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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Freedom

  1. Historical Freedom in America
    America is renowned as a country that espouses freedom in every respect. An important point to note, however, is that this freedom was not easy to come by.
  2. Consequences of Religious Freedom in America
    Today religious freedom is the foremost issue that has incurred as a result of direct democracy which is affecting millions of American citizens.
  3. Common Law: Freedom of Expression
    Proponents of freedom of expression argue that the concept has not been comprehended or interpreted correctly for a long time.
  4. Law: Freedom of Speech and the Right to Offend
    The current paper aims at evaluating the video with several people discussing the right of the press to offend people and the right of the readers to use bloody techniques to solve their discontents
  5. Mississippi Freedom Summer in 1964: Whites in the Movement
    The key goals of the Mississippi freedom summer of 1964 were to ensure that the African Americans were registered as voters in Mississippi.
  6. Iraqi Freedom Operation
    The paper argues against the Operation Iraqi Freedom that started in 2003 to topple the Saddam Regime and bring positive economic and political change in Iraq.
  7. African-American Struggle for Freedom
    In the 1900’s, African Americans were oppressed by de jure segregation, a social system that has established separate facilities for the minority groups.
  8. Freedom in American Countryside and Agriculture
    This paper portrays how freedom has been eliminated in the countryside by the state agriculture department, and whether the farmer has a moral right to do his farming practices.
  9. Equality, Freedom, and Security Rights in the US
    The problem is in the fact that rights to equality, freedom, and security reflected in the UDHR should be adopted in different states of the country.
  10. Freedom Ideal in “The Spartans” by Paul Cartledge
    The Spartans: The World of the Warrior-Heroes of Ancient Greece by Paul Cartledge tracks the outstanding rise and fall of the Spartan society.
  11. Boyz n the Hood and Black Freedom Fighters in Steel
    Both Boyz n the Hood and Black Freedom Fighters in Steel describe the lives of people of color who are struggling to survive in a world that is aggressively opposed to them.
  12. Roosevelt’s, Taft’s, Wilson’s Foreign Policies and Freedom
    This paper explains how americans used the language of freedom when discussing foreign policy. It looks specifically at the foreign policies of T. Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson.
  13. Natural Freedom in Romantic American Literature
    There is a common denominator that binds the works of James Fennimore Cooper, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Washington Irving, and Henry David Thoreau.
  14. The Meaning of Freedom for Jazz Instrumentalists
    Jazz appeared at a very important period of time. African American musicians gathering in New Orleans to improvise and share their music could be taken as the founders of this music genre.
  15. US Gun Control: Losing Freedom or Safeguarding?
    Gun control has long been among the chief sources of debate in the US. This polarizing topic presents a powerful political tool and extensively used by Democrats and Republicans.
  16. Freedom of Expression: Jake Baker’s Case
    The case of Jake Baker (1997) transformed into a full-scale debate on topics ranging from freedom of expression to pornography and obscenity.
  17. John Brown: Terrorist or Freedom Fighter
    John Brown was an abolitionist who chose to liberate slaves by force. His actions were extremely controversial, and to this day, they can spark a debate about their righteousness.
  18. Freedom in “On Liberty” by John Stuart Mill
    The philosophical work “On Liberty” was written by J. S. Mill in 1859. These are the times of democratic republics’ heyday on the eve of slavery abolition in the US.
  19. “Freedom and Capitalism” by Milton Friedman
    The principle behind the book “Capitalism and Freedom” was that the government only existed for the will of the people, and thus served as the means towards a goal.
  20. Freedom or the Common Good – What Matters More?
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze various views and theories on free markets and government regulations.
  21. True Freedom Theme in American Short Stories
    “The Cask of Amontillado” by Poe, “Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed” by Bradbury, and “The Story of an Hour” by Chopin are analyzed through an understanding of true freedom.
  22. House Freedom Caucus: Legislation Research and Analysis
    The interest group identified in the research is the House Freedom Caucus. It is a congressional caucus that includes members of the House of Representatives.
  23. Freedom of Expression: Tinker v. Des Moines
    The evaluation of Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District highlights the areas covered by the First Amendment and the nuances of its application.
  24. Woodrow Wilson’s “The New Freedom” Campaign
    Being famous for his campaign platform known as “The New Freedom,” Woodrow Wilson gained sizeable support from the American population.
  25. Protecting Freedom of Expression on the Campus
    Freedom of speech is a vital component of American society and should be protected, but it cannot be utilized either legally or in campus policies when it is used for vicious purposes.
  26. Emotions and the Perception of Freedom
    The relationship between man and women has always evoked interest and received attention in numerous literary works.
  27. Freedom of Speech in British Universities
    This report recommends for modern UK students to develop free debates and peaceful demonstrations in specific zones and prove that young minds have to be open.
  28. How Does the Freedom to Choose Ancestries in One’s Identity Differ for Whites and People of Color
    This paper compares opportunity to choose their ethnic identity of whites and people of color to show this freedom is inaccessible to racial minorities.
  29. Answering Freedom’s Call: Life After Emancipation
    The reunification of the country following the Civil War was a process that contributed to the widespread realization of their rights by a broad stratum.
  30. Freedom – Comparison of Different Definitions
    Freedom is a term used to describe various types of individual liberties, such as religious liberty, political liberty, freedom of speech, right of self-defense, and others.

