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Judicial and Executive Branches and Their Roles

Humans are social beings that prefer to live in a community that introduces the patterns that are used in everyday cooperation between its members. Besides, to avoid anarchy and outline limits that should regulate the communitys functioning and well-being, people are not able to act in the way they want. There are specific rules and regulations that should be observed to guarantee that no person will be offended. At the moment, we live in a complex, multilayered society that is characterized by the existence of numerous laws that impact every individual and are expected to contribute to both society and individuals further evolution. Thus, there are two basic branches of power that are responsible for the observation of these laws. These are judicial and executive ones.

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Belonging to the legal environment which is shaped by the functioning of the above-mentioned branches of power, I obviously feel their impact and recognize the unique role they play in the everyday life of any person. Describing this very impact, I could start from very simple and generalized examples. For instance, I could feel protected and know that no person is allowed to do harm to me as it is prohibited by the law. It is very simple, though the relevant example that shows the omnipresent character of law, and the impact judicial and executive powers have on me. My activity is also limited by the rules introduced by these two bodies, and I should observe them.

Besides, there are obviously many other more complex and specific examples that outline the effective actions of the judicial and executive branches have on me. Besides, at the moment I attend these very courses that are aimed at the improvement of my knowledge in a certain sphere. I am sure that one way or another I have this very chance because of the executive powers decision which guarantees equal opportunities to get an education to all people, no matter what their social status is, what religion they follow, and what culture they like. It is one of the basic decisions of this very power that creates the basis for the further evolution of our society and guarantees the appearance of new specialists needed to support this process.

Furthermore, one of the latest constitutional court rulings cancels Trumps law related to the limitation of migration and allows people from other countries, especially from those characterized by the increased terrorist threat, to come to the USA. I think this very decision impacts me to, as now my security is endangered. First of all, this law suggested by the executive power was introduced to guarantee security to all people living in the USA as terrorists might use this very opportunity and integrate in the US society to perform acts of violence. For this reason, I feel more vulnerable especially in terms of a chain of terrorist acts that had happened in Europe recently. We see that judicial and executive branches have a conflict here that affects me and introduce a certain threat.

Altogether, I should say that the functioning of these above-mentioned branches of power obviously has an overwhelming impact on our society and every its member by shaping our lifestyles, providing specific opportunities for the personal and professional development, and introducing limits and laws that should be observed to preserve peace, order, and protect our lives from any threat that might appear.

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