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Vacation in Cancun: Paradise on Earth

If you are still hesitating about where to go on your next vacation, you should definitely consider Cancun in Mexico. Picturesque landscapes, tropical forests, and the warm water of the Caribbean Sea will prove that there is paradise on earth (“Cancun Vacation Travel Guide”). Once the center of the exuberant Mayan Empire, the peninsula has many historical places to admire you with as well as a variety of modern kinds of entertainment.

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Cancun is famous not only for its natural beauty but also for the comfort of stay and the friendly atmosphere in any of its numerous hotels. Among the most fabulous ones are The Ritz Carlton Cancun, Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun, Live Aqua Cancun, The Royal Sands Resort and Spa All-Inclusive, and Hard Rock Hotel Cancun (Satish). Each of these and many other lavish places offers exquisite service and unforgettable emotions. At the Ritz Carlton, you can experience the world-renowned elegant style and luxurious conditions. The resort incorporates the rich Mexican culture into each service suggested to its clients (Satish). Le Blanc may be considered a little too expensive, but the quality of service and the hospitability with which customers are treated will make anyone feel that booking a room there was worth it. Hard Rock Hotel makes its visitors feel like rock stars (Satish). Visitors are regarded as celebrities, and they can party hard at any time of the day.

For those who prefer hotel luxury to dynamic leisure activities, Cancun has plenty to offer. A breathtaking snorkeling expedition to the Cancun Underwater Museum will leave no one unimpressed. A half-an-hour excursion will allow tourists to enjoy unmatched underwater sculptures along with viewing the marine life and azure waters of the region (Thompson). While the underwater museum is a relatively new attraction, there are historical places one is simply bound to see before leaving. Chichén Itzá, the most famous Mayan archeological site, fascinates visitors with its spectacular well-preserved ruins. The key point of the site is the pyramid-shaped El-Castillo that the Mayans used for worshipping.

Chichén Itzá may be the most monumental historical site in Cancun, but it is far from being the only one. El Rey Ruins attract tourists with their convenient position. Located in the hotel zone, these ruins are easy to find, and because of their small size, visitors have no difficulty exploring them (Thompson). Apart from their historical value, the ruins are favored by tourists for their inhabitants – friendly iguanas which people enjoy observing and even take pictures together with them. Other attractions in Cancun include jetpacking, relaxing at spas, exploring the reefs and cenotes, swimming with dolphins, taking trips to different places, and many others. Cancun has something to offer not only for active travelers but also for shoppers. There is a variety of traditional open-air markets and fashionable boutiques where everyone can find something to remember the holiday. Also, Cancun provides a variety of attractions for day- and nighttime entertainment lovers.

Cancun’s breathtaking scenery, friendly environment, and excellent level of comfort make it one of the most favorite places for tourists. People from different parts of the world go there to experience unforgettable emotions. Cancun’s hospitability and friendliness are impossible to resist. This resort has so many attractions that visitors may consider coming back in the future to try something new, and they will have a variety of new choices every time they return.

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