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  1. Religion Freedom and Its Limitation
    The freedom to believe in something is a fundamental right of a free person, but almost any religion calls for certain actions that can potentially limit other people’s rights.
  2. Freedom and Social Status of Blacks in America
    The majority of White people in America are not quite ready to admit that despite their strive to eradicate racism within themselves they continue to act as subtle racists.
  3. Freedom Information Act 2000 of United Kingdom
    The Freedom of Information Act 2000 which came into effect in 2005 was outcome of the major electoral manifestations of the labour party in 1997.
  4. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 in the UK
    The Freedom of Information Act is an instrument meant to implement and put into place the Freedom of Information legislation and give the same a national outlook in the UK.
  5. Freedom of Speech Peculiarities
    The paper describes that as much as people exercise their freedom of speech, they have to be censored to protect the interest of those that may be affected by such acts.
  6. Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom
    The rise of D.F. Roosevelt was connected with his political career and personal development as a national leader. The political career began in 1910-1911 when Roosevelt entered the state house.
  7. Freedom From Beliefs Native Americans
    This essay is valuable to the oppressed since through this, the writer gives them courage to face the struggle.
  8. Can a Case Be Made Against Freedom and Equality?
    Discussion of question on the example of three cases: Brown v. The board of education, president Kennedy’s prosecution of the Cuban missile crisis, and NOW’s statement of purpose.
  9. Sustein and Tocqueville: Two Opinions on Freedom of Speech
    Cass Sustein and Alexis Tocqueville compares the manner in which America and Europe approaches a person’s freedom of speech.
  10. Women’s Fight for Freedom
    The paper describes the history of an abolitionist movement in the 18th century that raised issues of slavery, African American rights, and an end to the oppression of women.
  11. Freedom in Life and Relationship
    There are numerous benefits accrued from freedom in a relationship. Setting a partner free in a relationship leads to one becoming responsible and committed to the relationship.
  12. Sartre and Ardent on the Freedom Notion
    The notion of freedom may be characterized by a multiplicity of interpretations and possible shades of meaning ascribed to it.
  13. Economic Freedom and Schools of Thought
    Economic freedom is the idea of free markets in which people have freedom to produce, buy and sell products and services both inside and outside one’s borders.
  14. Freedom and Enslavement in Literature
    Freedom and enslavement are patterns adopted in the literature that rarely hinders the expressive manner of writers.
  15. Mr. Merrill “Professionalization: Fusion of Media Freedom and Responsibility”
    Mr. Merrill tells why and how mass media has transcended an ethic line due to freedom traced by national institutions; and how the latter helped mass media become what it is today.
  16. Freedom of Breath, Foundation of Life: China’s Neonatal Resuscitation Program Review
    Birth asphyxia remains a major concern in developing countries, with seven deaths per 1000 births caused by asphyxia, compared to less than one death in developed countries.
  17. Freedom of Religious Beliefs in the Workplace
    The workplace is a unique and sensitive environment governed by own rules and policies that must exclude any degrading and hurtful treatment of employees based on their beliefs.
  18. Classical and Individual Conservatives: Conservative Freedom
    Classical conservatives define freedom as a privilege that must be controlled from reaching chaotic behaviors.
  19. Positive and Negative Freedom: Distinction and Ethical Problem
    The paper is devoted to a comparative analysis of the positive and negative concepts of freedom to identify critical points of contact and differences.
  20. The Civil War Lessons: Fight for Freedom and Equal Rights
    The key moment of U.S. history is the Civil War and its consequences, the persistence of people fighting for freedom, and the strength of minorities experiencing oppression.
  21. Freedom of Speech: Right and Responsibility
    The freedom of speech grants people the essential right to speak their mind, but it also means that they are responsible for their words.
  22. “Human Freedom and the Self” by Roderick Chisholm
    The author’s main idea is to discuss determinism and libertarian beliefs, relying on human actions, attitudes, and knowledge.
  23. Freedom of Expression and Intellectual Property Rights
    The problem of finding the balance between ethics and free access to extensive information online is a challenge for present-day companies and entrepreneurs.
  24. Freedom of Expression in the Post-Apartheid South Africa
    Undoubtedly, there is a direct link between democracy, freedom of speech, and the diversity of the media. South Africa got in the second “satisfactory” category.
  25. Freedom: Historical Events’ Impact on Modern Society
    Social changes and the establishment of freedom for all citizens have a substantial impact on modern society up to the present.
  26. Freedom of Assembly: The First Amendment Act
    When exercising this right, individuals are expected to ensure they do infringe on other freedom such as speech, religion, expression, and press.
  27. Universal Qualities of Freedom
    The short stories by A. Chekhov, H. Quiroga, K. Chopin, and J. Cortazar respectively present the typical freedom quality of allowing people to make their life decisions.
  28. Liberty, Freedom, and Equality in America
    The development of liberty, freedom, and equality in the United States should be considered through the lens of the diversity of nations.
  29. Freedom of African Americans in the Southern States
    The abolition of slavery in the United States was a long process rather than a series of amendments to the Constitution.

