67 Operations Management Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Operations Management

  1. Canbide Corporation Operations Management Tools
    This paper focuses on individual problems and potential solutions of Canbide Corporation with an emphasis on the need to have managers who are experienced to use analysis tools efficiently.
  2. Franklin Equipment Ltd Company’s Operations Management
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the criteria used by FEL to assign members of the project team, the importance of international projects and possible ethical dilemmas.
  3. Operations and Supply Chain: Management Course
    The course serves as a real eye-opener in terms of what gravity the choice of the operation strategy and framework has on the overall efficacy of an organization.
  4. Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry’s Operation and Management
    The paper regards the non-alcoholic beverages sustainability in the context of company analysis. It discusses organizational hierarchy development and finance raising.
  5. The Oasis Company Operations Management
    The Oasis Company has been in business for quite a while (since the 1990s). The essential purpose of the organization under analysis concerns providing flowers.
  6. Operations Management and Productivity
    Operation management aims at ensuring that functions in a business are conducted in the most efficient manner, so as the end results are satisfied customers and reduced cost of production.
  7. EBags Company: Operations Management Analysis
    EBags had big expectations for the opportunities that the European market supposedly had in store for the company since there was a niche that the entrepreneurship was going to fill.
  8. Airbus Company Systems and Operations Management
    In the context of the Airbus and its integration within business, systems and operations management is of significant importance in diverse ways.
  9. Abasco Company: Operations Management
    Although Abasco, Inc. has been developing at a rather fast pace in the manufacturing department, it has been showing comparatively low performance rates since recently.
  10. Lenovo Group Ltd.’s Operations and Information Management
    The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of operations and information management and related concepts.
  11. Starbucks Operations and Inventory Management
    The paper provides a brief introduction about Starbucks and current academic literature in regards to the company inventory management.
  12. American Workplace and Operations Management
    The paper reviews “State of the American Workplace” analysis by Gallup and provides applications of operations management concepts to improving employee engagement.
  13. Toyota’s vs. Coca-Cola’s Operations Management
    The adoption of proper operations management is an important success factor for leading global companies, namely Coca-Cola and Toyota.
  14. General Motors Company: Operations Management Concepts
    The present essay analyzes the current situation at General Motors and provides some recommendations for effective operations management.
  15. Heathrow Airport’s Service Operations Management
    The study evaluates service management at Heathrow airport and evaluates actions and measures that have been taken to improve the service quality at the airport.
  16. Local Food Venture and Its Operations Management
    Building a small business enterprise is a complex task. This case study examines a model of expanding a local food venture to a permanent location and franchise.
  17. Worldwide Chemical Company’s Operations Management
    The current “fix it” approach maintained by the Worldwide Chemical Company is ultimately faulty. It leads to the decreased first-quality product yields and on-time deliveries.
  18. Roche Company’s Operations Management
    This report examines three of Roche’s OM decision areas, compares and contrasts the organisation with another firm using the 4Vs of operations.
  19. Oman Refinery Company’s Operations Management
    T report aims to analyse critically ORPIC’s existing operations management practices, focusing on such areas as HR, quality management, and supply chain.
  20. Big Bone BBQ and Wicked Wings Restaurants’ Operations Management
    The current system of Big Bone BBQ is successful, but it does not realize its full potential due to a lack of automation that leads to imprecision and considerable wastage.

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  1. Launching an Airline: Operations and Management
    Launching an airline requires a deep understanding of the market forces. The industry has many challenges, from stiff competition, to fluctuating oil prices, and policies that may hurt profitability.
  2. Samsung Group’s Supply Chain and Operation Management
    Over the past few decades, Samsung has become the household name that has been integrated into every facet of people’s everyday life.
  3. Financial Operation Exposure Management Principles
    There are many principles that a company can implement to counter financial operation exposure. The definition of operating exposure affirms that it involves unexpected changes.
  4. Operations Management of Logistics and Supply Chain
    The effective operations management of logistics and supply chain can deliver various goals such as cost reduction, timely response, waste reduction, and improved profitability.
  5. Lean Process and Operation Management
    The lean process applied along with the operations management is the popular paradigm that affects the functioning of companies and results in the rise of positive shifts in them.
  6. Construction Company’s Operational Risk Management
    This work presents an operational risk assessment connected to standard masonry techniques and procedures in the development of five-story apartment blocks.
  7. Nutmeg Enterprises’ Operations Management
    In the case study of Nutmeg Enterprises, the operational framework of the beverage manufacturer and distributor is provided.
  8. Metrics and Performance Measurement in Operations Management
    Metrics is indeed a powerful management tool in aligning company strategies and objectives and ensuring people are working towards a common direction.
  9. McDonald Corporation: Operations Management and Productivity
    In all the restaurants under McDonald Corporation around the world, there are a number of operations that are related to the overall organizational strategy.
  10. Azzaz Shop’s Operations and Information Management
    Azzaz is a mobile phone and accessories retailer based in England, owned by Lewis. The business started with a single shop, which Lewis has grown into a chain of eleven.
  11. Project and Operation Management Essentials
    Operation management can be defined as a system of theories and strategies aimed at optimizing the processes occurring in the setting of entrepreneurship or aimed at completing a specific project.
  12. General Motors Operation Analysis: Project Management
    Speaking of General Motors, the company’s operational objective is improving performance and the level of customers’ satisfaction.
  13. Production and Operations Management
    Depreciation of products means lower prices for goods produced in mainland China. Products with a lower price may increase exports from both Hong Kong and mainland China.
  14. Online Grocery Business: Operations Management
    The project can have one and more critical paths. When a project has multiple critical paths, project risks increase according to the number of paths.
  15. “Operations Management” Term in Academic Literature
    This paper is aimed at discussing the way in which the business notion of “operations management” is introduced in the academic literature.
  16. Air New Zealand Airline’s Operations Management
    This paper analyzes the internal and external environment of Air New Zealand with a view to understanding the main factors influencing its operational plans.
  17. Transport Efficiency Through Operation Management
    Operations management is one of the management fields which are increasingly becoming relevant in the competitive business environment.
  18. Operations Management: Factors and Approaches
    Operations management is critical for any business because it can be used for effective work that ensures the possibility to meet the overall business objectives.
  19. Emergency Operations and Its Management
    This essay discusses emergency operations centers, and plans, preparing the populace, the press role, risk communication, and training and preparedness exercises.
  20. Operations Management: McDonald’s Self-Service Kiosks
    The self-service kiosks can be an outstanding solution in order to improve and enhance the operational flow of the McDonald’s restaurant in DC, Tenley town.

