Joy Definition: Psychological Issue


There are many aspects of people’s lives that have a significant influence on their feelings, emotions, and behavior. Some individuals require psychological help to become happy and enjoy every day of their existence on Earth. The following paper is intended to provide a definition of joy in a broad context. Joyful is a person who does not focus his or her attention on a single problem or event of one’s life, but brings happiness to others, does not regret what happened in the past, and commits unexpected deeds.

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Some people might think that joy is almost equal to carelessness. However, this is not the right point of view because joyful individuals are responsible for their duties and others’ commissions to them. To begin with, it would be proper to determine the main characteristics of personalities that enjoy every day of their lives:

  • Generosity. It appears that joyful people do not hesitate to share their valuable resources (time and money) with their friends or strangers. Also, this characteristic is important for every successful employee or businessman as it is necessary to help people in need of something (Lowe and Smith 38). Not only it ensures the giver with unforgettable emotions, but it also has a positive impact on society in general.
  • Buoyancy. Joyful individuals inspire their colleagues, relatives, and friends to face every life barrier with positive emotions. Moreover, such people always raise others’ moods, regardless of various difficulties that might bother these individuals.
  • Enjoying one’s life as it is. It is not a secret that some people dream of a better future without doing anything to reach their goals. In turn, joyful individuals are always happy with what they have at the present moment. It does not mean that they are passive and do not want to be initiative. Nevertheless, they understand that the process of becoming someone stronger and better is much more interesting and important than the result.

Joy is a complex meaning of a certain lifestyle. It implies successes in several spheres (relationship with family, career, self-actualization, and so on). Unfortunately, some individuals have to work on this aspect of their characters’ to obtain the feeling of joy, whereas others are born with such a life perception and position. It is possible to determine whether a person is joyful or not by looking at people who surround him or her (Newhouse and Kerr 238). Usually, such individuals attract their friends and colleagues with less interesting lives. It appears that they are interested in communicating with more successful personalities as this makes them feel better. Also, it is essential to state that joyful people always have a lack of time as they spend it on education, hobbies, work, charity, and other exhausting activities. Such a lifestyle overwhelms a person’s life with positive emotions and memories that make one joyful.


Joyful people do not seek places or activities that would bring happiness to them. Instead, they create such conditions for everyone who surrounds them on a regular basis. It is always interesting to communicate with individuals full of buoyancy as their lives are fulfilled with various interesting events, activities, and enthusiasm. To conclude, it would be proper to stress that joy is a feeling of self-actualization that gives people energy to overcome certain difficulties in their lives without any regrets or complaints.

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