Managing Conflict Discussion

Conflicts happen all the time between friends, members of the family, colleagues, or even strangers. In some cases, the problem can be and has to be solved, while in another, it is better to avoid it. I faced some conflicts, but in the first case, it ended with a broken friendship because of different interests, and the other eventually only strengthened my relationship with my best friend.

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I had a friend with whom we had a conflict because our interests did not coincide. In high school, we just started to like different things, and while I was trying to initiate a friend into my interests, she just spent time with her friends. One day she called my interests stupid, and I answered her the same, and after that, we have not communicated. I think this conflict could be resolved if we tried to learn each other’s passions.

The resolved conflict in my experience was a fight with my best friend because one of us wanted us to go to a party together, and another thought that we had to visit a game. The unwillingness of each of us to listen led to a stupid quarrel in which we said unpleasant things and then did not talk for several days. However, a week later, we accidentally met, talked, and heard each other. I realized that my friend was just uncomfortable in places with a lot of strangers, and he realized that I was more interested in communication than observation. As a result, we agreed that we would alternate between these kinds of activities.

Thus, the basis for resolving any conflict is the desire of people to listen and try to understand each other. In my case, the conflict ended with win-win results, although we both made concessions. However, unresolved conflict can lead to negative consequences, even if they do not harm anyone directly and do not affect people’s lives, they can bring unpleasant and depressing feelings for them.

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