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K. Kelly Hancock: The Servant Leader


Both the individual in particular and society as a whole equally form and lead each other. In my case, K. Kelly Hancock, Executive Chief Nursing Officer, became that individual, namely a mentor or a leader. She greatly inspired me and influenced my worldview by her leadership style and qualities. She also got me interested in studying the types of leaders and the qualities by which they attract attention and create a spiritual connection with the audience. Rubio and Picardo note (2017), “leadership is a practice where a person in a position can influence, guide, and direct the behavior and work of other people to accomplish definite aims…” (p. 105). This paper will explore the leadership style and characteristics of K. Kelly Hancock.

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K. Kelly Hancock’s Style of Leadership

It is safe to say that K. Kelly Hancock uses a leadership style such as servant leadership. According to Anderson and Sun (2017) “servant leadership is a style that focuses on the growth of those who are being simultaneously led and served” (p. 81). This can be understood from one of the first phrases that refer to the priority in nurturing others, which is quoted by K. Kelly Hancock at the beginning of his speech. Serving others is the primary of the fundamental goals of this type of mentor (Anderson & Sun, 2017).

She also has the traits of a democratic or participative mentor as she calls all members of her group “leaders” and often addresses them on behalf of the collective using “we” (Amanchukwu, Stanley, and Ololube, 2015). However, not only the type of leader is essential, but also the quality components or characteristics of such a status.

Attractive Mentor Characteristics

First of all, I sincerely feel how K. Kelly wants to share her experience in order to bring a positive attitude among beginners on the path of nursing. In management theory, this characteristic is called altruistic calling (Anderson & Sun, 2017). It is also clearly visible that she does not put herself above others both within the leadership group and her mentors as well as within the audience. The covenantal relationship is present in many leadership models; yet, it prevails among servant leaders (Anderson & Sun, 2017).

Also, another attractive mentoring feature is the manner of speech in a calm, professional, and confident way, without going into highly emotional states. Behaving ethically is one of the fundamental properties of a servant leader (Anderson & Sun, 2017). Another characteristic that K. Kelly Hancock possesses and uses is authenticity, as it is seen that she is honest with herself and the audience. She also has humility; it is especially apparent when she talks about her first practices as a nurse.


This work describes K. Kelly Hancock, Executive Chief Nursing Officer, who was a mentor at a particular stage in my life. Her leadership style and mentoring qualities associated with this type were also examined. As it turned out, based on the structure of her speech, the method is a servant leader with small patterns of a democratic mentor. Altruistic calling, covenantal relationship, and behaving ethically were singled out as the essential leadership qualities. It is also worth noting that she possesses such personal qualities as authenticity and humility. Mentors such as K. Kelly Hancock allow more modest and insecure students to reveal themselves in the professional and personal aspects fully.


Amanchukwu, R. N., Stanley, G. J., & Ololube, N. P. (2015). A review of leadership theories, principles and styles and their relevance to educational management. Management, 5(1), 6-14.

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