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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Concept

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is utilized to make the psychological typing applicable for the regular users, as this method is actively employed as a primary tool in the educational, clinical, and organizational psychology to enhance the quality of interactions (Ramos 137). It is apparent that it is a vehemently popular approach in various spheres and fields of business and social life due to its applicability in different contexts. The primary goal of this paper is to construct a research and design a strategy for the establishment of the better strategy for the cultivation of the trusting relationships with family, friends, and colleagues while using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

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Firstly, the application of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can enhance the relationship within the family to develop the quality of interactions and advance the levels of understanding between family members. For instance, this indicator contributes to the understanding of the correlation of the psychological types and the existence of the conflicts in families (Kong 336). It is evident that the core components imply the definition of the differences between extraversion and introversion, sensing and intuition, thinking and feeling, and judging and perceiving (“The Myers & Briggs Foundation: MBTI Basics” par. 1).

It is apparent that in this instance, using the indicator will help define the particular traits of the personality of the family members and find the right methods of communication with them. In this instance, the first step can be either typing the members of the family or organizing a family evening with the presence of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which will be presented in the form of a game or test. It could be said that the application of this strategy will help learn about each other and establish new methods of efficient communication. In the end, each member of the team can represent his/her personality type visually and portray the findings on the mutual board.

In turn, the relationship between friends also can be enhanced with the assistance of this indicator, as it is vital to understand and accept the differences in thinking models. It is apparent that my friends have to be educated about the psychological types at the beginning to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Nonetheless, a similar approach can be used as an instrument for the enhancement of the relationships between the family members.

In turn, the development of the board game can be utilized as an alternative approach. It could be said that the utilization of this method will contribute to the understanding of the traits of the friends and seek similarities between them. Additionally, the board game will be aimed towards the development of the interaction, as it will involve teamwork in the groups of two or three. In the end, the application of this activity will determine the differences and improve the quality of the interactions between friends with dissimilar personalities.

Lastly, the interactions between the team members in the organization also have to be advanced to be able to reach sufficient company’s goals. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is often used to determine the correlation between competences and personal traits (Ramirez 30).

It assists in paying high attention to the skills, which will contribute to the enhancement of the organization’s performance. In this instance, the tasks can be distributed among the different members of the team to achieve higher excellence. As for the strategy, various seminars have to be conducted to improve the understanding of the typology theory. The themes of the sessions can also cover the ability to build relationships between people with different personal characteristics and traits. In turn, various activities have to be implemented to encourage the application of its principles in the organization and achieve better results. For example, after the successful application of the typology indicator, the colleagues can be divided into the teams, which will consist of the divergent types. The primary goal is to find compromises and reach a higher understanding of teams.

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In conclusion, it remains evident that the implementation of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is necessary to improve the quality of the relationships with friends, relatives, and colleagues. In turn, it is clear that the proposed strategies for each group have some differences and similarities. Nonetheless, the primary stage, which unites the approaches, is the necessity to introduce the topic sufficiently to establish an adequate knowledge base for the future development of the relationships. It is apparent that interactivity plays an essential role while cultivating an understanding of the core principles while applying them in practice simultaneously (Lee et al. 620).

In turn, the second stage implies the integration of the interactive component. In this instance, it can be implemented with the assistance of the creation of the board of personality types, development of the board game, and teamwork. Additionally, various activities can be combined if necessary to change the intensity of learning and improve the quality of communication rapidly. In the end, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a vital mechanism to increase the superiority of interactions in different areas of life, as it assists in defining the core types of personalities.

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