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Internet Usage around the World

The Internet plays a vital role in the lives of modern people, as individuals communicate, learn new information and entertain themselves with its help. However, different countries have various levels of global net penetration due to circumstances like poverty. Therefore, it is interesting to compare my internet usage, the amount of time on the net, and the frequency of correspondence with people in other countries.

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Individuals in Macao and Czech Republic have both differences and similarities in terms of their usage of the web. According to the Internet Usage Trends in Macao researched by Seng et al. (2019), 89% of the Macao residents have access to the internet connection while the Asian region stands for 52%. Internet usage in the Czech Republic is 79%, while the European region has over 90% of internet users (Lupač et al., 2014). I tend to use Internet when necessary, which for the most part, is for educational purposes rather than to access entertainment in contrast to people from Macao and the Czech Republic.

Moreover, residents of both countries tend to vary in the frequency of Internet usage. Individuals in the Czech Republic spend the most time to browse the web or to use social media and the least time for spiritual content (Lupač et al., 2014). In Macao, residents tend to use social media most often and the least often watch live streaming (Seng et al., 2019). I spend much less time browsing the Internet or using social media, as I tend to use Internet if needed rather than out of a personal will. In terms of Internet correspondents, 35% of Check Republic residents tend to use it to check their e-mails multiple times a day, whereas I only check them once in a few days.

In conclusion, the Internet has penetrated countries all over the world in one way or another. The Asian country Macao has a higher percentage of internet users compared to the Czech Republic, even though the European region has more internet access than the Asian one. Furthermore, people in both countries tend to spend time on social media or internet browsing rather than for education. I tend not to use the Internet as frequently as users from the two given countries. Lastly, my frequency of correspondence is lower than that among Czech Republic residence.


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