunity to express their views. “The team members and the whole team itself need to feel empowered to make decisions – within certain parameters of course.”

Life experience

My experience as a football player gave me a detailed idea about the importance of motivation and team work and thus attaining the huge amount of satisfaction. I used to play the local club in my locality. One day, in the final match of a critical tournament, there was a surprised fact that, motivation can do wonders. After a few minute the opposite team scored a goal. Then the captain who was having almost all qualities of a good leader forced all the group members and we play with power and interest. After the first half of the match was completed, our score was 4 and opposite’s score was 2. Then we continued to play the game with good confidence of each player and motivation from the captain. At last, we won the match with 4-2. Then the group members were very happy and satisfied

Week 6 in genera

Leaders have good qualities to cooperate with others. Leaders are controlled and interact with his followers and others. Good leader should try to feel part of his team rather than superior, if you listen to others, they will definitely appreciate it. Often you may find that your workers have good ideas that you can incorporate. Even if they have unworkable ideas, it is still worth giving the impression you value their opinions, even if they are not used.

Changes in leader and changes in the organization

The leaders and the organization have to be subjected to and regulate with changes. The leaders should be prepared to take up the challenges and also they are supposed to proceed wisely. The leader provides clear cut ideas about organizational change and needs for changes. Organizational change is the alteration of work environment in an organization. It implies any change in the technology, structural arrangement, job designs and people. This essentially necessitates a new equilibrium. In a competitive environment, organizational change becomes a continuous process. The effective implementation of change it requires total commitment from the part of leader.

Life experience

As a member of the local club I clearly understood the concept of change according to the situation. In my club I used to play football and cricket. The team captain was same person in both the team. I was wondered by the captain as a leader in football and cricket. The captain clearly defined the changed situation. He implemented them correctly which helped to win the match.

Management and leadership

Management and leadership are correlated with each other. Management means the art of getting things and done with others. In fact, all managers are leaders while all leaders are not considered as managers. Leadership is the unavoidable factor in management.

Managers should have leadership qualities. Because he must be communicated with followers and others.

Barriers to change

There are so many barriers in the implementation of changes. The followers may not ready to accept the changes. I f the leader does not get any support from his followers it will affect the changes in situation. Absence of technology is another important barrier. Overcoming these barriers to suggest organization by providing all technological help to the leaders. Smart leaders understand that they don’t “make” a change happen. They recognize that the people in their organization do the work, change behaviors, and, ultimately, make the change happen. They understand that their role is to make the change meaningful and easier to accept. Smart leaders facilitate change.

Week 7 in general

A leader should have the skill to control the conflicts arising in an organization. To evaluate reasons of conflict and to solve that problem. The responsibility of a leader is to recognizing the internal and external problems and suggesting good solutions for the problem. Creativity and Integrity are the plus points of leadership.

Importance of creativity in leadership

Creativity and leadership are related with each other. For accomplishing the organizational objectives creative thinking innovation are necessary. So creativity is a good quality of leadership. This creative thinking helps to promote his followers to distribute new ideas and decrease hostile mentality of the team. “Learning about a challenge is one thing, but stating the problem can be a little more complex. The language and style of the problem statement are vitally important because they set the stage for the ideas that will eventually bring about a solution”. (Importance of creativity,

The Investment theory says that a creative thinking person is a good investor. A good investor purchase at low prices and sell at high prices, however the transaction of ideas are done. A good leader should have the authority of investing. That means the authority of creativity.

Importance of integrity in leadership

Integrity is the important quality of a good leader. Leadership subsists on the basis of integrity. Two important points related to integrity in leadership are trust and equity. To develop a trust is a complicated task. At any time it may be destroyed. So everyone should manage this factor carefully. Provide support to the followers, guide the followers by confidence, leaders provide an idea about what they do, guide the followers with perfect reliability etc are the important features of integrity in leadership.

Dealing with conflicts

Manage of conflicts is the responsibility of the leader. There is any disagreement between the people and team there is conflict. It may influence the unity and accomplishment of the organization. Absences of communication, poor leadership, absence of openness etc are causes of conflicts. Then leaders should take necessary steps to overcome the conflicts. The important guidelines of conflicts are, provide priority on the subject of the problem, and identify the basic factor at the back the conflict.

Life experience

As I was the member of youth club I understand the requirement of creativity of a leader. As part of the Christmas party we determined to make a Christmas crib. The team members provide many opinions about the preparation of the crib. Then the team leader arranged a meeting of all members and collected different ideas from all of us. Leader also had an idea about the crib. He received some ideas from us and adding his own ideas he created crib. That crib was excellent.

Week 8 in General

It would be an easier task to develop a unique leadership brand based on past seven week’s classes and discussions. From the knowledge and information acquired from the module so for it is possible to develop an existing brand or frame a new leadership brand:

Leadership brand

A leadership brand is nothing but a set of qualities that each of the leaders ahs to attract followers and others and based on that he implements the ideas for the making leadership function effective.

“A leader who knows both the results expected, and the attributes required, to achieve those results will develop a unique brand for his firm”. (Identifying Leadership Brand, ARTICLES).

Management of the leading brand

As the management of the product, it is essential to properly manage the leadership brand; otherwise it may cause to reduce the brand image and value. He should maintain the brand value in front of the followers as well as outsiders.


The module on leadership has been finished in a successful way. Different topics relating to the leadership domain has been discussed and covered in the module. The different lessons and discussions will be really advantageous in the future professional as well as personal life. In a morning if a person tells that I am model leader, I have all the qualities required for a leader, he cannot be treated as a good leader. A model leader is declared by the followers and not by the leader himself. The followers will assess the performance of a persona as leader and the y will check whether he has almost all the qualities requited for a good leader. TO be a good leader a person must understand the follower. A good follower can only be a good leader. A good leader must listen to the words of others. This will help him develop a unique leadership brand of his own.


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