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Issue of Legalizing Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana has long been a controversial issue in the United States and many countries around the world. The main problem is the addictive nature of this remedy and the fear that legalization will trigger massive consumption and reduce road or workplace safety. However, recreational marijuana use has no more harmful effect on consciousness than alcohol consumption, which is legal. However, regulations and laws make the sale and consumption of alcohol controlled and profitable to the government through taxes. Consequently, marijuana for recreational and medical uses must be legalized as this step will benefit people in need of medication, help reduce the illicit market, and benefit the government.

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Banning the sale and consumption of marijuana is not an effective way to reduce its use, as evidenced by the annual statistics of arrests and the operation of the illicit market. Krane’s article compares the ban to the prohibition law on alcohol that was in force in the United States, which led to the flourishing of underground bars and trade but took away millions of jobs and taxes from the industry. People continued to buy and drink alcohol, putting themselves at risk of arrest, but the repeal of prohibition had a positive impact on both the country’s economy and trends in alcohol consumption (Krane). Permission to consume alcohol has not made Americans a nation with alcohol addiction, just as legalizing marijuana will not increase drug addiction.

A similar situation is observed in the United States today, as many people use marijuana, but while in some states it is legal, in another state, people need to buy from illicit markets, and this action can lead to arrest. Some people turn to the illegal trade because they use marijuana for fun and relaxation, but others have to resort to it to cope with chronic pain. At the same time, the danger of the illicit market is that the quality of products is uncontrollable, which can threaten the lives of people who consume them.

For this reason, legalization is a measure that will benefit both residents and the state. Establishing rules for the sale and quality of goods will help reduce the likelihood of accidents. At the same time, legalizing the industry will bring millions of jobs and taxes to the state instead of keeping the money in the illicit market. However, setting affordable prices is an essential aspect as the drugs are needed by people to control pain or mental problems, and the high price will only increase demand in the lower-priced illicit market (Yakowicz). At the same time, most safety regulations take into account the consumption of marijuana and prohibit it in the workplace, while driving, or operating machinery. Therefore, if people treat marijuana consumption in the same way as alcohol, no additional safety concerns should arise.

In conclusion, legalizing marijuana is a necessary step for the United States to provide people with the medical and recreational means they need and to reduce the impact of the illicit market. Establishing regulations will control the sale and consumption of marijuana, ensure its quality, and bring profit to the state through taxation of the new industry. Thus, all US residents will have equal access to an approved drug for coping with pain or mental disorders, the illicit market will lose its relevance, and the state will benefit from legalizing the marijuana business.

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