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InterContinental Grand Stanford’s Marketing in Hong Kong

InterContinental Grand Stanford, Hong Kong is the leading hotel in the city of Hong Kong having the association with the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG). Located in the downtown along Tsim Sha Tsui East waterfront and easily connected by all modes of transport from all the leading cities in the world. The brand of InterContinental Hotels & Resorts has helped to be the prime choice of all business class travelers coming to Hong Kong. The hotel remains the unique choice for its consistent global standards with an appropriate blend of the respective regional cultures that would give an opportunity for their guests to experience an authentic local environment and customs. (Our History).

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On analyzing the strategy adopted for marketing, it is understood that the USP followed is “presenting ultimate destination for the business and leisure”. The key attractions that have helped the hotel to position itself as the first choice of any international traveler are the fantastic view of the Victoria harbor and the nearness to the central business district, shopping center, and entertainment avenues (Hotel Home Page).

The impact of the information age is playing a major role in changing the dining, lodging, and entertainment habits of the world. Thus the businesses involved in this sector must focus the marketing efforts towards the specific operations of each segment within the huge market pool. The marketing management in every sector must be able to consider the long-term and short-term effects of the activities planned. In this perspective, internet marketing has emerged as the key marketing component in the hospitality industry. The presence of well-tailored online information is an important step taken by the hotel.

The website of InterContinental Grand Stanford, Hong Kong offers comprehensive information on what a hotel can promise to its guests. It has a variety of packs to suit every kind of traveler be it with a business objective or as a tourist. The “Insiders Experience” page can give a very interesting profile to venture into the new region and territory. The impressive videos attached to this section create no hesitation in the minds of the people to take a favorable decision. The specific information for the guest’s needs like leisure travel, to enjoy the culture, and shopping needs are illustrated and explained at length.

The further components normally adopted for promoting the hotel are the seasonal promotion plans targeting increased tourist visits to Hong Kong. A three-night package being offered by the hotel during a specified period during the year through key2holidays, a leading tour operator from the United Kingdom, is an example of this.

This is usually carried out in association with various airlines as a promotional offer. Also offering a discounted rate booking using the online facility also is a very attractive feature. This is provided for only the selected location and period of time. Also, the guest review column giving the opinions of the guest in favor of the facility further increases the choice of the travelers for their lodging and boarding requirements.

Further relationships with other web advertising agencies to appropriately position them on the world tourist map are also carried out. As the target customers are international travelers, a local level advertisement or promotion is not given priority. Often the marketing strategy is cooperative in nature teaming up with other players in the travel and leisure segment. This is obvious from an online search for five stars rated hotels that gives the Grand Stanford Hotel the most preferred destination.

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Also, customer retention in partnership with other operators is also a major strategy adopted in the marketing plan. They have an exclusive relationship with the air operators and another chain of hotels across the globe to have an exclusive customer base by prompting special privileges. The Priority Club membership being offered by the InterContinental Group is one of the most premium memberships offered in the hospitality industry across the world. On availing of the membership, the guest can avail miles and points when using this selected chain of hotels and enable further discounts and benefits for their subsequent visits. The most attractive feature of this membership is the opportunity to acquire miles or pints across 40 international airlines and wide-ranging 3800 hotels which blends both luxury and convenience.

In addition to the priority club membership, they also offer a status called “Intercontinental Ambassador” which opens doors to a variety of exclusive privileges. This is valid across 140 Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts and automatically promotes to Gold Elite level of Priority club. Also, referred to as “Six Continents Club” is considered the oldest guest recognition program being offered by any Hotel group in the world (Intercontinental ambassador).

In addition, a Variety of special promotions is also being offered to increase the regional level customer base. These include organizing different events like musical concerts, official ceremonies like welcoming Olympic heroes, special dining sessions, offering special summer packages, special wedding days, etc (The special events of the month). Thus marketing strategy being adopted at InterContinental Grand Stanford is a classic example among the hospitality industry segment.

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