Leadership in Nursing and Optimal Functioning at Work


The concept of leadership is becoming increasingly more significant in the environment of the global communication. Being a leader is no longer linked to managing specific processes. Instead, a leader is deemed as the source of inspiration and motivation within a team (Binder, 2016). Engaging others is especially important for a nurse leader (NL) since the quality of care hinges on the levels of motivation among staff members. In the case under analysis, the lack of investment and motivation defines the resistance to change and the absence of cooperation between the employees, which could be solved by introducing a strong, team-oriented and employee-focused leadership framework.

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Leadership and Engaging Others

In the nursing setting, the importance of leadership is huge since it can be used to create the setting in which staff members accept corporate values, including the idea of compromise, the significance of cultural competence, and the importance of cooperation. By using the concepts of the Transformational Leadership approach and shaping the target audience’s values, one will be able to encourage interdisciplinary communication and cooperation (Breevaart et al., 2014). Thus, the probability of a conflict in the workplace will be reduced. As seen in the scenario under analysis, the staff members are incapable of not only listening carefully to the manager’s proposition but also collaborating since they are constantly interrupting each other.

In the case under analysis, the employees are very protective of their right to make choices in the workplace, probably due to the lack of trust within it and the absence of communication with the manager (Pradhan & Pradhan, 2015). Thus, when considering key obstacles to encounter when instilling change, one will have to mention the active promotion of trust and the establishment of a dialogue between managers and employees.

The significance of teamwork as it pertains to maintaining the quality of employees’ performance high cannot possibly be underrated. As long as staff members are ready to become a team, their actions become cohesive, and decisions are made faster and more efficiently (Chuang, Jackson, & Jiang, 2016). Moreover, with the promotion of teamwork, a significant drop in medical errors and a steep increase in the number of instances of recovery among patients are expected.

Furthermore, in the specified case, cooperation is crucial for the successful implementation of change. With the current discord among staff members and the presence of a complicated personal conflict, a manager will be unable to introduce improvements into the corporate setting.

Team Evaluation

At present, the quality of teamwork among the staff members in the case under analysis could use numerous improvements. The staff members are currently characterized by their profound inability to handle their differences and find common ground. Therefore, the team is in desperate need of a motivational leader who will guide them through personal and professional change.

A manager can maintain team order once relevant value sand ethical principles are introduced into the corporate design. Without the specified change coupled with the active promotion of negotiation and compromise, maintaining order will be impossible (Fernet, Trépanier, Austin, Gagné, & Forest, 2015). For instance, it is necessary to ensure that employees take turns when speaking as opposed to the observed situation, when the employees’ ideas quickly became chaotic and difficult to disentangle.

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The existing approach toward nonverbal communication requires changes. The employees use the body language that indicates their defensiveness and discomfort. Therefore, changes must be made to the current environment to create a more relaxing atmosphere where the employees can feel safe. In addition, a manager must keep track of the changes in the staff’s nonverbal communication patterns. Similarly, verbal communication could be les personal. Finally, the team needs to learn to work in a cohesive and effective manner. For this purpose, one must encourage them to follow the set guidelines.

Team Development

The lack of agreement and cooperation is glaring in the scenario under discussion. The employees are resistant to changes, yet they also feel very personal about each other’s remarks and consider them as personal assaults. Therefore, alterations must be introduced to the context of the specified workplace environment. The team admittedly has several strengths, employees’ openness and independence being the key ones. However, the number of weaknesses outweighs the few advantages that they have. For example, the team is disorganized and unwilling to cooperate. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that a new leadership approach should be used to motivate them to change. Thus, they will receive a powerful impetus for their growth as people and nursing experts. In addition, the active promotion of communication strategies for conflict management is advised. Finally, it will be essential to ensure that all employees are valued by the company and are aware of it. Thus, the platform for change will be created. There is a possibility that the employees will be resistant toward the promotion of new corporate values. Indeed, altering their viewpoints and patterns of interaction is going to be a challenge. However, the enhancement of communication as a potential positive outcome justifies the risks associated with the introduction of a new leadership approach.


Resistance among staff members is clearly one of the greatest challenges that the manager will need to withstand in order to implement innovative solutions in the context of the organization. In the suggested scenario, the reluctance to view the proposed innovations as positive changes is not the evidence of them being half-baked but the sign of communication problems within the company. By shifting the employees’ priorities toward cooperation and negotiation, as well as the concern for patients’ well-being, a manager will be able to introduce improvements in the organizational design and encourage personal and professional growth in staff members.


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