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Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Nursing Roles

It should be noted that nursing profession is one of the most critical and challenging occupations due to a number of reasons. At present, in the USA, the majority of healthcare institutions and organizations is experiencing nursing shortage, which has been caused by high staff turnover and professional burnout of the employees. The state outsources nurses from other countries to resolve the issue; nevertheless, the situation has not improved yet, and the problem remains critical. Therefore, qualified and skillful nurses are in high demand. The role of a nurse practitioner (NP) implies that the specialist can take on many responsibilities and perform in diverse settings efficiently. Moreover, it means that graduate NPs can become fully functional members of the nursing team in a variety of different institutions. The purpose of this paper is to case study the organization I expect to work in as this type of nursing professional.

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Organization Type, Demographics, and Patient Load

Jackson Memorial Hospital (JMH) is an accredited organization in which I expect to work as an NP. It is a non-profit organization, which currently has up to 5000 employees. It provides approximately 1500 licensed beds to patients with various conditions. In addition, it delivers tertiary care and serves as a platform for nursing research. Notably, one of JMH’s branches is the sole Level 1 trauma center in the community (“Jackson memorial hospital,” 2017). Apart from health care services, the organization functions as teaching facility.

The hospital has several physicians furnishing care to the individuals across their lifespan. In addition, the nursing staff is also liable for taking care of hospitalized patients. The patients’ demographics is various. Both adult and pediatric care is furnished (“Jackson memorial hospital,” 2017). Since the center is located in Miami-Dade, it serves the needs of the entire community and its residents.

Nursing Role in the Organization

Due to the nature of my training and the current shortage of personnel, I can fit for advanced nursing role as correctional health service nurse practitioner. It should be stressed that having become a family nurse practitioner, I will be able to administer and supervise patients with various diseases. Apart from that, it will be responsible for determining nursing diagnosis and defining the acute conditions in individuals (“Jackson memorial hospital,” 2017). Other liabilities will include prescribing medications and taking the primary care of patients. In terms of Jackson Memorial Hospital, family nurse practitioners provide both adult and pediatric care in general. However, due to the current setting, I will also be able to work as a substitute for primary care specialist. It implies that as a graduate student I will be qualified to execute autonomy and exercise decision-making in terms of patients.

Importantly, when functioning in the clinical setting, healthcare specialists are required to meet and conform to certain safety objectives. This aspect is essential for ensuring that patients receive the help and care they need, for instance, that the medication is prescribed correctly and that all precautions are followed. Apart from that, nurses are held responsible for the prevention of falls, especially in the case of older patients, and the elimination of infections (“Jackson memorial hospital,” 2017). Despite the fact that all the nurses should meet these guidelines, they receive more autonomy when performing their duties. To be more precise, family nurse practitioners are given the high authority in prioritizing, evaluating, and determining diagnoses and the course of treatment for their patients. It does not only empower nurses, but also patients benefit from this strategy greatly.

Agents Supporting Role Implementation

Florida Board of Nursing would support my role in JMH. It aims to determine the initial licensing requirements to become an advanced registered nurse practitioner in the state of Florida. In addition, it supervises the process, as well as the compliance with administrative rules, when specialists are appointed to functioning in the clinical setting (Florida Board of Nursing, 2017). Moreover, the Florida Nurse Practice Act would regulate my work in this role and the requirements applied to me. The Act oversees the rules and support for FNPs in Florida and provides the information about licensure, penalties, and fines that are envisaged in the case of violation of any guideline or requirement (“Nurse practice act,” 2016). Notably, the Board enacts the postulates covered by the Act and ensures that all practitioners fulfill the minimum safety requirements. In cases when the nurse is not competent to perform certain duties, he or she will be prohibited from practicing.


Thus, when functioning as family nurse practitioner, I will be responsible for delivering secure healthcare services to patients, preventing the occurrence of illnesses in them, and promoting health. Since FNPs are the advocates for residents, it is their aim to serve as educators as well and encourage patients to make healthier choices. When working at Jackson Memorial Hospital as an advanced practice nurse, I will be liable for observing, evaluating, diagnosing patients, and keeping track of how well they progress. In turn, the Florida Board of Nursing will ensure that my competency aligns with the requirements proposed by the Florida Nurse Practice Act.

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