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Interrelated Fields of Learning and Practice in Nursing

Nursing is a field in medicine that entails learning and practicing how to take good care of patients under treatment. Professionals trained in nursing can at times treat patients in the absence of doctors. Learning nursing takes three to four years depending on the level. It is during the study and practice of nursing that one realizes the strong relationship between nursing courses and other fields.

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Visiting museums looks isolated and irrelevant to nursing students and tutors. However, taking a closer look at the two reveals the strong relationship that exists between them. In museums, there are old preserved animals that can be used in the study of the anatomy course of nursing. The various parts of the animals can easily be taught during the museum visits. Methods of administering treatment to both animals and human beings can also be elaborated at the museums using the preserved bodies of the animals. Equally, people working at museums use the knowledge of nursing when carrying out the preservation of the animals (Judd, 2009).

Reflective journalism aids both the learning and practicing of nursing. It is through journals and magazines that new diseases discovered in different parts of the world are explained. The nurses and doctors who come across unique treatment cases get to communicate with their colleagues using reflective journals. Skills in an immunization course can be learned from journals, and thus serious nurses gain a lot from the periodical journals on nursing issues.

Reflective journalism also depends so much on nursing and other fields. Journalists have to look for stories to write about. Nurses and other people taking nursing courses give them articles on the various aspects and discoveries in the field (Donahue, 2010).

Music just like journalism is also a very strong means of communication. Those taking up nursing courses can compose songs on new ideas, drugs, or treatment methods that they come across. Those studying nursing or practicing nursing courses listen to these songs and pick up the message. For example, one could write a song to elaborate a certain procedure in the sanitation and health care course. Hence, it is evident that both nursing and music depend on each other (Donahue, 2010).

Geographical tours and hiking activities may also seem like a waste of time to many people in the nursing profession. We understand that the drugs used to treat most illnesses are obtained from trees. It is during manufacturing that chemicals are extracted from the trees are mixed in the right proportions under the right conditions to come up with the drugs. Geographical tours give those taking pharmaceutical courses a chance to understand and see the various plants, the chemicals they produce, and their usefulness in treating patients. They also get to identify poisonous plants and advise their patients accordingly whenever they are affected (Judd, 2009).

Sporting activities are also important to those in the nursing profession. The sporting activities should be organized regularly to help them refresh their minds and be ready to grasp new concepts. Apart from jogging up their memories they also get to learn a lot during these activities. For instance, administration of first aid to injured patients is mostly practiced during these activities and student nurses get to put the theoretical knowledge learned on the first aid course in class into practice.

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In conclusion, it is clear from this short analysis that nursing can neither be learned nor practiced in isolation. The same applies to other fields of study. The fields are so interrelated that one cannot learn without understanding the other.


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