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  1. Margaret Sanger and Her Contribution to Women’s Freedom
    Margaret Sanger is although was focused on contradictory ideas of eugenics and showed racism, significantly affected the fight for women’s equality.
  2. The Freedom of Expression
    This paper will discuss the limits of freedom of expression, its application on campuses, and the ways to combat hateful instances.
  3. The Convention for Safeguarding the Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom of the EU Citizens
    The convention for safeguarding the Human rights and fundamental freedom of the EU citizens were drawn up by the European Council on November 4th, 1950, and enforced in 1953.
  4. How Social Media Affects Individual Freedom
    Everyone should consciously approach the use of social networks and not forget about real life. This is the only way to save freedom, mental health, and respect from others.
  5. Student’s Rights: Freedom of Speech
    Institutional laws depend on the guidelines of student’s constitution while state laws outline individual’s different forms of freedoms.
  6. Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech
    The diversity in people’s views, mentalities, and cultures might precondition the clash of visions. The rights of people might serve as the source of conflicts.
  7. Freedom and Security in the Contemporary World
    In the United States, as well as in many other developed and developing countries, the issues of freedom and security play an important role.
  8. Which Is More Important: Security or Freedom?
    This paper aims to discuss two opposite views on which is more important: security or freedom, and provide examples of violations of both aspects.
  9. The Haitian Revolution: A New Vision of Freedom
    The paper recaps the background and consequences of the Haitian Revolution, the way it affected people of different nationalities around the world.
  10. The Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act
    The Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act, which will unify the rules for the use of marijuana and promote the development and price reduction of this healthcare service.
  11. Issues on Internet: Privacy and Freedom of Speech
    Two of the issues, namely, privacy and freedom of speech with regards to the Internet have been discussed in this article.
  12. Marriage Oppression and Freedom Signs
    The 19th century is characterized by women discrimination in society, whereby the role of women is to offer basic services at home.
  13. Freedom of the Media: The Near v. Minnesota 1931 Case
    The paper analysis the Near v. Minnesota 1931 case, when the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated state laws that allowed officials to ban the publication of “defamatory” newspapers.
  14. The Notions of Misogyny, Feminism, and Sexual Freedom in Sam Mendes’s Skyfall
    The overall socio-linguistic context of the notion of human sexuality has now generally been vastly misinterpreted by many people regardless of their racial, social, or ethnic affiliation.
  15. Life as a Struggle for Freedom
    Freedom is one of the phenomena that permeate all spheres of human activity. Many philosophers thought about it, trying to understand its essence and necessity for humanity.
  16. Constitutional Law Hong Kong: Freedom of Expression
    This essay will discuss the Freedom of expression as a fundamental right and that it lies in the civil society and of Hong Kong system and way of life.
  17. “Freedom From Want” by Rockwell
    Thanks to its remarkable implementation and various inherent meanings, Freedom from Want is regarded as a true masterpiece of the American art of all times.
  18. Certified Professional Midwifery Practice and the Home Birth Freedom Act
    The Home Birth Freedom Act seeks to accredit Certified Professional Midwifery practices. The act aims at protecting the CPM practitioners from being prosecuted.
  19. Religious Freedom and Freedoms of Association
    Whether one chooses to live in utter denial or utmost belief of a religious system, we are all born in one, religion is a matter of the heart.
  20. The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom 1963
    August 28, 1963 is considered to be a prominent date for the history of America. It was the turning point for the Civil Rights Movement.
  21. The Use of Emotional Freedom Technique for Test Taking Anxiety Reduction
    The emotional freedom technique (EFT) is reported to be a prominent method that reduces stress and related negative psychological effects.
  22. The Quest for Freedom: William Blake and Fredrick Douglass
    Romantic poets such as William Blake believed human imagination could counter scientific principles that defined reality using material objects.
  23. Philosophical Attitude of God’s Foreknowledge and Human Freedom
    Omniscience is the state of having full or maximum knowledge and is regarded as an essential feature of an entirely perfect being.
  24. Africa’s Freedom: The Events of 1960
    The article comprises reflections of individuals whose lives have been directly influenced by the events of 1960. It conveys the message of African unity in the world.
  25. Can One Will Their Own Freedom Without Willing the Freedom of Others?
    An analysis of human psychology indicates that people act independently and always strive to abide by the decisions that maximize their self-interests.
  26. Freedom of Speech Despite Life Risks
    Today, the US prides itself on its freedom of speech, with the First Amendment protecting the population from censorship.
  27. The Case Against the Reds: Civil Freedom in the History of the United States
    The case against the reds can be defined as the occasions’ narration. It is the widest reinterpretation of civil freedom in the history of the United States.
  28. “Law, Morality, and the Freedom of Expression”: Relationship Between Morality and the Law
    The paper discusses the types of relationship that exists between morality and the law based on the writing “Law, morality and the freedom of expression”.
  29. East India Company: The Story of India’s Freedom
    This paper reviews the sixth episode of the BBC documentary series, which is devoted to the history of India’s independence from the influence of other states.

