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Life as a Struggle for Freedom

Freedom is one of the phenomena that permeate all spheres of human activity. Many philosophers, writers, and scientists thought about it, trying to understand its essence and necessity for humanity. In my opinion, freedom seems to be something attractive and essential for a happy life. Unfortunately, many people feel unfree and limited throughout their lives. As a result, the desire for freedom sometimes leads to disastrous and even irreversible consequences. However, real freedom imposes a great responsibility on a person, and not everyone can stand it. The purpose of this paper is to discuss what freedom is and what role it plays in people’s lives.

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Most people sometimes feel constrained, and not everyone likes it. They create families, get a job, enter into social groups, and thus build relations with other people. Within each of them, they must perform specific actions to meet the expectations of others. This is probably why they often feel a need for a higher level of freedom. They want to do something for themselves, but not for other people, no matter how close they are. In my opinion, this is an important component of human life, and even I sometimes feel it, for example, being obligated to get an education. Thus, the freedom from the shackles of everyday life seems attractive, but it also often interferes with enjoying real life.

Human existence is filled with a large number of social ties. Sometimes they force people to do what they do not want but must do. In addition, the necessity of survival is a great responsibility. Some do not feel uncomfortable about it, but others have thoughts about how pointless and unpleasant it is. The result of this way of thinking is the desire for liberation from the bonds of everyday life. Unfortunately, the desire for freedom can lead people to harmful and even tragic consequences. In attempts to free themselves from social pressure, some people have a lifestyle that does not meet established standards. In particular, this leads to alcohol and drug addiction, but is difficult to say whether people feel truly free in such acts. They fall into other “traps”: it still makes them dependent. These situations also have little in common with such coveted freedom.

The issue of freedom was raised by many scientists and philosophers of the world. For example, existentialists such as Kierkegaard and Sartre claim that a human is free by nature. However, this is what makes him obligated to manage this freedom responsibly, which not everyone is ready for. Kant suggested similar ideas related to freedom, arguing that a person has free will and establishes laws in his life. In my opinion, this point of view is rational, since each human being is truly unique and lives his or her own life. People have the right to do what they want with their lives, but they must be prepared to correct mistakes and accept everything that happens.

People seeking freedom must clearly understand what they actually want. Everyone can have their view on this issue and their ideas about freedom. However, one of the key points of this concept is responsibility. When people truly take responsibility for their lives, they become free. Personally, I feel that I have freedom of choice, which is based on my principles and aspirations. I understand that I can manage my life as I wish, being confident in my abilities. At the same time, I am also ready to bear responsibility for the consequences of my actions, since this is one of the elements of this freedom. However, not everyone is prepared for such a high level of freedom, but it can truly bring happiness.

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