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John Rhodes Community Center Pool Case Solution


Promoting a new program or implementing a new course of action can be a daunting marketing challenge. Although there are many marketing strategies designed to facilitate such projects management, not all of them are applicable in specific conditions. For example, the situation can be significantly complicated by an enterprise’s location in a relatively sparsely populated area. However, even despite such difficulties, several techniques can help even in such a difficult situation. This paper aims to analyze the case of the John Rhodes Community Center Pool to find a solution for the implementation of the new program in the coming summer season.

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The primary goal of the pool’s supervisor, Kate Smith, is to attract additional visitors to the complex, introduce a new curriculum and fix current problems. However, the main problem is the dissemination of information in the city of Sault Ste Marie. A small town imposes certain specifics on the life of the townspeople and their interaction with the media. At the moment, Kate is having difficulty reaching her target audience using several methods: radio advertising, distributing flyers, and using a city site.

In the case of using radio, it is necessary to analyze how effective this method is by interviewing residents. Perhaps this method should be abandoned altogether since it is quite costly, and in the modern world, much less attention is paid to radio than to television or the Internet. Flyers should be distributed not only on the territory of the center itself but in crowded places. Besides, the flyers’ design is critical, as research shows that aesthetically pleasing print ads maximize people’s flow (Ganesan & George, 2019). Finally, the Internet site in use belongs to the city and not the pool itself. Perhaps Kate should consider creating her website or pages on popular social networks for the institution. As a study by Melović et al. (2020) shows, a focus on digital marketing has a more significant impact on advertising and brand establishment. Hence, establishing an active brand, including a digital one, will allow Kate to maximize customer flow to the pool. Solving this problem will enable the implementation of the new Red Cross Swim Program with a more stable audience and lower risks.

Control and Feedback

The primary means of monitoring and obtaining feedback, in this case, is the survey of pool customers. By creating simple questionnaires that can be handed out to visitors, a relevant opinion can be gathered about the marketing tools’ effectiveness. Through these means, Kate can identify the current marketing company’s strengths and weaknesses and collect customers’ opinions regarding the current situation and, for example, problematic points. The information obtained can be used to improve advertising and introduce various changes in the operation of the pool. Thus, complicated issues can be quickly and efficiently identified, the quick solution to improve the quality of the services provided. Besides, this information will allow Kate to correctly implement her ideas, and promote her concept and vision of the pool. Finally, electronic questionnaires posted on the institution’s resources can be used as a measure of control and feedback. Their advantage is more comprehensive coverage of users, including the actual customers of the pool.

Contingency Plan

According to Keith, the John Rhodes pool has many advantages over its competitors in pricing, equipment, and location. This somewhat reduces risks in unforeseen situations, allowing for more daring decisions, for example, introducing new training programs. However, if any additional circumstances arise, Kate has several options. Firstly, she can curtail all additional spending, returning to the marketing scheme that she currently has. While this approach is not without its weaknesses, it provides some stability, allowing you to recover from any trouble. Secondly, the closure of one or both outdoor pools operating during the summer period can become a means of compensation for losses. This will allow Kate to have more workforce at her disposal to improve the main pool’s quality.


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