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  1. Contractual Freedom and the Evolution of Corporate Control in Britain, 1862 to 1929
  2. The United States Constitution and the History of American Freedom
  3. Commercial Freedom and Sport: Has Sport Lost Its Sporting Edge
  4. How Has the Concept of Free Will and Individual Freedom?
  5. American Democracy, Freedom, and the American Revolution
  6. Freedom Does Not Mean License, but the Wisdom to Choose What Is Right for Oneself
  7. Freedom for African Americans Along With American History
  8. Economic Freedom and Institutional Convergence
  9. How Much the Government Should Restrict Their Freedom?
  10. Economic Freedom and Income Inequality: Evidence From a Panel of Global Economies
  11. African Americans: The Loss and Gain of Freedom(1865-1900)
  12. How the Civil War Sculpted How Americans Viewed Their Nation and Freedom
  13. Choice, Freedom, and Well-Being: Considerations for Public Policy
  14. How Gradual Abolition and Process of Emancipation Led Blacks to Freedom
  15. Wellbeing, Freedom, and Social Justice: The Capability Approach Re-Examined
  16. Child Welfare, Religion, Freedom, Social Responsibility, and Parental Rights
  17. Democracy, Economic Freedom and Taxation in the European Union
  18. Freedom and Equality Among Men in the Declaration of Independence
  19. Emotional Freedom Technique and the Benefits to Use in Middle School Classrooms
  20. Achieving Financial Independence and True Freedom
  21. Balancing Freedom With Responsibility Can Be a Difficult Task for Any FR
  22. How the Attitudes and Freedom of Expression Changed for African Americans Over the Years
  23. Corruption, Economic Freedom and Political Freedom in South America: In Pursuit of the Missing Link

