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Leading and Controlling Theories in Addressing Challenges


Understanding the significance of management is intrinsic to the successful functioning of an organization. While the role of a manager might not seem as big, it defines a company’s performance. Therefore, the theories linked to the use of managerial functions are to be examined thoroughly.

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Theory 1

As a management theory, the Kaizen philosophy is a crucial tool in promoting improved performance. Kaizen improves the documentation process, simplifying the process of tracking down changes in the results delivered by the staff (Akdeniz, 2016). In addition, the Kaizen principles as managerial tools establish the platform for institutionalizing change as an incremental element of an organization. By making change organic and introducing it into the context of the organizational philosophy, one can reduce the number of produced defects and ensure that employees utilize the latest tools during the production process (Akdeniz, 2016). Therefore, the selected theory helps to transfer innovative thinking as a part of the organizational philosophy seamless.

Theory 2

Another theory that deserves to be mentioned is the Human Relations Theory (HRT), designed by Elton Mayo. The identified theoretical framework asserts that certain favorable workplace conditions are the first stage of improving the performance rates within a company (Peterson & Kelly, 2016). The HRT framework places a particularly strong emphasis on the communication between a manager and an employee. The levels of managers’ involvement could rise and the significance of teamwork could increase. Some critics characterize Mayo’s theory as paternalistic since it entitles managers to the roles of both a supervisor and a counselor, thus implying that a manager should guide staff members through their professional and personal growth. However, the proposed approach also implies exerting a larger amount of control, which is likely to have a profound effect on the quality of services. The specified assumption guides managerial practice by allowing a manager to receive feedback from staff members timely and locate problems within a team.

Theory 3

The third theory that needs to be considered when exerting control over workplace processes is McGregor’s XY Theory or McGregor’s Theory of Management. The proposed approach implies the assumption that two behavior types can be observed in the corporate setting. The “X” theory suggests that staff members tend to seek approaches that allow them to avoid extra workload and responsibilities. The “Y” theory, in turn, presumes that employees are open to new opportunities and are willing to accept new challenges (Singh & Rani, 2017). The selected theoretical framework provides ample opportunities for managing


Understanding the factors that underlie the process of management is critical to the enhancement of corporate performance. A good manager can build the corporate spirit in staff members and assist them in accepting corporate values. Therefore, the integration of the theories that encourage the promotion of corporate philosophy is essential. The theories mentioned above helped build the environment in which the focus on employees’ needs remained consistent.


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Singh, R., & Rani, A. (2017). Human behaviour: In group, emotional intelligence & organisational culture. New York, NY: Notion Press.

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