Beautician Employment and Career Report | Free Essay Example

Beautician Employment and Career Report

Words: 149
Topic: Education


  • Career choice- What entails choosing a certain profession or career.
  • Factors affecting Career choices- Possible issues of concern that hinder career choice.
  • The beautician profession- What this profession entails, how it is viewed, and the current trend(Benac, 2010, p.1).

International differences of the beautician profession

  • The high demand for beautician services as well as qualified and experienced beauticians(McCartney, 2011, p.1).
  • International differences-licenses (Zeske, 2010, p.1)
    • Qualifications;
    • Remuneration;
    • Demand;
    • Perception in society.

Effect of the economic crisis on this profession

  • The current economic crisis facing the globe will have an effect on this profession just like the others.
  • It could lead to:
    • Decreased demand;
    • Poor remuneration;
    • The high cost of materials.


  • The beautician profession is affected by the different standards set by different nations thus hindering mobility.
  • The economic crisis on the other hand poses a great threat to the growth and sustainability of this profession (Amber, 2009, p.1).

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