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Legal Corruption: Cases Practice

Representatives of the US Administration and Congress come up with accusations of corruption against other states and their leaders on a regular basis. Nevertheless, there is still an apparent problem of political bribery, which is quite enough legal, even though everyone considers it the norm. There is no doubt that illegal financial corruption also exists in the United States, but the issue of legal bribery is especially important since it is closely connected with politics.

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First of all, it is important to discuss why some sort of corruption is considered legal in America. The reason for this is that it is implemented through billions of dollars in election campaigns that ensure the dominance of the interests of the wealthy population. In addition, a few years ago, the US Supreme Court strengthened such conditions by deciding that big corporations can spend any amount of their money to support political campaigns. Another interesting fact is that in 2014, the US Congress passed a bill that regulated budgetary expenditures and deductions.

There is a vital reason as to why this law can be considered as the facilitation of corruption. It is the fact that this legislation allows American banks to start making large-scale investments from depositors’ accounts while disregarding any risks; such freedom was beneficial for them. However, it was certainly harmful to American citizens since, in case of failure, the banks could simply write off all losses to taxpayers. From the moment of creating this bill and up until the moment when the Congress approved it, the process was carried out by legalized bribe-takers. The question of how much money should be spent on politics should be put under discussion, and several limitations should also be implemented in order to reduce this amount.

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