64 Marijuana Legalization Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Marijuana Legalization

  1. Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized and Crack or Cocaine Remain Illegal
    Marijuana (cannabis) has varied medicinal uses, and many States in the Americas have allowed the possession and use of small quantities of marijuana for medicinal purposes only.
  2. Marijuana Legalization in US
    Also known as cannabis, Marijuana primarily consists of dry leaves of the hemp plant that people chew or smoke in order to experience euphoric effects.
  3. Health Law: Legalization of Marijuana in the US
    Marijuana is a useful drug that can have a lot of benefits to the society contrary to the common belief that it is a harmful drug.
  4. Legalizing Marijuana in Washington and Colorado
    Legalizing marijuana will definitely make it cheaper in the market in spite of the associated taxes that will be levied by the respective state authorities.
  5. Marijuana Legalization Debate: Arguments Against Legalization
    Article posted by the Editorial Board of the Washington Post newspaper, the rush to legalize the use of marijuana should be rejected by Washington D.C voters.
  6. Should the Federal Government Legalize the Use of Marijuana?
    Such fear and the need to exploit the numerous benefits of marijuana are what have triggered a very controversial debate on whether the government should legalize its use.
  7. Legalization of Marijuana: Pain Management
    Media discusses the necessity of legalizing marijuana to be used for medical purposes and help patients deal with chronic illnesses.
  8. Should Marijuana Be Legal in United States?
    Most Studies reported that around 60% of all Americans consider that marijuana should be legalized, and the remaining 40% considers that marijuana should be prohibited.
  9. Legalization of Marijuana: Reasons
    Marijuana is a psychoactive substance that is classified as an illegal drug in the United States. This study analyzes the reasons why should legalize marijuana.
  10. Marijuana Legalization: PREPARE and IMAGINE Models
    Marijuana is a common drug that is present in many regions around the globe. This research uses the PREPARE and IMAGINE model to evaluate the legalization of marijuana.
  11. New York City Marijuana Legal Policy
    Issuing tickets to people smoking marijuana in public places will free up police resources and will decrease racial disparities.
  12. Marijuana Legalization: Adverse Health Effects
    Legalization of recreational marijuana consumption has garnered much support in recent years as the movement spread across several states in the US.
  13. Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative
    This paper at hand will analyze the Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Amendment 2, which was passed in the state of Florida on November 8, 2016, and came into legal force on January 3, 2017.
  14. Marijuana Legalization and Criminalization
    The government can introduce awareness programs to sensitize the citizens on the dangers of excessive use of the drug.
  15. Concepts of Legalizing Marijuana
    Considering the many economic, health, and social gains, which may result as a product of legalizing Marijuana, it is very important for the federal government to weigh such gains, hence legalize its usage.
  16. Marijuana Legalization and Possible Effects
    The media discusses the necessity of legalizing marijuana to be used for medical purposes and to help patients deal with chronic illnesses.
  17. Recreational Marijuana Should Be Legal and Regulated
    This argumentative paper offers powerful reasons that explain why the federal government should legalize and regulate recreational marijuana.
  18. Marijuana Legalization Controversies: Arguments For and Against
    The topic of marijuana legalization has always been a subject of numerous heated debates for decades. The legislative measures and methodological tools to study both positive and negative effects are present.
  19. The Controversy Over Marijuana Legalization
    The topic of marijuana legalization has been debated at the global level for numerous decades. It is important to have a certain idea about the subject of discussion.
  20. Marijuana Should Be Legalized in the United States
    It can be clearly seen how the legalization of Marijuana if only for medical purposes can bring the United States some much-needed revenue in these dire economic times.

