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Life Without a Cell Phone: Benefits and Outcomes


Since prehistoric times, man has sought ways to make his life easier through inventions. The last century has witnessed the creation of the most epic inventions which have revolutionalized human life. One invention which has had a major impact on human life is the cell phone. Despite being a relatively new communication technology, cell phones have within the last two decades gained unrivaled prominence as the preferred medium of communication. At present, it is estimated that 80% of the world population use cell phones, and nearly all homes own at least one cell phone. In this essay, I shall speculate on how life would be like if the cell phone was never invented. I shall then make recommendations on how to best live life without this device.

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Role of the Phone in My life

In today’s society, the use of cell phones has become an integral part of not only our social network but our life as a whole and it is now almost impossible to imagine a world without the cell phone. Personally, the greatest benefit of my cell phones is its portability, which virtually allows me to be in many places at the same time. I can monitor several activities in different places all with just a push of a button, saving me a lot of time and other resources.

My social life has also greatly been enhanced by this invention. It has enabled me to constantly stay in touch with my friend through phone calls irrespective of how far they are. Using the texting capability, I can send and receive multiple messages to and from several correspondents.

This increases efficiency as well saves me considerable time and cost. Cell phones are not limited to the basic function of making calls, and with internet capabilities, cell phones can double up as mini computers. This allows me to instantly download information, catch up on the latest news, views, and movies, communicate with my friend through different social networks, send and receive important business information, and the best part about all this is I can do it anywhere at any time.

Life Without Cell Phones

Life would be significantly different without the presence of the cell phone. To begin with, people would not be able to deliver urgent messages promptly. The time taken to communicate would also be significantly increased since cell phones allow people to talk instantaneously. Without the cell phone, long distant communications would be complicated making it difficult to keep in constant touch with friends or relatives who may live far away. The coordination capabilities that cell phones facilitate would also be hampered and in instances such as rescue operations, the success rates would be significantly reduced.

People Without Cell Phones

Cell phones have undoubtedly made slaves of men. We are constantly forced to act on the information which we receive through our cell phones without breaks. Cell phones bring about a lot of pressure and cause unnecessary worries as a result of their immediacy. Real relationships have also suffered as a result of the pressure that mobile phones create since, in the present time, people are still obligated to deal with work issues even from their homes.

Before the invention of the mobile phone, people enjoyed some solitude while at home or on travel since then they did not have to tackle work or other emerging issues then. The mobility in which cell phones afford us has resulted in us losing touch with each other on the streets or at work where we are too engrossed with our electronic devices to even acknowledge other people around us. With these considerations in mind, it can be suggested that we would be better off without cell phones.

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How to Live Without Cell Phones

While cell phones have become an integral part of modern life, it is still possible to envision a life without cell phones. As has been noted, the greatest merit of cell phones is its ability to enable people to make plans.

People can still live without cell phones by making plans in advance and sticking to them. To help foster relationships over long distances means such as constant letter correspondence can serve the purpose of helping people to keep in touch as well as vocational visits. While this may not be as timely as cell phones, the time and effort that a person puts in the task may enhance the long-distance relationship. Without the constant distraction of cell phones, we as humans can get to enjoy solitude and discover ourselves.


In this essay, I set out to envision a life without cell phones which currently serve a major role in our lives. I began by articulating the roles that cell phones play in my life to demonstrate their importance. I then described how life without cell phones would be and evaluated my thoughts as to whether we would be better off without cell phones. Life without a cell phone would be less efficient and communication efforts would be more difficult than they presently are as a result of cell phones. Even so, the very benefits of cell phones have turned us into a connected people who are overwhelmed with information. Our lives would therefore be more fulfilling without the pressure that cell phones create.

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