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Leadership Skills in Production of the Journal

Each of the following members of the leadership of the SMB has got a unique way of exercising their leadership skills lets evaluate each leader and the kind of traits they contain.

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The Faculty contains members that are in the category: Writing Director, Rep. Marketing/Com and Faculty-at-Large, they are elected from the teaching staff with the responsibility of guiding the students on ways of the management of the group, they contain certain characteristics when exercising their duties such as conscientiousness and determination as expressed in there leadership trait of Task Structure here they are concerned with the amount of work output of the group members of the organization.

The Executive Board includes the use of the Involvement Manager comprising of the following members’ Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Student-at-large they practice confidence and determination in their leadership strategy they practice shared leadership in performing their responsibility in this kind of leadership the leader doesn’t implement his duties without consulting the others but he must meet the vice-chairman and secretary in a closed session where they discuss before they come to a consensus and later they disclose the results of there findings to the entire student members of the SMB.

The Van Cougar consists of the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor Advisor whose characteristic includes Honesty/integrity, determination, and emotionally (Kinicki and Robert, 317) intelligence as in this position they have to practice Transformational leadership where their duties is to enforce policies that will enable that the stories comply with the ethics of the paper and they have to use this kind of leadership module in order to see the success of the paper and also increase the credibility of the paper and the entire workforce.

The KOUG Radio whose leader is the Station Manager Advisor with the responsibility of overseeing the airing of the radio transmission of the radio programs and has the characteristics of determination, intelligence, honesty, and confidence in the determining of which program or music is to be aired, this person uses the Leader-member kind of relationship where he will have to hold discussions with the on live radio presenters and he will be able to determine the interests of the presenters and they will come to a conclusion to what they are supposed to be aired, they also use the task structure where they are really concerned with the actual output of the workforce.

Salmon Creek Journal is where the students are allowed to exploit their talents and learn more about journalism, it’s also a link between the university and the surrounding community its lead by the Editor-in-Chief Advisor who has qualities like conscientiousness, honesty, and determination he has tom evaluate and find the best article that will be placed in the journal and by that some conscientiousness have to be practiced he uses the shared leadership kind of management was he has to consult with the student editorial staff in the process of editing and decorating of the journal, therefore, giving the students the chance to practice their skills and also learn more about the different journalistic styles, therefore, making sufficient leadership skills in the process of the production of the journal.

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