💡 Simple Freedom Essay Ideas

  1. The Two Political Ideals of Freedom and Equality Claimed by Long and Roosevelt
  2. Toward Freedom From Domestic Violence: The Neglected Obvious
  3. Does Censorship Limit One’s Freedom
  4. Economic Freedom and Public, Non-market Institutions: Evidence From Criminal Prosecution
  5. America’s Demand for Freedom and Equality Pushed War at Great Britain’s Doorstep
  6. African American Literature and the Struggle for Freedom
  7. Economic Freedom and Government Ideology Across the German States
  8. Colonial Unity Brought the Freedom of America After the Revolution
  9. Academic Freedom and Its Impact on Education
  10. Economic Freedom, per Capita Income, and Economic Growth
  11. Capitalism and Freedom: Manumissions and the Slave Market in Louisiana, 1725 1820
  12. Freedom, Consent, and Other Feminist Issues
  13. Does Modern Technology Restrict or Enhance People’s Rights and Freedom
  14. Freedom, Enforcement, and the Social Dilemma of Strong Altruism
  15. How Freedom and Equality Presupposes Each Other in the Natural World
  16. Create Dangerously: Albert Camus on the Artist as a Voice of Resistance and an Instrument of Freedom
  17. Trade Freedom and Revenue From Trade Taxes: A Cross-Country Analysis
  18. Developmental Freedom and Social Order: Rethinking the Relation Between Work and Equality
  19. How the United States Leaped From the Grasp of England Into a New Era of Freedom?
  20. Economic Freedom and Migration Flows Between the U.S. States
  21. Discuss the Conflict Between Bondage and Freedom Faced by African Americans
  22. Economic Freedom and Employment in India

📌 Easy Freedom Essay Topics

  1. Can Multicultural Urban Schools in Sweden Survive Freedom of Choice Policy
  2. Academic Autonomy and Freedom Under Pressure: Severely Limited, or Alive and Kicking
  3. Abstract Expressionism and Its Representation of Individual Freedom and Emotion
  4. Economic Freedom and Human Flourishing: Perspectives From Political Philosophy
  5. Freedom and the Strong State: On German Ordoliberalism
  6. Academic Freedom, Private-Sector Focus, and the Process of Innovation
  7. Does Liberalism Offer the Most Freedom
  8. Economic Freedom and the Informal Economy
  9. Internet Freedom Should Not Be Censored by the Government
  10. Censorship Conflicts With the First Amendment’s Freedom of Speech
  11. Between Equality and Freedom of Choice: Educational Opportunities for the Least Advantaged
  12. How Does the Montessori Environment Facilitate and Encourage the Freedom of the Child?
  13. Freedom and Equality: Americas Pride and Glory
  14. Freedom: Political Philosophy and Current Societal Setting
  15. The United States Constitution Stating No Law Prohibiting the Freedom of Speech
  16. Economic Freedom, Race, and Health Disparities
  17. Civil Liberties and Multiculturalism: The Freedom of The
  18. Education: “We Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to Think”
  19. Balancing Criminal Justice and Personal Freedom Assignment
  20. How Religion Limits the Freedom of Human Beings
  21. Freedom, Capitalism, and Institutions for Delivering Social Justice
  22. Economic Freedom and Labor Market Conditions: Evidence From the States
  23. The Tricky Balance Between the Freedom of Expression and Censorship Plans in the U.S

❓ Questions About Freedom

  1. What Is the Economic Approach to Issues of Religious Freedom?
  2. What Are the Issues With Freedom and the Relationship With Thailand’s Constitution?
  3. Does Democracy Ensure Freedom?
  4. Does the UCTA and UCTTR Impede on the Freedom of Contract?
  5. Does Censorship Limit One’s Freedom?
  6. What Is the Distinction Between Positive and Negative Freedom?
  7. How Does the Montessori Environment Facilitate and Encourage the Freedom of the Child?
  8. How Freedom and Responsibility Affect Individuals and Society?
  9. How Much the Government Should Restrict Their Personal Freedom?
  10. Who Is Ralph Emerson and What Is His View on American Freedom?
  11. What Is the Balance Between Freedom and Order?
  12. What Freedom Does Literacy Offer in Globalised Society?
  13. What Does One Define Religious Freedom and Prisoner Rights?
  14. What Is the Relationship Between Authority, Freedom and Discipline in School?
  15. What Is the Distance Between Fear and Freedom?
  16. What Was the Lincoln’s Administration Pursuit of Freedom?
  17. What Is the Problem With Excessive Religious Freedom?
  18. Does Australia’s Unfair Contracts Act Limit or Enhance Contractual Freedom?
  19. What Are the Philosophical Issues in Censorship and Intellectual Freedom?
  20. Does Economic Freedom Affect the Production Frontier?
  21. Does Economic Freedom Influence Major Health Indicators in India?
  22. Does the Law Relating to Obscenity Restict Freedom of Speech?
  23. What Is the Difference Between Freedom Fighters and Terrorists?
  24. What Is the Non-parametric Approach to Dynamics of Economic Freedom?
  25. How Does Rousseau Understand the Concept of Freedom?
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