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Malaria, AIDS, and Tuberculosis in Miami, Florida


Malaria, AIDS, and Tuberculosis are the illnesses that are widespread around the world and present a tremendous danger to humanity. The diseases mentioned above started to develop rapidly at the end of the twentieth century. The following paper will discuss and analyze AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria and how they influence the community in Miami, Florida.

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Analysis and Discussion

Such diseases as malaria, AIDS, and Tuberculosis started to develop since the 1990s. It is essential to stress that Malaria did not have any influence on the population of Miami, Florida (zip code 33018). It is estimated that approximately three percent of Miami residents faced the issue of having AIDS in the previous decade (Murray et al., 2014). However, the mortality rate of that period is not exactly accurate because it is hard to identify certain causes of such death cases. It would be proper to state that many people from Miami, Florida faced the problem of having AIDS due to the drug industry in the city (Murray et al., 2014). According to the data provided by Murray et al. (2014), the number of people with HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis almost doubled since the year 2000 in Miami. The American government spent fifty-one billion dollars to fight AIDS, eleven billion dollars to stop malaria, and eight billion dollars for preventing the country’s citizens from catching tuberculosis (Medina-Gil, Dehesa, Vega, & Kerdel, 2015). Five percent of all the finances mentioned above were given to various health organizations in the state of Florida. AIDS significantly increased the number of deaths in Miami due to unexpected health issues caused by drugs or sexual contact with infected individuals.

Unfortunately, Miami remained the American AIDS epicenter for an extended period. Recently, the rate of infected people in the city has significantly reduced. Nowadays, medical institutions provide specific vaccines to people with HIV that make prolong their lives (Murray et al., 2014). These medications let patients forget about their diseases. Miami is one of the biggest tourist centers in the USA. Many foreigners come here every summer to spend their vacations in nightclubs. This reason is one of the most important factors that influence the significant increase in the number of people infected with HIV.

According to the Florida Department of Health (2017), malaria broke out in the state in the year of 2003. Five years ago, only sixty-five cases of malaria were registered in Miami (Florida Department of Health, 2017). However, all these people were somehow related to immigration or tourism. Some of them were not American residents. Therefore, there was a possibility that they brought malaria to Miami. Other people had physical contact with foreigners who suffered from this disease (Florida Department of Health, 2017). It would be proper to stress that some of the travelers came to the USA in their business. Other tourists were relatives or friends of Miami residents.

It is an interesting fact that malaria was eradicated from the maritime state in the 1940s and there were no cases of deaths or disorders caused by its symptoms since then (Florida Department of Health, 2017). Nevertheless, this factor cannot be controlled at the airports. Therefore, people with malaria might appear in Miami at any moment. Murray et al. (2014) say that is essential for people in Miami not to use their air conditioners because this method prevents different bacteria from emerging in their bodies. Moreover, the local population is recommended to wear clothes with long sleeves and to use various creams or sprays that contain diethyl-meta-toluamide as it does not let microorganisms to settle on the human skin.

The first tuberculosis testing in Miami was completed in the year of 1989. The results of the procedure indicated that twelve children out of two hundred and twenty had tuberculosis (Medina-Gil et al., 2015). All these students were not older than fifteen years old at that moment. The cases of this disease rapidly increased among the younger generation. The diffusion of this mortal disease reached the level of seven percent among Miami children in 1989 (Medina-Gil et al., 2015). However, medical personnel prevented tuberculosis from infecting other people. Nowadays, the rate of Miami residents who suffer from this disease amounts to fifty people per one thousand hundred (Medina-Gil et al., 2015). To conclude, it would be proper to say that tuberculosis never presented a tremendous danger to the population of Miami.

Plan of Action

It is necessary to check people’s health conditions before letting them pass airport gates that lead to Miami destination flights. Tourists who come to the state of Florida present danger to the local citizens because they are the only source of such diseases as malaria and tuberculosis (Florida Department of Health, 2017). Although such measures might be unacceptable in society, they might help to save a certain number of people from Miami (Healthy People, 2017). Another preventive method to avoid tuberculosis is to stay away from places that might have infective bacteria (Medina-Gil et al., 2015). For instance, such locations as airports, beaches, public transport, and crowded places in the evenings are better to avoid for people who care about their health.

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As it is mentioned above, AIDS is widespread in Miami. To prevent the diffusion of HIV, the local population should stop going to nightclubs and having parties with strangers (Carey et al., 2015). Very often, sexual contact with people of the same gender or other partners without contraception might lead to unfortunate outcomes (Healthy People, 2017). It is essential to remember that AIDS cannot occur in a person who talks, touches, and kisses an infected individual (Carey et al., 2015). Unfortunately, many people forget the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle before going for a night out.

It is a well-known fact that AIDS might also occur in people during the blood transfusion in hospitals. Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive at hospitals because only one drop of another patient’s blood might ruin the entire life of a person (Carey et al., 2015). There were many cases of AIDS in soldiers who fought during World War One and World War. Due to the lack of sterile syringes, nurses were obliged to apply medicine to wounded men using only one syringe and needle (Carey et al., 2015). Fortunately, the war is over, and there is no deficit of medical equipment in hospital departments today.


People who live in Miami might be infected with human immunodeficiency viruses at any moment because tourists with certain diseases arrive at the city and have contact with the local population. Miami has the highest rate of people with AIDS in the United States of America. Tuberculosis is not as widespread in this location as HIV. However, many students faced this mortal illness in the year of 1989. The cases of malaria in people from Miami might occur due to travelers from different parts of the world. It is essential to use contraceptives for people who visit nightclubs regularly. Otherwise, they might have a chance of being infected.


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