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Jumping Rope 30-Minutes Activity in Lesson Plan

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Physical Education Lesson

  • Setting: outdoors
  • Objectives: The main objective of the activity is to teach children to jump rope using different techniques, both feet 15 times, left foot for 10 times, and right foot for 10 times.


Time Activity Purpose/reasons
5 min First children should be encouraged to fitness walking.
Dancing aerobics should be used as a second type of warming-up.
Aerobic type of warm-up is the best choice as it helps children prepare their muscles for more exertion and exclude the possibility for muscle pull. Dancing makes students feel better and motivated for further learning.

Learning Activities/Teaching Strategies (at least two)

The teacher tells about the main idea of the lesson using a leading question: “What do boxers do to get ready for a match?” A teacher shows a rope and demonstrates to children what they are expected to do at the end of the class. (1 min)

  • Teaching cue: Stand on the left foot until I whistle and then change a leg. Who is the best? Let’s start!.

Children stand on one hand, a teacher whistles each every 3-5 seconds and they change legs. (2 min).

  • Teaching cue: Now, let’s try to jump. Look at me and do the same.

A teacher puts a rope on the ground before him/her and jumps over it. Children try to repeat (1 min).

  • Teaching cue: Now, let’s jump with the beat.

The teacher increases the beat to make children jump over the line faster and faster (2 min).

  • Teaching cue: Now, let’s try to do it on one leg, first we jump over the line on the left leg and then on the right leg. Don’t forget about the beat.

Children jump (2 min).

  • Teaching cue: It’s high time to jump the rope on both feet. When a rope hits the floor, you should jump over it.

Children watch a teacher and try to do single jumping rope.

  • Teaching cue: Now, try to jump as long as you can without messing up. Even if you mess, you should continue tries. (3 min).
  • Teaching cue: Try to jump as long as you can on the left foot, when you mess change a leg. (3 min).
  • Teaching cue: one by one show me what you have learned. Don’t forget, you have three tries to jump for 15 times on both feet, 10 times on the left foot, and 10 times on the right foot.

Assessment (5 min).

Closure/Cool Down

Time Activity Purpose/reasons
5 min Stretching. Head, shoulder, and hands rolls, bends left and right, stretch high and low. This activity is necessary for reducing traumas and keeping students’ muscles in tonus.

Equipment Safety Considerations

Whistle and jump ropes


Students will be assessed individually. The main measures for assessment are going to be a correct performance of three different techniques without pauses (students will be given three attempts to make it perfectly) and the number of made jumps (both feet for 15 times, left foot for 10 times, and right foot for 10 times).


When children are taught jumping rope, a teacher should follow their health condition, and in case of some problems contact a nurse. Students should be encouraged for doing physical exercises, not made as only satisfaction with the activities may awake enjoyment from physical activity in the future (Kovar et. al, 2008).

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