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  1. Contradiction for Universal Legalization of Marijuana
    Some people insist on marijuana legalization not only in medical sphere but also in every day life. The legalization of marijuana should never be allowed.
  2. Economic Effects of Legalizing Marijuana
    The paper will concentrate on looking at the economic benefits of legalizing the drug and also the possible negative effects that may result.
  3. Opposition Towards Legalization of Marijuana
    The international community has not yet come to the consensus as to the legalization of soft drugs, and marijuana, in particular.
  4. Should Marijuana Be Legalized?
    This paper analyzes two research articles in an attempt to present arguments for the legalization of cannabis.
  5. Legalization of Marijuana: The Pros and Cons of the Drug
    From an evaluation of the pros and cons listed in the paper, it is clear that marijuana holds more harm than the risk to society.
  6. The Legalization of Marijuana
    The nationwide legalization of marijuana is not a positive option since it can contribute to motor vehicle crash fatalities, does not reduce crime rates, and affects teenagers’ health.
  7. Legalization of Marijuana and Other Illegal Drugs
    The essay relates both the pros and cons of legalizing drugs, but since there is a solid argument for both sides, a conclusion cannot be reached unless more research is conducted.
  8. Marijuana Legalization in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota
    The current essay discusses how federalism relates to the legalization of marijuana and argues that the legalization of marijuana is an example of the states as “laboratories of democracy.”
  9. Analysis of Legalization of Marijuana
    A focus on the reasons for marijuana legalization and its integration into medical practice. The first reason for cannabis legalization is its efficiency in relieving fibromyalgia pain.
  10. Perspectives of Legalizing Marijuana in Texas
    Marijuana has the capability of becoming an important substance in the world today. The government must take the responsibility to legalize it.
  11. Legalization of Recreational Marijuana
    In recent years, the United States public has seen a strong debate about the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.
  12. Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado and Washington
    The legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington has raised a lot of controversy in American society in the recent past.
  13. Marijuana Legalization and Its Use Among American Teenagers
    Opponents against the liberalization of marijuana counter that marijuana is not a munificent drug and that its use can attract various problems to an individual.
  14. Arguments Against the Legalization of Marijuana
    I am persuaded to state that legalizing marijuana is a serious mistake if committed by a state and it’s not only morally wrong but it’s a time bomb.
  15. Legalization of Marijuana and Prostitution
    Every state should develop ways of controlling the influence of selling marijuana and prostitution before establishing a conclusion on legalizing it.
  16. The Legalization of Marijuana
    This paper analyzed the legalization issue by examining the arguments in this debate. The bases for decriminalization and prohibition appeal to logos and pathos, respectively.
  17. Legalization of Marijuana in Canada
    In 2018, Canada became the first industrialized nation to legalize marijuana, which resulted in both positive and negative consequences.
  18. The Legalization of Marijuana in Canada
    Legalizing marijuana improves the Canadian economy, allows the government to control marijuana sales, and increases the criminal justice system’s inequalities.
  19. The Position Concerning the Legalization of Marijuana
    The paper argues in different ways for the position concerning the legalization of marijuana. They differ in the approaches to the analysis of this problem.

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  1. Marijuana Legalization and How It Affects the GDP
  2. How Marijuana Legalization Would Benefit the Criminal Justice System
  3. The Cross-Border Spillover Effects of Recreational Marijuana Legalization
  4. Marijuana Legalization Could Lower Crime Rates and Reduce the Amount of Money the Government Spends on Prisons
  5. The Debate Over the Controversial Subject of Marijuana Legalization in the U.S
  6. Legalization of Recreational Marijuana: Facilitators and Barriers to Switching From an Illegal to a Legal Source
  7. Ethical Issues for Legalizing Marijuana in the Caribbean
  8. Marijuana Legalization – Good for the Nation? The Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana
  9. How Legalizing Marijuana Could Help Boost the Economy
  10. Legalization of Marijuana and Its Effects on Licit and Illicit Markets in the United States
  11. The Effects of the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana
  12. Does Marijuana Legalization Help or Harm Americans?
  13. Marijuana Legalization: Growing the Economy or Destroying Lives
  14. Measuring the Criminal Justice System Impacts of Marijuana Legalization and Decriminalization
  15. What Do We Know About Opportunities and Challenges for Localities From Marijuana Legalization?
  16. Marijuana Legalization: The Reasons for Legalizing Marijuana and for Keeping It Illegal
  17. The Benefits of Marijuana Legalization and Regulation
  18. Legalizing Marijuana: What Does the Evidence Say?
  19. Time for a Change: Legalizing Marijuana in the State of Texas
  20. America Loses Potential Profit for Not Legalizing Marijuana Production
  21. How Marijuana Legalization Will Impact Society
  22. Marijuana Legalization: Impact on Physicians and Public Health
  23. The Cost and Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana for Recreational Uses
  24. Marijuana Legalization Will Pose Bigger Problems for America
  25. The Economic, Medical, and Industrial Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana
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