Introduction to Operations Management Course

The course of “Introduction to management” built a strong foundation of knowledge connected with the organization’s peculiarities, management strategies, and organization operations. Due to active participation in the classroom each week, the information and study material helped to understand all the details of management professions. The assignments submitted were quite involving and useful; they helped to work out new skills connected with the management operations.

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The research Paper connected with the Managing Resources is about to be completed due to the effectiveness of the classes related to the topic. I am definitely pleased with the research carried out and hope it can show perfect results. The data used for the research paper was mostly concentrated on the basic material presented in the class. Besides, Case Study Assignment fulfilled with my team was very fruitful for the development of new skills connected with the effectiveness of team strategies. Such types of assignments bring some unity to the team and teachers to work together for the reaching of one common aim. It can provide perfect opportunities for strategies integration of the team members.

Three weeks’ material presented on the topic of management peculiarities put a background for the development of new professional skills. This management course is an integral part of any career because it teaches how to run the activities, work in a team and direct all your efforts for one common goal. The presented material provided me with the perfect knowledge of different kinds of management such as operations, accounting, and financial; I managed to understand the main features of every management type and clear up the major differences and similarities between them. I have an excellent opportunity to use my knowledge in practice in order to improve my skills.

The last three seminars devoted to operations management and its strategies disclosed the material in the proper way for me to gain new experience, which will be necessary for the future profession, though there were some difficulties connected with the volume of the material. The learning experience is always based on the way your seminars are carried out; the last three seminars really brought some improvements to my personal inner development of knowledge.

Besides, it is important to stress the importance of PPP slides related to the topic. The graphic demonstration of the material is perfect for better memorizing and understanding of the topic peculiarities. The textbook, together with the lecture notes, were part of the theoretical material presentation though the visual presentation was much better.

Online material and researches helped in making my knowledge more profound. Test your Knowledge Questions helped to consolidate the material in management and remember what we have learned in class. Online Course Compass Resources were very useful for getting new and more detailed information related to the topic. These resources are an integral part of the research paper, and they help in the fulfillment of my home assignment.

Thus, the management course was very involving, and one could not but participate in it. It provided new management material and helped to develop new skills which would be necessary for the future profession.

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