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Management: Package Role in Design and Planning Process

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Customers often pay much attention to the discussion of the package for the purchased or ordered products and goods because the quality of package influences the quality of the product that is finally received by the customer. Therefore, manufacturers from all over the world use the services of UPS Package Design & Test Lab in order to check the packages they use and to guarantee the safe transportation of products to their customers (“UPS Package Design & Test Lab”).

From this point, the role of package testing in the design and planning process is significant because only tests can demonstrate how the package can protect products from the influence of extreme conditions; package testing can guarantee the customer’s satisfaction; and recommendations received after the test of packages can be effectively used to improve the quality of packages in order to save the money and meet the customer’s expectations.

The problem is in the fact that transportation can become a challenge for the package used by the producer, and to understand whether the used package is appropriate, it is necessary to conduct a range of tests. UPS Package Design & Test Lab works to tests a variety of packages for different types of products. The main focus is on simulation of extreme conditions that can ruin the package or affect its quality negatively.

Specialists of the lab test the package with the focus on the bursting strength of the package; they use simulation of the vibration typical for the transportation process; and they also use the compression and shock tests in order to check the fragility of the product and package (“UPS Package Design & Test Lab”). The results of these tests are important to demonstrate how effective the package is and what problems with the package should be fixed.

The special package testing conducted in the lab can be discussed as necessary and advantageous for manufacturers because only lab tests can simulate the situations when products and packages are actively vibrated and even damaged. Furthermore, various products transported to different places of the world need different types of the package (“UPS Package Design & Test Lab”).

As a result, numerous tests are used to examine the ability of the package to resist forces, to protect the product, and to resist changes in the temperature and humidity (“UPS Package Design & Test Lab”). Having understood what package is perfect for the concrete type of a product, the specialists of UPS Package Design & Test Lab can provide the efficient recommendations to manufacturers who can avoid transportation problems and mitigate the damage associated with transits of different lengths.

Package testing is an important stage in the design and planning process because it is the effective way to predict not only real-life situations during the process of transportation but also to simulate extreme conditions and events that are not forecasted by the manufacturer.

As a result, the producer becomes aware of the quality of the package, avoids the customer’s dissatisfaction, and focuses on saving resources to compensate the customer’s disappointment and the product price. While integrating new strategies and approaches recommended by the specialists of UPS Package Design & Test Lab into the design and planning process, producers avoid increases in the product costs associated with damages of the goods during the process of transportation.

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