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  1. CB&I Firm’s Operations and Supply Chain Management
    CB&I is an American construction and building company that also supplies raw materials to various small and medium-sized firms.
  2. Operations Management and Production System: Case of Olive Garden Restaurant
    The presented paper is devoted to the discussion of operations management and production system using the case of Olive Garden restaurant
  3. Linear Programming Operations Management
    Linear programming operations management is a mathematical strategy that is employed for arranging scarce or limited resources effectively while performing various tasks.
  4. Operations Management: The Case of Concept Design Services
    Operations management is the approach to managing a range of resources that are used in order to manufacture certain products or propose specific services.
  5. Operations Management in Business
    Operations management is described as the organization of processes used to produce and distribute products and services. There are five main objectives of operations management.
  6. Introduction to Operations Management Course
    The “Introduction to management” course built a strong foundation of knowledge connected with the organization’s peculiarities, management strategies, and organization operations.
  7. Combat Stress and Operational Stress Management
    Combat and operational stress is emotional and physiological stress which is a direct result of dangers faced in combat or the mere tension of being in combat.
  8. Operations Management in Thai-Lay Fashion Company Ltd.
    Thai-Lay is a textile manufacturing company in Hong Kong with its markets situated mainly in Europe. The company produces a wide range of ready-made garments for adults and children of both sexes.
  9. Thai-Lay Fashion Company’s Operations Management
    The paper reviews operations management in business with reference to the Thai-Lay Fashion Company Ltd., which is situated in Hong Kong.
  10. Operations Management: Ford vs. Firestone
    This paper is an analysis of Ford vs. Firestone case “Death on the Highway: Quality Problems at Ford and Firestone” to unearth the operations management crisis in the two companies.
  11. The Concept of Operations Management
    Operations management (OM) is defined as the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firm’s primary products.
  12. The Role of Technology in Operations Management
    The benefits of technology can be seen directly associated with facilitating the processes and the resources, which operations management is directly handling.
  13. Innovation in Operation Management – Personal Experience
    To overcome the different challenges faced by companies, they must put in place some strategies like differentiating their products or services from those of the competition.
  14. Hard Rock Café’s Operations Management and Productivity
    The case deals with Hard Rock café, the modest pub in London, which has grown exponentially within a very short span of 30 years.
  15. WalMart Stores’ Operation Management
    Operation management is the process that transfers inputs such as raw materials and labor into output in the form of finished goods and services.
  16. Samsung Electronics: Operations Management Performance Objectives
    In Samsung Electronics, it can be stated that one of the departments responsible for quality is Corporate Technology Office.
  17. Hard Rock Café: Operations Management and Productivity
    This paper describes ten operations and performance management solutions at Hard Rock Café that help create the link between raw data processing and the final product.
  18. Azure: Service Operations Management Overview
    The operation that Microsoft nurtures provides customers with numerous cloud services that are assembled under the name of Azure.
  19. Operations and Supply Chain Management
    The principal task of this essay is to explain what can happen if a project stage is not completed and if a stakeholder decides not to participate in the project implementation.
  20. The Operations Process and Types of Training Management in the Army
    Training is a significant aspect of improving the skills of soldiers and preparing them for upcoming or potential operations.
  21. Operations and Information Management of CC Music
    The given report outlines the main features of CC Music, a company founded by Chris and Clive. It focuses on the provision of specific services to bands that include social media marketing.
  22. Operations Management Research
    Operations management is connected directly to the value stream and is thus tasked to maximize its effectiveness and efficiency.
  23. Operational Management: the Case of Apple, Inc.
    The development of a solid plan is possible after analyzing the operationalization management strategy of Apple and developing recommendations based on the operational theory.
  24. Operations Management Definition
    Operations management is an essential process that uses raw materials to turn them into goods and services. This phenomenon is connected with the supply chain.
  25. Strategic Shipping Operations Management: Liquefied Natural Gas
    This research analyzes some commercial and technical strategies most beneficial to facilitate the transportation of LNG with specialized designed LNG tankers.
  26. Human Resource Strategy in Operations Management
    Human resources management and operations management is immensely closely related. The functions of human resources are to search for candidates for vacant positions.
  27. Operations Management of a Care Facility for the Elderly
    Any institution dealing with the provision of care to dependent elderly persons should ensure that its strategies are broad enough to cover the wide range of needs of the elderly.
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